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Sweaty Random Gym Thoughts

January 28th, 2015 by phoenixmarie

As I sit here in the sauna …Sweaty, pre working out, I look out the glass at the women walking by and sitting next to me.

Some perfect shape, tone, well-balanced diet types who take fitness to a competition level (they also have probably been to Ageless Forever here in Vegas and seen Dr. Pierce, Fear not I will never tell)…

And then there are the real women who are much like I use to be.. Shy, Coy, With insecurities, towels wrapped tight to their curves, almost for fear of judgement from another woman.


I just shared a smile with a full figured gorgeous Latina woman who is wearing a traditional bathing suit and happened upon an open spot in the sauna across from me…

Little to her knowledge, I have been watching all of her movements since she walked in from the pool area, she placed her items near the showering area and made a brief appearance in the steam room, before ending up in here…

She originally had a towel as well… When she bent over reaching into her gym bag, placing down her phone and rummaging through it only to grab out some sort of moisturizer… her strap dropped off her shoulder exposing the right side of her breast and nipple to me.

She was actually very quick to cover herself back up and then look around the room. Embarrassed perhaps? For the life of me I would not be able to tell you why… She locked eyes with me who clearly was the only one stalking her like a lioness would its fragile deer… I shared that same safe playful smile then, Fortunately, it was returned.

More people are leaving the sauna now sadly, but it allows me to move into a spot with a full view… where I can more easily access and examine the behaviors of others.

Like the dancer who came in looking as though last night was successful and she so decided to throw on some gym clothes to make another go around. Clearly if you are at the gym in Full Makeup you are looking to get Fucked or Find a Sugar Daddy?!

I am guilty of attending the gym three times with full Phoenix makeup and hair… It’s not advised!

Back the that question… Why do women judge other women?!

I do a fair amount of girl girl scenes and personally I prefer to showcase the other woman before myself… I love all body types! Look at my IG: PhxMarie I was once 205lbs ALL Booty and Thigh meat!! Weary cat face I like most was called cruel names by other women like Cheeto thighs (cheesyPouting faceFisted hand sign) but it took me to decide for me to go workout and cut all sodas and flavored drinks from my diet!! My decision to do what I tell Everyone to do including my very own italian mother… 100 sit ups a day (doesn’t have to be all at once) followed by a brisk walk for 30 mins (1mile) it helped her lose 80lbs!! I’m an amazing daughter I know!! *Smart Ass*

Do we think by exploiting another’s imperfections it will better ourselves?! I get so angry when I hear some fit chick talk a about an obese woman at the gym! It’s like, “You clearly have never struggled in your life then or you wouldn’t make those comments Bitch!! She’s at the fucking gym trying to better herself so shut the fuck up or I’ll assist you in making you feel some pain!!” (By that I mean Anal Fisting!)

Maybe I should do a blog a day about the women I see at the gym?!

Cardio, Legs Curls, Light Arms… Oh Joy…

Sometimes I think about writing novels…

May 4th, 2014 by phoenixmarie

It started just as any other day would, and I assume every other person in the world’s does… I wake up! I awake by the slamming of a door, a loud alert (ie. Car alarm, horn honking, the high school marching band practicing -yes even on a Saturday morning) or the more than occasional argument between the newly weds in the apartment beneath me over her insecurities about the “Short, Shorts wearing Hoochie” …did I mention yet that I wear Short, shorts… Yeah, I know, it’s great…
I normally have the luxury to stay in bed the first part of my morning handling business… Seeing as my job is mainly “online”
I reach for one of my phones (In total including the ones I have for my family I have 7- 2 are mine- one personal, and now one the gets random cock pictures thanks to a fan posting it on a forum… I would get rid of that number, but I’ve had it since high school and random friends will text me so I can’t!) I also have the iPads (mini or traditional) and of course my laptop! 
“Where should I go first?” as I choose to unlock my personal phone… Part 1 of my day and many others in my career field is -Social Media- “What app did I update last?” Before my brain finally turned mush and I past out… Twitter? Instagram? Facebook (which is strictly for family and friends)… Or do I dare address some of these texts…
I currently am showing 37 unread… Why you ask?! Is it because I was super popular at a social gala last night? Probably not… More than likely like most it’s 37 replies or requests to go out (friend or date) or replies from an Ex you haven’t text in months, but they still feel that need to get a reaction from you even if it’s negative!! 
It’s not fair to throw that out there because whether we all admit it or not -Social Media Time- somehow can become Lurking time… Starts for instance with a retweet from a friend of that one person (this can be BF/GF/Friend-imes/Ex/CurrentCrushWhoYoureDyingToTalkTo) so you read it… Clicking it of course to make it bigger (you don’t need glasses why did you click it…) oh, oh look a new avatar… Depending on the person you either talk shit or swoon! Then you click on their profile… See who commented… What they commented… Two hours later you realize you haven’t even checked your update and actually should be something less than a hermit!!! 
I finally get my head on straight, check my update… Send witty replies where I can and want… Add new update to ALL or some of the apps… Send love and likes to all those I really keep in my very small circle… 
I HATE DRAMA!! Like hate it… I have an extremely normal world outside of my career… (Family, Friends, Gym, CoffeeBean) 
I also love making people smile even at my own expense… Why would I do that you ask… Karma of course! I always say -Thank You- followed by Gorgeous, Beautiful, Sexy… It really can change someone’s whole day by giving a compliment… “You have an amazing smile.. Haircut.. Gym shoes…” The Little Things!! 
Now from here I guess I didn’t elaborate on the my career is “Online” as you can tell I had no problem wasting two hours on my phone getting me officially out of bed and into the shower at 10/11am… 

He could be anybody… To anyone…

February 16th, 2014 by phoenixmarie

Fair Warning… This is not a Super Happy post-

I went to the Chiropractor today, Too many booty pixs twists the spine and neck causing major pain and will ruin a good night’s sleep!! Leaving, feeling soo much better, I began walking to my car, and since this neighborhood is less than desire-able, I was scanning the parking lot for anything/one to be alert for when I saw a homeless man. He sat in a decrepit wheelchair by a trashcan. He was old, weathered skin, long peppered unwashed hair, the sores on his body being made ever apparent by his barely there rags for clothes atop his diminishing body…

I got into my car and I just sat there, watching him. He would just stare at the trash can, scratch at his sores, and continually fall in & out of sleep. I noticed he had no shoes on his feet, the bottoms looked blackened and calloused. I thought to myself as tears started to stream down my cheeks: This is someone’s son, father, brother, uncle, and here he is left, in the elements with nothing…

Now I know there are some of you who would begin to say; well he is where he is because he put himself there some way?.. I did notice two empty beer cans beside him and smashed cigarette box… But is he not a human, a man. I couldn’t take it: I got out of my car and crossed the street to the goodwill store(I’m one of ten kids, I know my way around a thrift store) went to shoes: grabbed a pair of size 13 boots, socks, & an XL brown jacket total cost $32.58 (I spend more than that on coffee bean a week)

Now that I had these items I had to go over to him and give them… I am currently with a limp and a female… I was a little scared…

As I made my way over, I was startled, there was another gentleman with him I didn’t see, sat behind the trash can near the fencing in a very similar state of being, but more alert and lit a cigarette when he saw me (yep, little scary) – I smiled at him (probably a very nervous looking smile) I apologized for not having items for him, and gave him the only cash I had ($7.00) and laid the garments on the gentleman’s lap in the wheelchair who was still asleep. The alert man thanked me and kept saying, “Wow, you have a beautiful smile”

I got back into my car and cried a little more, why?! Was it for this man I do not know… or Maybe just for the fact that I realize that I am Truly soo blessed to have even the bare essentials in life: such as running water, food, family, and friends…

I’m a very giving person to those I care about… I go out of my way to make them smile… I’m more of a Giver than a receiver (okay maybe not sexually pervs) but it is my way… I’m not asking anyone to do anything, but maybe even share a Smile with someone who maybe hasn’t seen one in a while…

Little things count to someone with nothing…

Pixs than mean something to me…

September 8th, 2013 by phoenixmarie

I realize I have a ton of photos and thought… Hell lets share some!! Enjoy…

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Safe Sex is Great Sex!!!

September 7th, 2013 by phoenixmarie

To continue the song – “Better wear a Latex” works for most… Unless you are like Myself allergic to Latex!! (thanks Mom for the allergy) Oh, but condom companies offer Skyn, Lamb, & other resources luckily for your protection. Protection… From sexually transmitted diseases, of course… But wait… According to the FDA.gov anything other than Latex Condoms Do NOT Protect against diseases, but Only Pregancy!?! Plus, they Do NOT Test them Anally for approval against STDs stating, “Condoms provide some protection, but anal intercouse is simply too dangerous to practice” (well thank you surgeon general) …BUT… I get tested every 14 days… Which is really far more than the average citizen in the United States of America, as well as, the Entire Planet!!!

Sex is something we all do… No matter the gender or the preference we are ALL Carnal in desires of the flesh. How we go about practicing this fulfillment is where we vary. If you’re lucky enough to be in a monogamous relationship with your partner I still believe in once a year testing… At Least!! And if you are looking at beginning a New Sexual relationship you should Both be tested so you know going into it where you stand. Is testing expensive, does it take a long time… I don’t know compare that to the price you’ll pay if you Do Contract a disease… Fortunately even our worse STD which is HIV+ to AIDs is no longer a death sentence!! (It will require you to get a non-porn “real” job though). Thankfully there are resources with free testing & medication options to control the virus from destroying and killing your body!! (Google it people)

Why bring up this subject?! Well recently the Porn Industry has been experiencing a high amount of STDs including positives for HIV. (Which when a positive is confirmed we require All Studios to cease production until all performers have been retested and cleared) AGAIN we test as regularly as 14 days so we can contain any spread of diseases to other performers, as well as, significant others we may have at home. The Government, State Departments, and I wish to believe meaning well others think that Condoms are the Save ALL… Again go back to my first paragraph… You’re NOT very bright (uneducated using assumptions ) or you’re just looking to try and stop porn from being produced?! Produced where? Here in the states? Because I don’t know if you realize Porn is Worldwide, not just California or Miami… If you see pornography as Obscene, you have Every Right to feel that way, BUT I don’t attack you with False Information or Lack of knowing you’re day to day actions. We Are ALL Sinners!! No One is Perfect!!

Who am I to talk about anything?! Am I Perfect… Fuck NO!!! I can say I’ve Never Done a single Illegal Drug, Not because I’m better than Anyone, But because I saw the damage it had done to a family member and swore to never even try it. The last Off-Camera relationship I had with someone I made sure he was tested and shared my same information. Why? Because I respect Myself, as well as, the performers I work with everyday!!

I am also going to vent on something that is Very Close to me… Hatred and/or Ignorance! When we get something as scary as HIV+ results my follow performers begin to almost bash and belittle others performers publicly and privately who are openly bi-sexual and tested… Saying hurtful rude things that are just Mean- STOP!!! Especially on Public forums like Twitter… I know how upsetting it is… especially when you lose work do to it… but please bite your fucking tongue!!! By the way for some of you Newer Performers who come to set and talk all this smack out of “disgust” that a male/female performer would like TGirls or same sex “On-camera” but you’re working with a guy/girl who has done it “On-camera” and you didn’t know or just “Off-camera” how Big of an Ass do you look?!

I’ve been in this industry almost 6 years… October 15, 2013 will be the day actually… I can say I’ve never judged anyone on sexual preferences, I may have said something didn’t arouse me… Or even wasn’t for me… But to throw a stone is Childish!! Especially when you suck the same dick as everyone else has… Porn is a family… We are only as good as our weakest link… We are Very forgiving and accepting because we are a bunch of Misfits, Sex Addicts, Some Smokers, Drinkers, even our Partiers but they are Ours!!! Do a better job of protecting it, Please! Most of our society is looking for ways to belittle us… Lets not give them an open invite!!!

Love For ALL

Soo the Big 3-1… I’m NOT Ready!!

September 13th, 2012 by phoenixmarie

Well it’s that time again… My Birthday, and I’ll be damned if that fucker didn’t land back on the same day the 21st of September!!

Last year was the 30 year mark and as the song: “My next 30 years” by Tim McGraw, was slowly playing in my mind; it didn’t push me to do anything different…

Oh wait… I did travel a little bit more, decided 9 years time to upgrade my boobs for Christmas, then went Raven Black on my hair color, lost 25lbs of fat and toned up, got married… LOL on the Married part we ALL know I’m SOO NOT Married!!! You have to NOT Hermit to run into Mr. Right!! But in my “Man Cave” I have a 3d TV, NFL Ticket, PS3, and Wifi… I go to work, the gym, and home… I am soo LAME!!!

Not exactly the crazy sexy times you imagine from this 1-drink drunk!! But FACT!! Cheapest date ever!! Well I am a “Foodie” so I guess I can’t say that huh?! Though I’m sure this year I’ll be eating dinner at Flemings or Benihana because I’m all classy like LOL

Which leads me to what the fuck am I going to do this year?! Well I don’t throw Porn Parties (sorry but no one buys gifts, some pay covers, and most FLAKE) I am Lucky enough to know my family, friends, and fans have my back everyday!! This year my Amazing Friend “Sloane” the lead singer of “Feral Vinca” is throwing me a get together at the “Lava Lounge” in Thousand Oaks, CA *Open Invite* more the merrier!!

I will hopefully get to go SCUBA Diving in the Morning at Catalina Island why because I’m a Certified Fish!! Lol Yes ever since the Bahamas with Penthouse I’ve been hooked…. *corny joke, bite me*

What else… Simple~ then Sleepy Time *One can hope for Birthday Sex but my record of 1-5 it isn’t looking to good* I thought Porn made it a 100% solid you’ll have sex… Wrong!! and with the 5 year mark of me being “Phoenix Marie” coming this October 15th I’m pretty sure I know if it’s going to happen LOL

And to be Forthcoming; I feel out of sorts with the whole- I’m going to be 31… I take amazing care of my body, No drugs, One drink drunk, workout, and I have an Annual Passport to Disneyland… so I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near 31… I find myself more regularly pondering: Shouldn’t I already be Married, 2 kids, House with a Prius in the driveway?! I know I’m the “Hardcore Anal Queen” but seriously I am the Loyal to a Fault, Love Making, Cuddler, who is also Sporty, Fun-Loving, steal your Dirtbike while you’re passed out from the night before Girl… I do have a Passion for SEX!! I Need IT!! I believe it plays a HUGE Role in a relationships Health!!! Grrrr… I guess compared to last year I expected to be somewhere else in my life… I want Cuddles so this is going to be it… Til Next Time!! Love you ALL!!


Oh The Fantasies…

September 9th, 2011 by phoenixmarie

Sooo I was asked to come up with a scene “My Fantasy”…

I thought Long & Hard… What is something I haven’t done ON Camera, With One Guy, That is not a “Redo” of something I’ve done before…

I have played Many Characters… Really kinda cool to think about it… BUT here in lies the Problem…

If I want Originality then the scene would be “Unscripted”

When we read Lines we change them to fit our own Monologue Traits at Times (Me All The Time!!) Lol

Myself, Wanting to Explore soo many concept ideas… To Challenge Everything… I Cant see acheiving it with just TWO Individuals – I think they ALL require what Jonni Darkko calls “A Neutral”

A Neutral can be ANY gender and they normally are not as “Advanced” as the other Performers in the scene and will allow the Same Intensity, but with a Flare of Innocence.. Almost…Or is the word Helplessness… That at times can be beneficial to ALL Parties… Shows Off the Strong… Brings out more from the “Neutral” that they were Opened up to…

So Frustrating- Now the Question, “What Creative idea for Role Playing do you think is NEW and Fun?!”

Email Me at – PhoenixMariexxx@yahoo.com

My Links to where we can Play One-on-One

July 31st, 2011 by phoenixmarie

So I Am EVERYWHERE on the Internet…

Google Searching my name kinda shows that huh?! *Fist in My ASS?!* Who ME?! Lol

So if you’re wanting to know ALL the REAL Me Stuff here it is-


First and Best way is my site… But you’re already here…. so Next…





http://tinyurl.com/3ft6ozm -YouTube

http://instagr.am/p/I8w33/ -Instagram IPhone Users



I Do What I Want… Do You?!

And Then…

April 13th, 2011 by phoenixmarie

What do I mean by “And then…?” No, it’s not just a hilarious line from “Dude, Where’s My Car” but it’s a question we ALL think about, and it’s at that crossroad where I find myself today.

One of the first things my ex, Christian, ever told me regarding the porn industry is that “You don’t get any newer!” What exactly does that mean, and why should any porn chick care?! Because his words of caution are right! I hate it when he’s right! LOL.

Even his best friend at the time, Derrick Pierce, told me, being a little more straight forward upon me meeting him: “What’s your name again? Ah, you know what? I’ll try to remember it if you’re still around in six months. Late.”  That might sound mean, but it wasn’t meant to be, it’s a fact! Most girls will be shot out or have left by that point.

Some girls come into this business knowing what they want to get out of it. They plan out “I’m only doing girl/girl, then I’ll do boy/girl, then anal, then IR, DP, gangbangs, etc.” I’m not saying this is how it should or shouldn’t be either, but it is a formula that was used for most contract stars. Why is it this way? Because they know that if you give it all at first, there’s nothing new to offer and most fans are chasing the next “It” girl.

I have been in PornoLand for 3 years 5 months and 26 days. No, I’m not counting it down like a prison sentence! Yes, I have seen when the new girl on set starts expressing how after performing in 20 scenes she’s a porn star, or the next Nikki Benz, Lisa Ann, Tory Lane, Jenna Haze, Jesse Jane…

Well, long term, I hope she’s right—I’ll teach her anal—but sadly, that’s not the case in almost 90% of girls. Those girls I mentioned are girls who were around when this industry truly had a classification of “Star” based on their beauty, love of sex, and/or pure skill level.

Honestly, that is the reason porn viewers/fans still request them today When you get into the world of adult entertainment and shoot that epic, monumental, first scene, you pushed a button on a stopwatch as well. After scene #1 you have done, and are in, porn! Am I saying that’s a bad thing? Of course not! But if you think you can go and work a normal 9-5 job after that you’ll find that it’s hard.

Why? Well first of all if your (hopeful) employer hasn’t asked what you did before (like you’ll really put adult talent!) or even recognized you, then, odds are a soon-to-be co-worker and/or client will. You could be fired for lying/omitting on your application.

Secondly, the money in porn can be really great. But when you get accustomed to fast money, that $10.75 an hour starts looking less and less like the step you’ll want to go back to. So most—not all—girls start doing escorting to continue making the fast money. By the way, I’m totally good with my girls, as well as guy friends, making money doing it! Do what you want to do! But, that’s just not an option for me. To each his own.

Unfortunately, I came into porn without a true plan in place and knowing absolutely NOTHING about adult, dancing, escorting, or even myself, sexually, really. I was bound to make some mistakes. Okay, some big ones—trusting the wrong people to be friends when they were really NOT, aka users; lending/spending money like it would always be there; not taking advice from “friends” who warned me correctly, but luckily, I only was dropped twice on my head as a child so I eventually figured it out! LOL. Joking. I was only dropped once!

My decision to enter into porn might have been the craziest thing I’ve ever done, especially with never even viewing a scene—I still haven’t. I’ve seen trailers and stills, but scenes? Not so much. I won’t watch myself either. Sorry, but I’m a girl, so: A) I have flaws and I don’t need to see them in motion LOL and B) I was there; I know what happened!

But now, about where I am today, “And then…?”

I have always said, “You’re either pretty or dirty. Only a rare few can be both, and however you classify me, I give it 110% at all times!”

I’ve grown as a performer by understanding more about my sexual likes/dislikes, acquiring/mastering my physical talents (deep throating, gaping, fisting, flexibility, etc.), but even more so just by watching directors, photographers, lighting crews, PAs, Pms and others.

Now I want to apply MY view from behind the camera.

My openness to experiment sexually, always being respectful, non-judgemental, and current abilities in the art of sexual perversions (fetishes) has helped me to know what turns people on. It turns me on figuring out what that “thing” is that will send someone to the point of no control. So, knowing this, leaves me asking, “Just what area of my likes do I want to share with you?”

Please note: I’m NOT saying I’m the best, or that I know it all, but I’ve had the honor of being talent for and/or worked beside those I feel are tops in this industry! And I will continue to do so. For now, I just think its time I show my side.

“And then…?”

Just The Facts Please

January 26th, 2011 by phoenixmarie

First Name: Phoenix
Last Name: Marie
Stage Name: Phoenix “Marizzle”
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Height: 5’9
Weight: 145
DOB: 09/21/1981
Zodiac Sign: Virgo/Libra
Birth Place: Riverside, CA
City of Residence: CA
Measurements: 34dd – 26 – 42
Cup Size: 34dd
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Dress Size: 6/8
Shoe size: 8
Pant: 9/11
Nationality/Ethnicity: Italian
Tattoos: 2 chinese symbols Pride/Loyality
Piercings: Ears

I did my 1st scene October 15, 2007 for Vivid Brand New Faces #2 – I was Scared/Nervous/Less than sexually confident… But as I did each scene I learned more about myself sexually, preferences, styles, kinks… I love this Industry for showing me more about myself!!!

Email: phoenixmariexxx@yahoo.com
Myspace: /phoenixmarieinc
Facebook: N/A
Twitter: @Pmarizzle
Website: www.phoenixmarie.com
Favorite Color: Blue & Black
Favorite Position: Cowgirl
Favorite Sex Act(s): Choking/Biting/Anal
Strangest Place you’ve had sex: I’ve had some Crazy sex… Disneyland?
Favorite Type of Porn: ALL
Ideal Mate: Someone who can make me laugh
Do you prefer Vaginal/Anal Sex: What, What ;p

I very much LOVE what I do and I’m very grateful!!

Send me Anything you Want Letters, Cards, Pantyhose for scenes to:

Phoenix Marie
4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd #1014
Valley Village, CA 91607

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