Sunday, November 4, 2018

New York Fun

I had the great good fortune to find myself recently in New York City. I’d live there if I could and always appreciate any visit I get to make. I have many friends there but the one I have the most fun with, the most often, is Sara Vibes (you can find her on Twitter: @SaraVibesXXX). I’ve known her since she was a 20-year-old Baby Kinkster, ten years ago. Since then she’s grown into a dear friend and regular kinky playmate. She’s a top-heavy switch like me and we’ve had many fun adventures over the past decade.

Sara has a new playmate, D., who is all of 22 years old and in her Super Adventursome stage of life. She reached out to Sara via a kink social site and they’ve been playing ever since. I really love seeing young kinky women  satisfying their desires rather than waiting for someone or something, to come along and make it happen. D. is mainly a bottom and has never been with a man. So, it was a great good time when I hosted Sara, D., and Sara’s Daddy, at my hotel room. Sara and I like to share hand jobs. We say nice things about the guy’s balls and take turns stroking him while we talk about his dick.

The three of them showed up on time. We chatted for a while before getting down to the gist of the visit: Sara and I giving Daddy a hand job while D. watched. Daddy took his pants off and sat on the towel-covered chair (never put bare bits on bare hotel furniture!). I gave Sara a pair of black latex gloves and put on a pair myself, brought out the lube and we settled down at his feet.

Daddy’s balls were indeed nice ones and we spent at least 5-10 minutes just playing with them before getting his dick involved. D. was over in the corner with her hand down her pants trying to be discrete, when Daddy busted her for being naughty. I invited her to come take a closer look at the dick in the room and D. admitted she’d never seen one in person before. I got D. her own pair of latex gloves so she could get close and remain sanitary. She felt safe around a strange penis because Sara and I were with her. She touched it and Sara and I explained that a penis is just like a ginormous clit and the ball sac is like the outer lips on a woman. That helped her a lot.

D. is under five feet tall, with DD boobs and a nice thick butt. Daddy was very polite and never reached to touch D. without being invited. Soon enough D. was straddled over Daddy’s stomach with her generous boobs in his face and Sara’s mouth working its magic on his dick down below. I kept my boobs out and spoke dirty in D.’s ear about what a brave and dirty girl she was, with her pretty boobs in the face of someone she had just met. The energy was super sexy, when he blew his load on Sara’s tits. So fun!

I brought out the baby wipes and we cleaned Daddy up. I pulled off everyone’s gloves inside out and tossed them. I had to go to dinner with a friend but when I left the hotel room Sara was on my bed with Daddy’s face between her legs, getting ready to play the “How Many Times Can I Get Sara Off With My Mouth?” game. Always a winner. I still need to call her and ask what the final tally was!

University of Wisconsin

I just returned from a trip to La Crosse, WI, where I gave a talk, “Fantasy vs. Reality: Viewing Adult Media With a Critical Eye,” for their Free Speech Week. About 70 students showed up for the talk, which I was told was good for a week-day evening.

La Crosse is a lovey city right on the east bank of the Mississippi River, just across from eastern Minnesota. The weather was perfect: 50 degrees in the daytime and no wind or rain. Sunny and really nice. I love talking to students and the questions were standard for that age group, reflecting what it was they were reading/hearing in classes on feminism and adult entertainment. I’ll be doing more University talks in the future.


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September 21, 2018

Hello, everyone! Sorry to have been gone so long.

It’s hard to believe, but the 35th anniversary of my first porn movie is only six months away. I know, right? It astounds me, as I remember every moment and it seems only a moment ago I stepped on to the set of “Educating Nina,” my debut.

It was the dawn of the Video Age and it set the tone for the first few years of my career: bright, silly, fun fuck movies, as frothy as a root beer float and just as substantial. I was so happy to have my workplace be full of naked bodies, all of whom, by their very presence on set, were telegraphing consent. Heaven for a perv like me. I got a lot of practice with a lot of bodies, under varied circumstances. Being a professional sex player was exactly the right job for me.

After five years of doing only movies I started my second career as a feature dancer. I toured the country . From New York City to dinky places deep in the woods, I got to be the Naked Lady on Stage. I love dancing and very much enjoyed meeting my fans in person and taking pictures. I had the most fun in San Francisco and New York City, where I could do naked dildo shows. The least amount of fun was certainly Richmond, VA, which had the most restrictive rules I came across in all of my dancing days, which really put a crimp in my style.

I’ve been arrested four times, all from strip clubs. Las Vegas, Daytona, FL, Windsor, ONT (along with Keisha), and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I’ve made over a thousand movies. I’m very proud of my Guide series from Adam&Eve. Forty titles in a series is pretty great if you ask me. I’ve written a book, “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex.” I’ve recently looked through it again and it holds up very well.

I continue to do scenes and I do a of content exchange at my home, which is a lot of fun.

Thank you all for being my fans. Please know I love you as much as you have love me.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


NO SHOW September 21st

SHOW September 28th

NO SHOW October 5th

SHOW October 12

NO SHOW October 19

SHOW October 26


Why The Long Absence from Here?

My friend, Keisha (some of you may remember her, though she’s been retired for about ten years, now), once said, “Don’t explain.”

However, its been so. damn. long. since my last post I’ve got to say something. No, I’ve not been sick. No one’s died. No one close to me is sick. I’ve not broken a leg.

But Life does get complex at times and there wasn’t a lot to talk about. If any of you are in non-monogamous marriages you’ll know that sometimes one’s social calendar is booked to the gills and sometimes it seems as if we’ll never have a threesome again.

We went through one of those semi-droughts, so I had no thrilling social engagements to share. I’m not going to tell you each time Ernest and I have sex, as that’s just overshare (says the person who sucks dick for a living).

Plus, a lot of my energies have been taken up with the political landscape and that’s such a boner-killer I just didn’t want to go there.


However, our drought seems about to break. An old partner of Ernest’s, “F.,”has come back into  his/our lives and she has a lovely partner she wants to share with us. She is a Lovely Girlie (“LG”): super feminine, kinky, smart, talented (she can sing beautifully), dirty-minded and very eager to experience  the 3-on-1 that F. has in mind.

We’re looking forward to it, too. Ernest is very hot for LG and I always like to facilitate a good time for others. I’ll have my strapon and will be third in the hierarchy . First Dom: Ernest. Second Domme: F. I’m “dominissive,” in these situations: dominant over our guest (s) while remaining submissive to Ernest.

What will make it fun and new is that F. and Ernest go back over twenty years and are very close. After me, she’s the partner he liked the most and I’m happy she’s back in his life.

I can’t wait! We’ll set up the night before and I’ll get everything ready for dinner afterwards. I’ll give a full accounting.

Playtime 2

But this week has another fun time for Ernest: a playdate with 2 submissives, one of whom is a stranger to him and neither of whom are me. I’ll greet them and then skedaddle for four hours before coming home to make dinner for everyone.

Sable is a hot milf and an occasional playmate to Ernest, though we’ve had our threesomes, too. I like it when they’re alone, as she gives him a quality of attention that is hot for both of them.

I don’t know what they’ll do, though I will help Ernest set up ahead of time so I will have an idea. I just know they’ll rock out. For a certain type of woman, Ernest is the best ride in town. The bonus is that Sable will be back on Saturday for some solo time with him.

You know what that means, gentle readers? That means the next time Ernest and I are alone will be off. the. hook. As much fun as we have with others, as deep as it goes, as important as those times are for us as individuals, the best experiences remain with each other. In our mind, that’s True Love.

Confessions Of A Sinful Nun

I just did a movie for Sweetheart Video, “Confessions of a Sinful Nun” and had the best time in my scene with the amazing Mona Wales  (@monawalesxxx on Twitter). She is super smart, warm, sexy, engaging, and we had a great scene. Lots of drama and long-hidden shared history between our characters. I like that the history is never really spelled out, leaving the audience to fill in the gaps themselves.

I liked that the director and producer really cared about the story and the production values. And it’s aways nice to work with a bunch of women.

The interesting thing was I played Mother Superior. Putting on the habit was a trip. As most of you likely know by now, my late  mother was a Buddhist Mother Superior (the Abbess) for seven years. It was easy to play Mother Superior simply by channeling my own mom. Super fun, I must say!


I hope none of you have been adversely affected by either Irma or Maria.  I wish some of that water would come this way, as California is burning up.

Branching Out

I’m in the process of building a new site. This one will be devoted to non-explicit counseling, consulting and coaching. No nudity. No links to nudity or sex. For now I’m thinking of it as “Nina with her clothes on.” I have to believe that many people will want access to what I know but are not in a position to be on a movie set!

When it’s set to launch I will certainly talk about it here.

Thanks for reading!

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Monday, February 27, 2017



NAYBE SHOW MARCH 16th (coming back from travel, so depends)

NO SHOW MARCH 23rd (travel)

NO SHOW MARCH 30 (Out of town guests)

NO SHOW APRIL 6th ((‘ll be in Oregon at Eve’s Boutique)

SHOW APRIL 13 (Whew!)

New Playmate

This recent Valentine’s Day Ernest and I had the pleasure of hosting a new playmate, whom I’ll christen “Euro Girl.” Euro Girl was introduced to me by a mutual friend. She’s 25 years old (the same age I was when I started porn, as it happens), 5’7″, dirty blonde hair, long legs, small, firm tits, cute shaved vulva and enough brains for any two people. Ernest and I do like ’em smart, as the way we have sex is sophisticated and it’s helpful when our partners are in on the game.

We set the room up for a basic session: suction machine, Magic Wands, lube, gloves, various fancy whips, my strap-on harness with a friendly 6″ toy attached. She had been to dinner here previously, to make sure we’d all be a good fit, and this was our first play date. She’s super-femme-y, which always makes Ernest happy, and very eager to play with an experienced older couple. Woot!

She showed up exactly on time, dressed exactly as we asked: the super-cute black mini-dress from the dinner date, sans panties, and her heels.  She’s breezy, confident, sophisticated. As a matter of fact, she’s got relatives in France and will be going there to live for four months later this spring. Just the sort of thing a young, single, sexually adventurous woman should do!

I wore my usual leather harness and Dhener boots and Ernest had on his leather lounging pants, his boots and a nice sweater. After the usual hellos and other pleasantries we got down to business: getting her out of that dress and into the collar and cuffs that I had laid out for her. She held out each wrist sweetly and placed each foot onto the chair just so, so I could apply the cuffs. Ernest, of course, did the honors with the collar. She lifted her hair and he kissed her neck before clicking shuttle little padlock.

We settled onto the couch with her wine, something to smoke (she did not partake) and a nice selection of smut to peruse while we got to know each other better. What better way to spend thirty minutes than looking at dirty pictures while seated on either side of a pretty naked woman? We pay attention to which images seem to capture her attention more, as they give us ideas for later in the evening.

When we were done with the smut I gave Ernest the wine glass and taught Euro Girl the basics: how to sit, stand, kneel, speak, to get her more of what she wants by giving her the means by which to request it. Plus, she looked so pretty on the floor. She’s leggy but very flexible, and could get her tits flat on the rug with her ass in the air. I’m not that flexible any more and it made me appreciate young people all the more.

After walking her back to the dungeon, each taking an arm and keeping her on her tiptoes, I showed her the basic poses for the bed, so when we said, “Get on the bed,” she’d know what to do and how to do it. This gives a submissive player confidence that she can hold her own in the game, making it more fun for everyone.

I hooked her hands above her with lose chains and Ernest lay down beside her, knowing what was next: the suction machine! I munched her puss for just a moment before taking a medium suction tube and attaching it to the hose on the machine. I used my arm as an example of how she can control the strength/duration of the suction, and then placed the tube on her girly bits. It took a couple of readjustments, but we soon had it in the right place. Now all we had to do was let her torture herself while as kissed her and said nice things to her. It never fails: women are always meaner to themselves than we would be, which is why we let them do it to themselves.

Euro Girl’s pussy responded really well to the suction. By the time we removed the tube (15 minutes or so, give or take), her inner labia and clit hood were swollen to several times their normal size, form and full, like the leaves of a jade plant. I unhooked one hand so she could feel her parts and she did gasp with surprise. She gasped again when I had her sit up so she could see her parts in the mirror!

We played for another hour and her bits stayed swollen for the entire time, though they were pretty much back to normal by the time she left at midnight. Only some women’s pussies respond that way. Mine doesn’t, and I’ve tried multiple times and it’s just not fair! Phooey.

The rest of the playtime was spent with the usual mix of fucking her, sucking her, whipping her, flogging her, feeding her water (she never did have to beg to pee. We’ll feed her more water next time . . . ), wearing my strap on. She did love the fucking part and, though it took an hour of stimulation, did get to the point of asking to come while Ernest fucked her. Being no fool, he gave consent.

She was a delightful partner: interested, invested, engaging, actively participating. She told us afterwards we could have been meaner, always a good thing to share. We never go full-tilt boogie on a first date, as we don’t want to scare anyone off. We don’t NEED to play that hard, but are happy to do so if our partner also likes to go there.

Ernest and I play with very clean boundaries: we make sure they don’t need/want any romance. We don’t try to run their lives except for the few hours they’re here with us. We’re the couple I wish I had met when I was 25. Euro Girl must have enjoyed herself, as we’re seeing her again this Friday!



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Monday, January 2nd, 2017 Rose Bowl!

Solo Show This Thursday the 4th

Phoenix could get here this week. We’re looking at March for her to guest.

Happy New Year

2015 was a bear of a year. When your mom dying isn’t the worst thing to happen you know it wasn’t a good year.

Christmas Day was quiet. We spent it at home. Holidays for us are quite times, which we like. Plus, we wanted to connect after my week away in Europe.

Two days after Christmas I went north. One day/night with my dear pals Drs. Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence. They have a lovely place north of SF, near Napa and it was my first time seeing it. After a delightful night and morning, I took BART to SF with Carol and then  CalTrain to Palo Alto, where my Darling Niece, home from college on winter break, picked me up from the station. It’s always nice to see my sister and her family. We baked Stollen, the first Christmas without our mother, and just had the best time. They’re observant, so we also lit menorahs for Hannukah. One for the family and one for each member. It’s a lovely ceremony and my sister brought out the menorah our Dad had made nearly 60 years ago. That was a blast. My sister is also taking care of the mechanical music box that was in the dining room of my childhood home. It’s about two feet square, dark wood and heavy. It’s wound up with a crank on the side and it plays large, 18″ wide metal records, each with a tune punched out. When it rotates on the console it plucks the metal prongs below. It was a blast from the past for sure. I don’t know why I didn’t take some pix to show you. Argh. We have about thirty records, too. It was state of the art home entertainment, circa 1885.

On the positive side, Ernest and I now start our seventeenth year together, which is amazing and wonderful. So, yay us! We split our celebration. We had the fancy dinner at home on the 31st and the wild monkey sex on the 1st. This allows us to fully appreciate each element fully.

Dinner for our anniversary is always the same: caviar with sour cream and blini (American sturgeon caviar is quite good and surprisingly affordable) as the starter followed by individual Beef Wellingtons with asparagus. It was, as it always is, delicious.

The wild monkey sex was simply delightful. After setting everything up as per usual we made a more decadent party of it by adding more costume to it. I dressed in my favorite whoreish outfit: black thigh-high stockings, sheer top w/a low cut front, push up bra w/nipple cut-outs and long black gloves. The icing on the cake are my new Only For Sex shoes, a pair of satin mules w/5″ stiletto heels. They’re the closest thing to the shoes the original Barbie doll had at her debut in 1959. As Ernest got ready in the front room I dressed in the back. Putting on my leather trench coat I walked down the hall to the front door of the apartment and knocked on the door. It was most exciting to hear the sound of his footsteps approaching the door and then it opened and I stepped inside.

It’s nice when your long-term partner can treat you like a hot stranger. It’s the best of both worlds. He pushed me against the door and felt me up underneath my coat. Yummy! We made out for a bit there before he took off the coat and led me to the  table, where he put on my collar and I made a show of putting on the cuffs. I put a black latex glove on over my  satin glove and splayed on the cushion I had set on the dining room table. I lubed up my butt and slid in our current favorite one. All the while, Ernest stroked my leg and commented on the lewd view. Then we proceeded to the couch for my drink and to view smut, continuing to build the mood before moving to the back room for the whipping, sucking and fucking.

Let’s just say it was great good fun and I must say, the caning never felt so good!


I leave for Vegas on the 17th for the Adult Erotic Expo. As usual I’ll be at the Adam&Eve booth each day. It will be my 32nd consecutive January show and it’s always a circus. The best thing about being a veteran is knowing I don’t have to attend any parties other than the AVN show on Saturday. I get 7 hours sleep a night and it’s just a lot of fun for me now. I treat it like Homecoming Week in high school. The women keep getting younger and the fans are always nice. It’s weird being the Older Generation now, seeing as I’m a youngest child and I have no kids. But here I am, a designated grownup. As I said, weird.

The Coming Year

I know I’ll keep shooting content with my friends. I’m also doing my version of “fuck a fan”  on the 13th. If it goes well I’ll look into formalizing a way for fans to share camera time with me. That’s exciting to contemplate, believe me!

See you Thursday!

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Show on Thursday

While I returned from Europe last Thursday I was actually sick (rare for me) and I just couldn’t do it. I slept a lot over the weekend and am feeling much better today, so I’ll be fit as a fiddle by Thursday and can’t wait to see all of you!


As some of you know I’ve been working with the Finnish artist, Paola Suhonen, for the past eight years on a multi-media project of her design. We met accidentally when I was doing a photo shoot for a short-lived experimental art magazine, “Love Contemporary” ( I think it died after two issues), here in Los Angeles.

She was on set to document the proceedings. Already an established clothing designer in Finland, as well as interior design, home furnishings, dishes and the like, she was attending film school here at the American Film Institute. Thus began what ended up being an eight year journey. When she was in class we’d take a few days each time to visit different places around LA, where I got to be the paint to her painter. It was very refreshing to be seen by a new set of eyes, eyes that had nothing to do with porn. Sure, was often naked but it was never salacious or overtly erotic.

It was also really nice to give up all control. I had no agenda, no idea what she was doing. If she said, “Stand there, wait till I speak, then walk over there,” I’d do it. Neither of us had an idea of what would be the end result but this past summer, when she brought me to Helsinki to shoot in and around the city, she had figured it out.

You can see the website here

I had no idea what the final show would look like and it ended up being a multi-media exhibit. Video shorts, voice over interviews with people close to me (including my mother!), t-shirts, canvases with quotes about porn from me, life sized stuffed pillows with my naked body on them and a gallery full of stills from the movies. Paola shot only on film, without sound, so these are not video captures, but actual blowups of individual frames of film.

I arrived late Thursday evening and the media event was on Friday, with a soft opening that evening. About thirty media folk were present and it was fun to listen to Paola tell the story in Finnish. I like hearing the language so I don’t care if I understand what they’re saying. Paola and her team know that unless I hear, “Nina,” I don’t feel left out of the conversation.

One of the aspects of the show was a performance art piece that I like to do, called, “Kisses.” This entails me doing safe-sex kisses with anyone from the viewing public brave enough to to kiss a porn star in front of other people. To keep it sanitary I use a condom-thin latex dam (about 5″x7″) designed for safe cunnilingus or analingus. This is something I started doing my last few years of feature dancing and I just love it.

Paola had set up the kissing are in a little alcove situated between two of the larger gallery rooms. On the floor were two small, hand crafted rugs with a diamond pattern, browns and golds against a cream background. Two matching rugs were on the wall behind me. The furniture was a psychoanalyst’s couch recovered in buttery, cream colored leather. My bodysuit, which was gold-over-black mesh, matched perfectly with the color scheme.

Here’s how each kiss (about 65 over the four sessions) went down. First, the person would step up (Finns are famously shy and introverted). They’d straddle the couch facing me and I’d put my legs over theirs. Then I’d remove a fresh dam, place my hands on their arms, look them in the eye and invite them to breathe with me a couple of times. I then said, so only they could hear, “You can’t fail, you can’t disappoint me and you can’t do it wrong.”

Then, holding the sides of the dam in each hand, I placed it over their mouth and moved in for the kiss. Paola would shoot thirty seconds or so, but the kiss usually lasted about a minute or a little longer.

I just love doing this! Some people kissed back with passion, some were soft and sweet.

About twenty-five women did this, which surprised me, and most of them were not gay (though about six were). A good dozen couples each got a kiss, with support from the other. One woman didn’t let her husband do it, but she did!

Four two-hour sessions over two days and then it was over.

Saturday night I did a little performance piece at a club called Bar Loose, a little dive bar with a house band. I was in Paola’s Bubble Chair  a classic piece of ’60s Pop Art, twirling and spinning for a dense crowd of both men and women. I only got topless but it was fun to be performing again for a live audience. Three songs and I was done.

I did take videos of the rooms and will post them on Twitter, as I have no clue how to post video here.

Swingers in Finland

On Saturday there was one couple who were obviously swingers. Both were dressed in tight, sexy black. She in thigh-high boots, leather skirt and sheer top with a corset. He in high riding boots and PVC pants and a black vest and shirt. They each got kisses and asked me to join them for a drink after I was done. Happy to do so!

They’re both 49 and exuded that super-chill energy of the long-time, happily married swinger couple. We had a drink at the bar connected to the museum, then walked the block to my hotel, where they waited in the bar while I took off my makeup. We had another drink and then went to dinner at a fantastic place. The Finns certainly know how to party, I’ll give them that. Most clubs don’t close till 4 am.

In the bathroom at the restaurant (which also housed two floors of clubs), the women were dressed in their best. While waiting for my friend to emerge I saw two young women who were “Best In Show,” the cuter of the two wearing high, black platform pumps and a red hotpant onesie with a flowing, split skirt.

I said to her,”You look very LA!” She said, “What?” I made it more clear, “Very Los Angeles!” She responded, “Oh, porno!” I said, “Yes!” She was very happy about that and made a big show, walking up the stairs to the main floor, of holding open the panels to better show off her long legs and cute butt.

Speaking of butts, there are a lot of Finnish women with nice, meaty asses. I was most impressed.

Back at the Room

The sex was a lot of fun, though I didn’t get fucked. He had had juuuust enough to drink that his erection was wobbly and adding a condom to that just wasn’t going to fly. But I got to eat her beautiful pussy (shaved) and got her off, while also watching  them fuck (always fun for me!). After about an ninety minutes, with all three of us on the clean single bed (it was a two-twin bed room), when it was clear that he wasn’t going to come, I had them leave. Nicely, but I did need to get some sleep before the makeup artist arrived in the morning.

It’s been a long time since I  was with regular swingers and it reminded me how much fun it is.

Next Post

I’ll tell you all about my little side trip to Vienna, where hot kinky sex awaited me!


See you Thursday!

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Thanksgiving Day 2016

NO SHOW DECEMBER 1. I’m out of the country (see below)




I hope all of you have somewhere safe and fun to be today, the beginning of the dreaded (for some) Holiday Season. I have many friends who either hate to go home, are not welcome there or are very happy to take triple time at work to avoid forced merriment.

I’ve always liked the holidays. As a youngest child I was not held responsible for much during then, other than to look cute and eat a lot, both tasks for which I was well suited. My mother’s sister lived nearby and I saw my cousins regularly. Unlike many families this election season ours was closely aligned politically, so there were no big fights about politics, unlike so many this season. I feel for all of those whose political leanings separate them from family. That’s why we Queer folk have what we call Deliberate Family, or Family of Choice, not Chance.

Our family was the kind that took in any stray folk who had nowhere to go, including all sorts of exes. Except for my and my oldest brother’s, all the exes were really cool and had come to love, and be loved, by the parental units, and so were always welcome at all gatherings.

For years, Ernest and I collected strays and I would cook Thanksgiving dinner from scratch. Then, about six or so years ago, we realized that all of our “usual” strays had either found a partner or moved far away, leaving just the two of us. Since I cook for us all the time I wasn’t down for doing Thanksgiving for Two, and we found a great place to eat out. We’ve been doing that ever since and tonight we’ll be a party of five. Ernest, our lawyer, his wife, their friend, and me. It’s a jolly crew and we’re looking forward to it. Our lawyer is especially happy, as his wife cancelled  her trip to her family, allowing them to stay in town and avoid the kind of stress mentioned above.


I was super-happy at how the adult entertainment community here in LA got together and defeated the odious Proposition 60. It was a case of David slaying Goliath, as our side was outspent 10-1. It was a rare victory for our side and is a testament to what can happen when people work together for a common purpose.

I was Not At All Happy with the results of the national election on many levels, but I won’t get into it here. I’m openly a red-diaper baby and left of center, so you can imagine what I feel. Plus I’m worried about all of my black, brown, gay and trans friends and family.


I’ll be on a plane next Tuesday night to Helsinki, where Paola Suhonen, a Finnish designer, film maker, artist and businesswoman, is having an exhibit at the biggest museum in town. If you recall, I was in Helsinki this past June finishing up principal shooting for an art film Paola has been making, on and off, for eight years. I’ve not seen any of it and have no idea what is in store. I know that the project is mainly about me, but that’s about it.

Working w/Paola was one time where I just allowed myself to be paint or clay. I’m usually so in charge of what I do as Nina it was a lot of fun putting myself in the hands of an actual artist with her own point of view. All I had to do was follow directions and it was such fun over the years. Plus, Finland in Summer is glorious. Sun up at 4:30 am, sunset at 10:30 pm, dusk until midnight.

This time of year (and the Solstice is still weeks off) the sun “rises” at about 11 and sets around 4, but never gets high in the sky. I’ve been warned that it’s pretty much dark all. the. time. This will be new for me. I won’t be there long enough for it to depress me but I can imagine that if I were to move so far north I’d have to do daily light therapy to stave off that famous Finnish melancholy.

I arrive Wednesday evening and will have some interviews over a couple of days. The premiere is on December 2, and there’s an afterparty where I’ll be dispensing my famous safe-sex kisses. On December 3 there’s another party and I’ll be in attendance there. It’s pretty exciting, as Finland has only 5.5 million people, making it relatively easy to be famous there.

Paola also does interior design and I’ll be staying at the biggest hotel in town, recently completely redone inside by her.

An old friend, Runninghorse, moved to Sweden 16 years ago and he’s planning on taking the 1-hour flight from Stockholm to see the show. All in all, it should be a magical time. I’ll try to have people use my cellphone to take pictures!


We’ve had some threesome fun and Ernest has had a couple of visits from a wonderful playmte who likes to see him when I’m out of town. I encourage it, as they share a special bond and I like my lovers to be well-rounded and well-fed, erotically speaking.

We have a new playmate coming over tomorrow, for which we’re very excited. I’ll ask her what name she’d like to have, so I can share with you what we do.

She’s quite kinky and has some very dirty ideas of her own, so it should be a blast!

Till next time, be safe.


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Sunday, August 14th, 2016


Recent Happenings

Some of you already know but my mother died this past May. As with my father it was a “good death,” free from pain or fear. She had been ailing for a year and she was ready to depart this plane of existence. As a Buddhist of over 45 years’ duration, she looked at death as one more “what is this?” experience. In the words of Suzuki Roshi, the founder of Beginner’s Mind Temple, cultivating the mindset of the eternal beginner was the key to spiritual growth.

If you’re interested, there is a book with of her talks, lectures and speeches, “Seeds For A Boundless Life,” by Zenkei Blanche Hartman.

She was a badass and I’m glad she was my mother. Like her I strive to live a life of service to others. My area is sex while hers was Zen meditation, but we share that. I’m not sad as it followed the natural order of things and there was nothing left unsaid.

As someone said on the memorial page, “I see her and Lou (my Dad) sitting together again on some mountainside.” While I don’t believe in an afterlife (or rebirth for that matter), it’s a nice notion and I’ll keep it.

Propositon 60 VOTE NO!!

For those of you reading this who are registered to vote in California, please vote NO on Prop 60, the “condoms in porn” ballot initiative. You can read all about it, and why to vote against it, here. In short, it’s dangerous to performers and puts them in line to be sued by consumers if there is no visible condom in the scene, even if the performers are real-life couples doing a cam show out of their bedroom. Egregious and unnecessary.


I just returned from a trip to DC, where I was attending the Woodhull Freedom Foundation ‘s Sexual Freedom Summit. Now in its seventh year it’s a four-day event filled with workshops, panel discussions, parties and social intercourse devoted to the notion that sexual freedom is a fundamental human right. If you look around the site you’ll see what kinds of things were on the agenda. It was really nice this year that we had a men’s sexual health track and several sessions on decolonizing sex positivity. Plus classes on lube, what makes a family, sex workers rights, disability and sexuality, and more.

There were vendors selling toys, such as The Pleasure Chest, NJoyToys, as well as the bookseller, Red Emma’s, which has a great selection of sex/Queer/Gay/Sex Worker positive books on sale. Highly recommended if you have any gaps in your sex library.

The list of sponsors is amazing. Some of them: Tantus, Sliquid, SportSheets, She Vibe, Doxy, Chaturbate, Sex Positive World, Smitten Kitten, Free Speech Coalition, and more. Each night there was a themed party and the awarding to four worthy recipients of The Vicky, named for Victoria Woodhull an early feminist whose fundamental ideas are radical today, and she’s been dead nearly a century!

It’s a great weekend, full of laughter, tears, empowerment, cross pollination of ideas, networking, dancing, flirting and more. Burlesque, Bedpost Confessions, awards and a roundtable at Sunday brunch to finish it all off. Worth marking your calendar for, especially if you’re in the sex education/health/advocacy fields.

After-Party Adventures

Each year at the Summit I room with Reid Mihalko, a dear friend and fellow sex geek (a phrase he coined). He’s an excellent educator and a hell of a party host. Our room has had, for the past three years, the best orgy in town! This year’s was no exception. Sixteen people in a two-queen room (truth be told, though, five of them stayed dressed and hung out in front of the bathroom chatting), leaving eleven people to party down. I can’t even begin to say who all was there, but there was a fisting train for the woman whose birthday it was, various couples going full-tilt boogie with each other, awesome pegging between two hotties, spanking of a cute, petite redheaded masochist, a fabulous oral sex train with the boy in the middle of two women.

Lots of laughter, lots of fellatio. One high point came when the cute redhead offered up her partner’s dick for a triple hand job. She, a busty blonde and me did the honors on a dick that could work in porn. Eight solid inches of really pretty dick. I tried to get it all down my throat but I was unable. It was telling, though, that he got a leeeetle harder the more I made myself gag on it. That’s a fun party trick and it’s a thrill when the recipient is down for a little power exchange.

There were four men and seven women at the party. None of the men came during the group action, though I know they certainly did when they got back to their rooms with their partners. However, the women present made up for it. The Birthday Girl pulling the fisting train had about six orgasms, and the Busty Blonde had one, facilitated by me doing the penetration honors while she did the buzzy-on-the-clit honors. The Petite Redhead had at least three and the Brunette had two. Whew!

I helped two women do their first fisting, as Birthday Girl was most accommodating. Her ability to stay in the moment while giving precise instructions to the giver is impressive. With each successive orgasm she needed more clitoral stimulation and soon enough the battery-operated vibrator wasn’t enough. Luckily I never travel without my trusty Magic Wand with the extension cord and she was able to get out one more, with feeling. And puddles, too, as she squirts when she’s very excited.

As these events go, the heavy-duty action lasted about an hour, with five different little mini-parties going on simultaneously. Two hours in, everyone gathered their clothes, hugged a tired good bye and filtered out. That left Reid and his partner who, by chance, had been circling each other for four years at events. They had been making out during the party and when it was just the three of us they started fucking in earnest. That was the perfect time to step into the bathroom and call Ernest to chat about the day and say goodnight. At parties like these, when the fucking ends up face-to-face, it’s time to give them some privacy.

Just when I was finished on the phone with Ernest I heard them finish in the bedroom. I emerged from the bathroom to see her putting on her dress to leave. She shared that, after four years of flirting it felt like prom night and man, had it been a good one!

Reid was  asleep in moments and I took a moment to use my Magic Wand. I was excited enough from what I had done and seen that I came in under five minutes and soon, too, was asleep in a happy heap.

Next year: connecting units!

I hope you all have had a safe and wonderful summer.

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Sunday, June 5th, 2016


I’ll be flying to Finland tonight for a week to work w/Paola Suhonen, an artist I met years ago on another project. She’s a filmmaker and has been shooting me in various locations/costumes/times of day for about five years, now. She’s bringing me to Finland to shoot me in the amazing late-afternoon light that they have there this time of year. I expect it to be light until at least ten pm each night, which is weird. No sex, no sound, just visuals.

She’s been interviewing friends and family for the voice overs. There won’t be “talking heads.” The spoken words will be the soundtrack for the finished project, which will be done I-don’t-know-when.

SHOW ON JUNE 16 7pm Pacific.


On May 13, five days after she turned 90 years old, my mother died peacefully after a long decline. I spent her birthday with her and my sister and brother-in-law checking her into the hospital (we had thought we’d be taking her to lunch).

It’s sad but not tragic. Ninety years is a long time and she was well-loved by her family and faith community, the San Francisco Zen Center, where she was a senior priest of many years standing. She and my father (who died six years ago, aged 95+) started studying Zen Buddhism in 1969 and never stopped.

The cremation was  four days after she died and the big funeral (people will be coming from Japan and Europe, as well as from all over the US) is set for July 10th.


Thanks to all who’ve been buying clips from my Clips4Sale store. The same footage is also available on this site for those who are members. Jay Taylor is the lovely lady who runs my store and she finds all sorts of fantastic people to bring to my lair, er, dungeon, er, studio, to play.


I’ve not been making many movies these days as not many people are either making them any more or think to hire me. I’;m so happy that this site and Clips4Sale allow me to continue shooting people and things that I find sexy and appealing.


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Thursday, may 12, 2016


I must travel to SF on family business. Should be a show next week.



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