Sunday, March 23rd, 2014. Thirty Years!

Milestone Reached Before I Knew It

Wow. Hard to believe that March 22nd marked the thirtieth anniversary of my first porn scene. Since that time I’ve done about a thousand movies, give or take a few, translating into about fifteen hundred scenes shot for professional video. Add to that the four hundred (give or take) web shows I’ve done for this site, plus all of the swinging and other sex that was not recorded for prosperity or profit, and you’ve got a hell of a lot of sex!

The good news is that I’m as into my job as I ever was, and enjoy making movies and shooting scenes and talking about sex. That’s why I chose this profession in the first place, because it allowed me to indulge my interest in sex from all angles: the personal, political, professional, scientific, holistic, physical, artistic and  for amusement, empowerment and enlightenment. I love having sex, of course, but I love just as much talking about it and helping others find their way to their best sexual expression.

Since I have no children of my own it seems like it’s been a long weekend, not thirty (?!) years. I recall my first scene as if it were yesterday, and most other scenes in between. Show me a picture from any scene and I’m likely to rattle off what else was going on that day, or who else was on set. Some names have escaped me, it’s true, but never the experiences themselves. Why? Mainly because I’ve done all of my scenes sober. Not because I’m a Goody Two Shoes but because I’m a dyed-in-the-wool, natural-born “freak” and never needed to numb myself to do my job. I use quotation marks because I know I’m not like most other people. I feel normal and at home in my skin, though I know I’m an oddball (a feeling I announced to my Dad when I was ten, so I guess I’ve been aware for a while, now).

Unlike many in our society, some of whom find their way to porn, I never had any religious indoctrination as a child and so never worried about “sin,” “hell,” “damnation” or  what might happen to my “soul.” I am exceedingly grateful for this lapse in moral education from my parents. They passed down to me their belief in social justice activism and were active in the Civil Rights and Anti-War movements of my childhood. They just never spoke to me about God, as they were not, themselves, believers.

They were, though, Seekers and, after many years of casting about in the wilderness after my Father’s 1957 Blacklisting (at the tail end of MacCarthyism), in 1969 they settled on Zen Buddhism as their spiritual practice. My Mother still practices and my Father did until his death in 2010, aged 95 1/2. I am also grateful that Zen was it for them, as there were many other, less-savory, avenues to spiritual awakening in vogue at the time. They could have ended up Scientologists, Hare Krishnas or ESTians! Instead, they chose a nice, non-prosletyzing religion with two thousand year’s history. Whew! Now, of course, “mindfulness” is all the rage in the press and self-help circles, but I’ve been aware of that notion (and taken full advantage of its benefits) since I was ten.

I look forward to the next thirty years of teaching and preaching about sex, sexuality and sexual expression. Like the great Betty Dodson (, I expect to be doing this work when I’m old and (finally) gray. My partners may stay young, beautiful and naked, while I get older and stay dressed, but sex will always be my topic of choice.

Old Friends Reemerge 

I was at a kink event in Las Vegas earlier this month (, where I gave the Keynote address, written by my Darling. You can find the text of the talk at the site. It’s a lovely gathering with lovely people and I had a lovely time, even though I was there on my own.

One evening, at the general hang-out/smoking space, a woman, bountiful boobs gushing over the top of her corset, stood up and smiled at me, saying, “Do you recognize me?” She sure as hell looked familiar but I couldn’t quiiiiite place her. “Karen Summer!” she said, smiling even more broadly. Karen freaking SUMMER?!?! I did my first g/g with her in “Educating Nina!” OMG, talk about a blast from the past! Turns out she’s happy in love, having recently discovered that she’s kinky and submissive. Her Man is super nice and I got to meet him, too. She wants to come back and I’ll do my best to help her out. I will say this: her boobs sure look good!

Radio Hosting

Every Monday from 4-6 Pacific time I now co-host a radio show with Ginger Lynn, “Blame It On Ginger,” on You’ll need iTunes to be able to listen for free, but it’s a lot of fun and there are cameras in studio. You know me and Ginger: there will be nudity and sexual situations. There’s a call-in number, too, if you want to talk directly to us. She has a different co-host each weekday, so each show has a different flavor to it. Tune in if you’re able!

The Return of Tall Girl 

Last Wednesday we had a return engagement from Tall Girl, our mainly-lesbian playmate, whom we love dearly. She’s in a full-time relationship and uses playtime with us to really let her hair down, have good conversation and some wild, kinky sex. She’s 5’10″ (hence her nickname), and lovelovelove to be beaten hard. Thump is her middle name and my Darling and I get a good workout giving her a good working-over.

At Sin in the City I picked up some new super-thumpy toys. The maker calls them “Whomp ‘Ers,” but they’re not on his site. A sturdier and heavier, adult-and-washable version of Bataka Bats, they allow for someone as small as I am to really hit hard and deep someone as tall as Tall Girl, w/o hurting my hand or her. They don’t bruise but the thump carries all the way to the bone, which is what Thump Lovers are after.

I set up the room: suction machine, thump toys, strap on, lube, gloves, Hitachis stung in two places, and anything else we might need. TG arrived exactly on time, as is her way, and in a happy and horny mood, also her way.

We settled in to look at smut (we prefer illustrated, very hard kink images) while we sit naked on the couch, TG in between us, her legs draped over ours. This, of course, allows us to grope and molest her while she gets juicy looking at the images of extreme behavior.

We started on the dining room table, TG’s head falling over one side as I put my pussy in her face, while my Darling put in the butt plug and played some more with her bits. Once she was dizzy with her head over the edge and her pussy hungry because her ass was being invaded by a steel plug, we moved to the back room. The next two hours was a blur of beating, fucking,  sucking, suction machine-ing, Whomping and more fucking. I love using my strap on with her, as she loves it a lot (I usually let our guest decide if there will be any fake dick in the picture), and I had the sore hips and thighs the next day to prove it!

She had two or three orgasms and my Darling was going to finish in her ass but instead finished in her mouth, as per her request for an ATM. He’s not one to let a dirty idea go unrewarded!

I started dinner while they talked a bit and cleaned up the dungeon. She stayed after dinner talking till about midnight or so.

Can’t wait to have her back!

Master of O

My Darling has written a book, “Master of O,” and it should be available in e-book form around the first of May. Watch this space for more, but it’s an amazing, fun, kinky, insider’s read of a nour-ish, contemporary Los Angeles, peopled with complex and interesting characters. As the launch date approaches I’ll be talking more about it. It’s super-awesome, though!


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Saturday, March 8th, 2014


I have a phone consultation Monday with my contact at Streamate to trouble-shoot my issues with the show. I’ve got a new camera (Sony CX220-tiny little thing!) and an Elgado Game Card (to take the place of Adobe Flash Media Player). I followed the instructions and the game card couldn’t “see” the camera, even though everything was plugged in, turned on and put to the correct specs. Sigh.

Charli Piper will be there to “take” my birthday spanking. I’ve got some new toys from my trip to Vegas (more on that below) and she’ll be my practice bottom. Should be fun, as the toys are really nice.


I had a fun a couple of weeks ago doing a scene with Sean Michaels, my old friend, for his new series featuring him and “legends.” He’s got me, Shayla Laveaux and is looking to find Keisha, which would be awesome, as she’s not done a scene in years.

The scene was what we call a “straight b/g,” meaning that it was just one boy and one girl, oral sex both ways and vaginal fucking only. I don’t do anal on camera any more as I’ll never do as well as the DPs in “Little Red Rides the Hood 4,” from Black Market Productions a few years back. I love working with Sean, as we have a long history “25 years) and a deep affection for each other. We keep it that way by only seeing each other on set (and giving air kisses when we see each other at events), so our energy toward each other is always high.

What I like most about working with Sean is a) he’s an adult man and not a boy, and b) he really knows how to relax and enjoy the blow job, without having to jump up and skull fuck me. He’s got a big dick and I’d surely puke, which is not fun at all. No, he just lies back and lets me enjoy his cock, which I most assuredly do!

So, a lot of BJ with a little bit of choking (I choke myself on it), cowgirl, doggie, missionary and spooning, I think, with a nice oral/tit pop shot. Fun and done, just the kind of day I like. I’ll keep you posted as to when it’ll be released. I’m thinking not before June.


My Darling and I had a great time Thursday night. After so many years together we always have a fun time. Two sex professionals who are also in love and attracted to each other equals hot sex always. But there was a special fun to it. I think it was due to the fact that my Darling tied the butt plug in so it wouldn’t fall out when I stood up (happens all the time, even when I squeeze my butt. Sneeze once and it’s all over), making me super-aware of it all the time. My usual plug has a flexible neck, making it almost impossible to feel. The plug we used the other night has a rigid neck, making it very intrusive and rude. It’s not big, as that’s not needed, but it wasn’t going anywhere, which was needed. Woot!


Last weekend I was in Las Vegas to attend a regional kink convention, Sin In The City, LV (@SinInTheCityLV). My Darling and I had been scheduled to attend last year, its inaugural year, but he was sick and we had to cancel. This year, he was sick again butI went in his stead to deliver the keynote speech ( ), which he wrote.

I arrived Saturday noon, in time for the lunch for presenters. Nice buffet and I got to hang out with Slave Jazz, the amazing organizer of the event, and her Master, Kondrad. They’re a lovely couple: he’s big, beefy, masculine and tattooed. She’s curvy, a “hippie femme,” and super-smart and organized (that’s a triple Virgo for you!). They have a wonderful, hot, romantic relationship, sort of like my Darling’s and mine. He was looking so forward to meeting them that we have an invitation out to them to visit the next time they’re in Los Angeles. Looking like May.

The vendor area was large and full of really cool gear and toys: dildos, paddles, whips, floggers, violet wants, corsets, chain mail jewelry (really lovely), urethral sounds (scary!), and more. Some paddles had Hello Kitty painted on them, and others had minions (from “Despicable Me”) painted on them. Really sick, I thought!

I found three toys I wanted right away. One was a set of wooden paddles that affix to ones’ hands with wide elastic straps, so you don’t have to hold them. Your hands become the paddles. Loved those.

The second toy won’t come in the mail for at least a month, as it has to be made from scratch. It’s another whip, made to my specifications from an existing pattern. I wanted it a leeetle shorter and the tails a bit bushier. The “tails” are the strips of leather at the end of the whip (or a flogger). When it arrives I think it will become a favorite of mine.

The third toy don’t really have a formal name, though the maker calls them “Whomp ‘Ers.” I make it a gender-neutral term and call them “Whomp ‘Ums.” If a partner likes super-thumpy (such as Tall Girl, coming over on the 19th), these are IT. They’re so thump that people who do horse massage (it’s a thing, really) are using them, as the horse doesn’t respond negatively, since there’s no sting to them at all.


At many kink events the ballrooms are turned into huge dungeon spaces for the play parties. These are full-nude, full-contact spaces where sex is permitted. One must have one’s badge, of course, and only registered attendees are permitted to enter. The space just outside the room is for the smokers and those taking a break from the action.

In the women’s only space I had a quick date with A., a young, sweet, busty submissive woman whom I met at lunch that day. She had wanted to see if my hand could fit inside of her. I had help from another woman who was thrilled to try out the Whomp ‘Ers, while I used my floggers to caress her body. She was on her stomach and I could only get, at most, three fingers in her very hungry pussy. Even when we turned her onto her back I couldn’t get any more in. I was finally forced to tell her that her pussy was too small and, even if we had all night, it was never going to happen that my hand would fit inside of her. I told her she’d have to wait for a woman with size 5 hands (mine are a six and a half).

I then went into the big dungeon and played with a couple. I’ve got to ask permission first to see if I’m permitted to say who they were. Oy!

Hope to see you Tuesday!

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Monday, February 10, 2014


Every Monday, 4-6 Pacific, I’ll be Ginger Lynn’s co-host on her new radio show, “Blame It On Ginger,” for Skidrow Studios. The call in number: 800.893.9562. Let’s chat!


Starting tomorrow, the 11th, my new night for the nina dot com show will be Tuesdays. Why? Because of drumming in Mac Arthur Park each Tuesday, that day has effectively been removed as a potential sex day for us. So, I’ve moved the show.

However, because I’ll be working at on the 25th, the last show of the month will be back on a Wednesday.


I had a great time in Jamaica. First, my computer made it with me safe and sound, so that was a big bonus from last year, believe me! As well, most of the people I met last time returned this time, mostly from cold-weather places like Canada and Chicago, so they’ll never miss a moment of Hedo.

I gave my classes. Again, the most popular was Vulva Massage and I did several personal coaching sessions to teach it hands on. I’m sure a lot of fun happened after I left the room!

I’m figuring out a better way to teach blowjobs/handjobs, though, as asking a civilian man to get it up in front of a crowd of strangers, at 10:30 in the morning, isn’t flying. I think I’ll use a jock-style strap-on harness, a dressed man and a dildo next year. No pressure on him and it will give people a laugh. Or, I’ll put a lady in the harness and “use” her that way. Hmm . . .

The Beginning BDSM class was also fun, as I had a lovely “volunteer” to string up. Blondie and her Man are real-life players, so he strung her up and, at one point, we were circling her while using floggers on her shapely body. Fun!


If I were a woman with a frisky mind, taking a gal-pal as my double occupancy rookie, Hedonism Kama Sutra Week would be amazing. Safe, fun, all-inclusive, on a beach in Negril, Jamaica. There’s a great spa w/fantastic masseuses, a up-to-the-minute gym, fitness trainers, diving, swimming, sunbathing and a different theme party each night.

The in-house entertainment gang is amazing, headed by the House Diva, Winstina. Contests, talent shows and more. If you’re interested for next year, check out for more info.


I had three amazing play times (not attached to the coaching aspect of things). One, with an attractive two-doctor couple out of the East Coast. I met them last year and they’re just a lot of fun. She’s bi and they’ve discovered that he likes to be dominant. Last year they borrowed my floggers after the BDSM class and returned them saying that they had discovered something new they liked.

He’s a mini-hunk: not tall but very muscular (w/o steroids, so it’s not creepy) and clearly a fitness buff. She’s dark, with dimples and a very sweet smile. Lucky for me she’s also bi. We started the session with her on her hands and knees over his lap, while I flogged her. He got to pet her and stroke himself while watching me. He liked that a lot.

He helpfully offered that her best orgasm is through oral sex (damn!) and she added that she’s a “builder,” meaning that she’s very quiet and focused during oral sex right until she’s getting close, when the noises start. That was good to know. I simply HATED lying there with her cookie in my mouth, doing what I love doing best: giving head to lady parts. He patted and smacked my ass during this time, while jerking his lovely dick. Sure enough, after only 15 minutes or so she started her buildup and, not five minutes later, had a lovely screamer.

Then it was time for him to fuck her, as is their way. Wah! I hate watching attractive, in-love couples have fun. I got to fuck him, too, and it’s always nice to find away to work with new bodies that are shaped differently than one’s “usual.” He’s slender enough, with a long enough dick that we could do a scissor-style position, with a my leg/his leg/my leg/his leg arrangement. That caused him to stroke my clot with each thrust, which rocked.

We fucked for five or ten minutes and then it was time for him to finish with his ladylove, as is the way among swingers. It’s always nicest to come where one doesn’t need  a condom, don’t you think?

I had a rip-roaring orgasm when I got back to my room.


All week during my class I was flirting with a amazing Amazonian Goddess (not surprised to find she’s a fitness instructor out of Chicago). Tall, fit, broad shoulders, narrow hips, legs thiiiiis long and a great attitude.

Long story short, it turns out that she’s bi and, bingo! prefers to be receptive with women. Dang! I HATE it when that happens! She’s hot enough that I’d have bottomed to her if that had been what she was in to. But the Sex Gods smiled and she was very happy to be the receiver.

I like having a long flirt before actually having sex, myself. It was Friday night, the last night of the event, and we got to it pretty soon after dinner. It turned out that our rooms shared a wall. I sent her to her room for a few minutes so I could tidy up and lay out gear: floggers, gloves, lube, strap on, condoms, etc.

She had never done any BDMS at all, but my sense was, as an athlete who also teaches boxing, that deep/thuddy impact play would work for her, and it did. A few solid-but-not-out-of-control fisted “thumps” to her upper pectoral muscles made her sigh and relax. Mix up the thumps with a thigh between her legs and a firm hug and bam! She was in the space.

Her naked body was, to put it mildly, spectacular. Sleek, shapely, fit, toned, smooth and long (she’s 5′ 8″), with a shaved cookie that looked a lot like mine. Let me tell you, it was like driving a Lamborghini or Maserati, she was that tuned into her body and responses. I could have eaten her forever, but she clearly wanted penetration, so I strapped on Casper (my white dildo with the silver sparkles embedded in it) and fucked her that way for a bit. If I ever get to fuck her again I’ll bring a slightly beefier toy.

The funnest part, though, was using my hand. Her pussy was the most amazing thing I’ve been close to in ages. Responsive, hungry, talkative, conversational. If we had had even twenty more minutes I’d have gotten my whole hand inside, but I did’t want to push it and left it at four. As soon as we had started playing she basically had one long orgasm. She was high on pleasure for the entire forty minutes we played. I’d have kept going but she wanted to clean up and go to the beach party/bonfire. Fair enough.


I cleaned up, too and packed my play bag for what I was interested in: random hand jobs: gloves, lube, baby wipes. I headed to the beach bar and bam! ran into an attractive couple that had arrived just that day. I was sitting in the wi-fi area and they recognized me instantly. If a fan can recognize me fully dressed, no makeup and wearing sunglasses, then they’re a real fan. These were real fans. She had discovered me through my book and he in the more conventional manner.

We took a picture and I boldly reached over and gently stroked his dick through his pants. Some guys jerk back and some guys’ dicks swell. His swelled.

Long story short, I pulled him behind a bush and gave him a gloved-up hand job while she shot the scene on her iPhone. He blew a huge load all over my glove and the grass. I kept up a stream of sexy talk throughout (his dick was very nice, indeed) and wiped him clean with a baby wipe, pulled the glove off inside-out with the wipe inside, and tucked the whole package into his back pocket. They walked away happy and I went to bed to pack.

All in all, a great trip and I think I’ll be going back next year!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hedonism Kama Sutra Week

I’ve been in Jamaica since Saturday. This time  there was no computer emergency and my laptop made it safely here to Hedo with me. Whew!

So far, my workshops have been on: jealousy, vulva massage, penis massage and, today, anal basics. Two more classes remain: toy basics and beginning BDSM. Attendance has been good, overall, for a class starting so early (10:30) at a place where people are in Party Mode all the time. I’ve played a little but my time here is more about teaching than doing, myself. Though, I do have a playdate set up with a lovely, two-doctor couple out of the East Coast.

The weather has been very cooperative, with only one heavy rain one evening. I got “stuck” under an overhang with four of my favorite folks, two cool couples, and “forced” to converse for half an hour about interesting things! And then another cool couple showed up and we all “had” to talk! Yikes! Fun conversation with smart, cool people.

One of the great things about the Lifestyle is how many happy couples I meet who have been together since high school or the first few years of college. At least 35% of the couples are in that category. So cool to see people who married young continue to grow together until they find themselves here. Then there are the happy second marriages (mine included), and then the ones who didn’t meet until they were adults but have found the Lifestyle together and are eager participants.

I’m off to find Mike and Holli, of Playboy Radio, and do an interview with them.


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January 20th, 2014

Back From Vegas

SHOW THIS WEEK. Sadly, expect a laptop-cam show, as I’ve not had time to resolve the camera issue that plagued us on the 8th. For that reason, I’ll keep it solo. No need to annoy my guest!

NO SHOW ON THE 29th! I’ll be in Jamaica, giving workshops at Hedonism Kama Sutra Week. It’s my second trip there and I look forward to it. I hate being away from Ernest that long but I do get to teach all week, which I love, and it’s a clothing optional resort, so I get to be basically naked all week. That doesn’t suck!

Bummed About the Niners

I returned from the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) Sunday in time to watch the final three quarters of the NFC Championship game. Over all, I thought it was well-played, though when your QB is also your leading rusher, you’ve got a problem. It was a loss fair and square. I’d be able to take it better if Bowman hadn’t been injured. Fucking fuck!

My loyalty to a particular team is not league-specific, so all I want is a good game on the 2nd, which is the day I return from Jamaica. I’ll be hyper-vigilant and will not leave my laptop behind at security!


So, this year’s trip to Vegas for the porn convention was my thirtieth consecutive sojourn to the desert. It’s been a long evolution from its start as a part of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), to a separate convention that shared dates with the CES but needed a separate ticket, to how it is today: a completely separate show on the weekend following CES. This year was its third at the Hard Rock, I believe, or perhaps second. I can’t remember. I’m not a fan of the HR but it’s a good fit, energetically, as so much of the business is made of young people in their party years. I went solo, as Ernest had work to do and all of the smoking indoors killed him. So, I lined up a hot date for him while I was gone and went out last Tuesday.

I shared my room with my friends Ashley Young and Sra Vibes, who are part of my leather family and really good friends. Plus, we just really dig hanging out with each other. I had several things to do this year: sign autographs, co-present an award at the AVN show with Sunny Lane and do an interview with James Bartholet, a long-time industry triple-threat: he acts, he writes, he fucks and also works with AVNLive, for whom we did the interview Saturday morning. About sixty people showed up, which was pretty great for eleven a.m., but the ball was dropped on the getting-a-staffer-with-a-video-camera portion of the show, so it wasn’t captured for the site. I’ll ask James if he wants to stage it at the office so they can get their content out of it!

The show each day was like it has always been: I dress up sexy and get to hang out for four hours having people be nice to me and want to take pictures. Yeah, my life is tough, all right. I’ve learned over the years to go to and from work in  a leather skirt that covers things, and flat boots for comfort. There was a time when I would parade through the casino in my gaudy outfits, happy to grab attention. Now, it’s a lot of black! Though I do keep it sexy by showing my ass and wearing heels and push-up bras. I’m not totally crazy!

I saw a lot of people I know: Alexandra Silk, Luc Wilder, Tara Lynn Foxx, Alexis Texas, Teagan Presley, Chanel Preston, Charil Piper, Tanya Tate, Ash Hollywood, Dana DeArmond, James Deen, Stoya, Justine Joli, April Flores, Ronnie, Sean Michaels, Stormy Daniels, Jiz Lee, Allie Haze, Sunny Lane, Skin Diamond, Lexi Belle, Jessica Drake, Asa Akira, , Mandingo, Xander Corvis, Tommy Gunn, Tommy Pistol, Kylie Ireland,  Manuel Ferrara, Dana Vespoli, to name just the ones  I can recall at this moment. There were dozens and dozens more, if not a hundred all told.

I don’t party in Vegas because I don’t party anywhere in the way people mean when they say “party” as a verb. As soon as I was done with my obligations I went back to my room to rest up for the next day.

The awards show was fun, with an only-in-porn moment during the opening act, which was a rap musical number by a performer that is known to people who follow rap, a white guy with a black stage partner. I had literally a front row seat (as they needed to find me to pull me back for my bit onstage) as a stunningly beautiful, exotic, young and extremely intoxicated young woman just walked up the center stage steps, in the middle of the song, and just wandered around the stage, nabbing props from the dancers, attempting to dance with the main act, and then just started bending over and squatting on the stage, revealing that she had a shaved puss and no panties. Oops, how are they going to get this on Showtime, for which this was being recorded? To their credit, the singers ignored her and did their bit. When the lights came down a guard came over and escorted her off the stage. I was hella surprised to see her return to her seat instead of being escorted out of the show entirely.

Ah, the folly of youth.


The XBIX show is at the W this week and I’m on a panel on Thursday on the whole mishegosh about mandatory condoms in porn. Then I have to get my ass home to have a hot date with my Darling before I pack for a long trip away. In the meantime I’m making dinner entries and freezing them for him to eat while I’m gone, so he’ll have home-cooked food for most of the week. Meatloaf (I’ve developed a killer receipt), roast chicken, pork en croute, Paul’s Birthday Chicken (easy to make in batches). I’m sure he’ll have pizza at least one night and go out on another, leaving only a couple of repeats.

Till Wednesday, be safe and have fun!

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

NO SHOW NEXT WEEK. I’ll be in Vegas for the AEE

Vegas Bound

Tuesday I’ll travel to Las Vegas for my thirtieth consecutive Winter show. For years my trip coincided with the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where the adult entertainment folk had their own section in a separate hotel from the big-name brands like Fuji, Samsung and the rest. One ticket covered everything. Then, I think it was in the mid-to-late ’90s, the AVN Show broke off from the CES and had its own show, with separate tickets, though it still overlapped completely with the CES, allowing fans to come and see their favorite stars w/o arousing suspicion at home. Then, sometime after Y2K, the now-named AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) moved to the week after CES. I’ll admit, it’s been weird reading about CES in the paper and not being in Las Vegas.

Thirty Years

March of 2014 will mark my thirtieth anniversary in porn, thirty-two years if you count the house dancing I did before “Educating Nina.” Thirty years and about a thousand movies, give or take a few.

My newest video, “Nina Hartley Unscripted,” will be released by Filly Films sometime in February ( It’s all girls, all the time. Two one-on-one scenes and two threesomes. I had a blast!

In Vegas I’ll be signing for Adam&Eve, sitting on a panel discussion about Feminist Porn, co-presenting two awards alongside two young ladies as yet to be determined and, I think, having a minute-long “tribute video” shown at the awards recognizing my thirty years in the business. Whew!


My Darling and I had a lovely playtime last week with a lovely young woman whom I met on a porn set. She’s smart, soulful, energetic and, in her own words, “very submissive.” We’ve had the pleasure of playing with her twice and each time she’s just a delight. She asks intelligent questions and seems wise beyond her tender age of 24.

She’s  not too into toys so I’ve not used a strap on on her yet. If we get to playtime #4 I’ll ask again. I think she’d say “yes” just to be pleasing, which will give me an opportunity to perhaps change her mind about toys. A toy is only as good as the person piloting it, and I will say I’m pretty damn good at that!


I’m lucky in that I’ll get to catch the second half of the Niner game tomorrow, when they play Carolina. I won’t set my alarm to get up but I’ll rush to the TV and watch at least the second half. I don’t know the odds or the point spread but I will say that Seattle is looking awfully good this year. That game w/Green Bay was awesome. I didn’t think we’d beat the Pack in their backyard, especially with the weather as cold as it was. I was shocked to see bare arms (!) on some of the players! Brrrr!

Off to Vegas I go, but not before my Darling and I have a playdate of our own!



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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I’m home with my Darling today. We had a lovely, long-planned, long-desired and long-earned Christmas vacation ruined by car trouble. Long story short, the repair is taking place over this week and, even it it had been done in time (Monday), the money for the repair was the money we’d set aside for the trip. So, no trip. I’ll be making a much smaller, shorter trip over the weekend, to have our family’s annual brunch, but instead of a nice hotel with my Darling, I’ll be crashing with Mom and coming home sooner.

I also get to handle some Old Business, when I meet up with my ex-girlfriend to go through some of my things that she’s getting rid of. Oy.

The Year in Sex

I’ve made my share of movies this year, though I still don’t keep a log of them. Sigh. The most recent one, and the one I’m pretty happy with, is from Filly Films, “Nina Hartley Unscripted.” It’s a simple, four-scene movie, all girl, with me just being me. I was getting very tired of pretending to be an older authority figure (cougar/milf/stepmother/aunt/cousin/teacher/fill-onm-the-blank as a way to “explain” why my partner is so much younger than I am.

So, what’s nice about “Unscripted,” is that it’s just that: unscripted. The director found young women who wanted to work with me and then put us together to have fun. Easy-peasy, right?

One scene is with me and the lovely Charli Piper. You’ve been seeing a lot of her this year on my show. Why? Because she’s smart, horny, kinky and into it. Wins for everyone! I had a great time with her in my playroom. The BDSM in the movie is very light, so if you really like tight bondage, etc., this won’t be the movie for you.

If you like seeing women have fun and orgasms, this IS the movie for you!

Then there is the scene with the lovely, Eastern European sisters, also in my playroom. This is more tricky, as they’re not allowed to touch each other at all, full stop. We managed to make a fun scene out of it, as they’re smart, beautiful and into it. The most unusual part of the scene was when the older sister used the Monkey Rocker to fuck herself while buzzing with the Wand vibe as I flogged her with a big, soft flogger. Hawt!

I had an amazing scene with Natasha Voya at a different location. She is from Russia and speaks excellent English. Slender, with big, pale blue-grey eyes and light blonde hair. Natasha prefers to play from the submissive side of things, which is exactly right for me. I played her like a cello and my favorite part of the scene was when I had her naked on my lap, knees open, while I diddled her with one hand and played with her boobs with the other. Yummy!

Then we did a scene in my living room with Penelope Stone and Gigi Allens. Penelope is petite, with olive skin and dark hair and a really cute cookie. Gigi is a tall, statuesque Australian blonde goddess with legsuptohere. In the end, I had them jerking off on my couch, side by side, with buzzy toys and pokey things. What a view!

It should be out in January. Can’t wait!

Christmas Dinner

We’re meeting my lawyer and his fiancé, who also happen to be good friends, for dinner. What’s open on Christmas Day? Why, Chinese food, of course!

Talk to you soon!


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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NO SHOW NEXT WEEK. I’ll be in San Francisco for Christmas

SHOW NEW YEAR’S DAY: The Rose Bowl will be over (I think!), so why not?


I’m happy to say that I’ll have two wonderful guests on my show Wednesday. You’ve enjoyed watching me with each of them alone and I can tell you it’s just going to be so fun to see them together and help assist their, er, activities.

I’m talking about one of my favorite men in the business: Jay Crew. He’s my age and he’s happily married to Olivia Parrish. It’s always nice to be with age-appropriate men and Jay and I have a long history. We’ve been fuck buddies since before he started working in front of the camera, having had our first encounter in ’86 or so. He’s got a nice dick and a wonderful attitude and he really, really digs the ladies.

You’ve also been seeing a lot of the delightful Charli Piper of late. She’s new in the business and has a kinky streak a mile wide, so we’ve bonded very nicely, indeed. She’s from back East and sought me out for advice when she first moved here. I look forward to knowing her a long time. She’s smart, horny, sly, funny and cute. She’s definitely submissive but I detect a switch in her and she can give as good as she gets.

So, they’re BOTH on the show tomorrow! I’ll likely play my favorite role: enabler/helper/facilitator/cheerleader/spanker/whipper/flogger. I can’t wait to see her face when he slowly plunges his dick into her and I can’t wait to see his face when he first sees her beautiful vulva. Hee!

Christmas in San Francisco

My Darling and I will be driving to SF on the 24th to spend that week with family and friends. We have Christmas Day dinner figured out: Drs. Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence of the Center for Sex and Culture ( and their lovely partner, Dina. Time with Mom, of course. The day after Christmas I’m going over to Berkeley to sort things from my old house, where my exes still reside.

The fun will start in earnest on Saturday, when my mother, sister, niece and I will start the baking process for the Stollen, authentic German Christmas bread, which is a family tradition. We use the recipe my paternal grandmother wrote down for my mother when she was a new bride. It’s a nice evening and then we come back the next morning to start the baking process. Brunch will be rounded out with scrambled eggs with mushrooms and herbs, vegetarian breakfast sausage, my brother’s amazing coffee (he’ll also bring his own iteration of the Stollen) and some fancy citrus fruit salad.

After eating we’ll hang out for a bit and visit. Most people will be on their way by mid afternoon. I dare say my Darling and I will be, as well.  Then we’ll have dinner with a friend and drive home Monday. Tuesday, we’ll shop for our New Year’s dinner and be inside safe and sound by six or so. We’ll have our annual New Year’s Eve sex date followed by a nice dinner and a toast to the end of our 13th year together and the beginning of our 14th.

See you tomorrow!


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Sunday, November 24, 2013

I hope everyone has someplace nice to be on Thanksgiving day. Me? The housekeeper is coming a day early so she can take her family to Sea World on Friday, her usual day.  My Darling and I used to host Thanksgiving Day dinner at our place, collecting all of the “strays,” as is the spirit of the holiday. Then, about five years ago there were no strays to collect and I was damned if I was going to cook Thanksgiving dinner for just two people (I do the cooking for two most days as it is), so we ended up going out.

I thought it would be dreary, eating out on a family holiday, but I was wrong! The restaurant was full of happy families, the food was amazing and the service elegant. I’ve not cooked at home since! We took Mika Tan out one year (she’s got a fella and will be cooking with him), and have now instituted a tradition with our lawyer and his beautiful fiancé, who went with us two years ago (last year she was back east with her family), and they’ll be joining us this year, plus four more! A nice party of eight at a nice restaurant with a fixed-price menu. At the civilized hour of 8:30. Looking so forward to it!

Japanese Movie

I just did a scene last week for a Japanese company. I worked with them a few years back when they paired me with Chris Charming. I had a great time with Chris, as he’s close to my age and I like fucking grownups!

This time my partner was an Asian-American young man, Tony, and we had a nice time. The Japanese sentiment is a little different. They had Tony masturbate for me (I had them serve me “whisky”-actually apple juice) and it was fun to act tipsy! I “had” to watch him masturbate from very close, while the other man in the scene (who didn’t get naked, though he is a porn star in Japan) used a very nice buzzy toy on me. It was only after I came that I was permitted to touch Tony. I liked blowing him, as he’s uncut, and we went through the usual positions: cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy and miss, where Tony was able to fuck to a pop on my boobs. All in all, a very nice scene and a lot of fun.

The Japanese porn star, who spoke the best English, told me that he and another on the crew used to watch me when they were younger, and jerk  off. I told him, “Next time, you and me!” I hope it happens, as he’s a lot of fun.

Nina Hartley Unscripted

Filly Films (#FillyFilmsXXX) is set to release my newest all-girl movie in December, “Nina Hartley Unscripted,” which was a blast to make. All of my younger partners are relatively new to porn and all were happy to work with me, which was nice. Lots of girly fun, some strap on work, lots of Magic Wand orgasms. Some light BDSM and lots of kissing. Can’t wait to see it!


I’ll be in Chicago at The Pleasure Chest, teaching workshops on December 1oth, 11th, and 12th. You can get in touch with them to find out the topics du jour. Workshops are generally 7-9 pm and are free, but seating is limited. Hope to see some of you there!

Ginger Lynn

Tomorrow, Ginger is coming to my place to shoot some kinky clips for Clips4Sale. That should be fun, as I’ve never gotten to beat her butt before and she really likes that sort of thing. We’re all professionals, so we should get at least four or five of them done in a few hours, as the clips are only about five minutes each.


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Wednesday, November 6th, 2013


I’m leaving tomorrow for Houston and it’s been weeks since my Darling and I have been alone, so I’m having sex with him tonight.

SHOW NEXT WEEK as per usual.

HOUSTON 8th and 9th

I’ll be at Adam&Eve Houston Friday and Saturday.

17531 State Highway 249, Houston, TX 77064

Phone:(281) 469-0619
Call for details. I hope to see you there!
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