Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Quiet Weekend

Ernest and I had a quiet, uneventful weekend at home. After a great playdate with Sweet Young Miss on Thursday and a Kink Live dot com show Friday with Charli Piper we just needed to chill.

Solo Show Tuesday

Got Flash to work, so the show will go on as usual on Tuesday

Playdate last Thursday

So, we set up a playdate last Thursday with Sweet Young Miss. It had been a while so we were all in the mood. Though she is switchy, she’s always in sub mode when she gets here. Like me, she’s also masochistic, making time with her always a lot of fun!

There is a small routine when she gets here. The space is already set up, the dining room table cleared off and cuffs, butt plug, etc., are set out, Ernest and I are already in whatever we’re wearing (not much, but effective). After hellos all around, there is chit chat about general things and catching up to do while she undresses and then re-“dresses” with the cuffs, etc.

When it was time to sit on the couch and have a glass of wine and look at smut I created a strait jacket-like effect by crossing her arms in front of her, under her perky boobs, and connecting the wrist cuffs using rope. Nice and comfy but she had to ask for every sip of wine Plus, she was helpless to prevent us from feeling her up. That we were all functionally naked already sort of gives it away, but it’s fun nevertheless.

The smut-viewing, wine-sipping, making out, groping portion of the date drew to a close when Ernest said it was time to move to the playroom. Young Miss walked back on her tiptoes as the two of us continued with our attentions.

All of our play sessions, whether it’s Ernest and me alone, or us with others, follows a general template: lots of spanking, flogging, whipping, molesting, electric suction machine, munching, fucking, and orgasms, until we’re plumb tuckered out.

But a couple of moments did stand out as particularly good this time:

1. She was in an anal mood and asked to be fucked in the ass, always a fun time. Ernest is very good at it. He never pushes or asks, but is happy to oblige should he be invited to do so.

2. When she was strung up to the winch, I sat on the spanking horse in front of her, having my fingers in her butt while Ernest whipped her butt.

3. Doing the same thing with her butt while he whipped her front using the mean dressage whip, which is extra stingy.

4. Getting so turned on seeing her suck Ernest’s dick that I came before either of them, something I’ve never done before.

5.Getting my hand inside of her, at her request, for her orgasm (after Ernest and I had had ours).

Then, dinner and conversation till midnight.

It’s times like this that I’m so grateful for Ernest. It’s not easy finding a guy like him for a gal like me.

Family Issues

Just to keep you in the loop, my mother had a partial hip replacement last week, following a fall two weeks ago. She’s in a rehab facility and they have her up and walking. I spoke with her today and she’s herself, which is a blessing. So far, all signs point to a full recovery.

Micro-Budget Movie

Tuesday early am I have a small part in a small independent movie, “Scumbag.” I play a cougar and my part offers some brief comic relief. Should be fun! Since we’re shooting at a local adult store, my call time is, ugh, 7 am, as we have to be done by 10 am so they can open on time.

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Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Birthday Fun

March 11th was my 56th birthday and Ernest and I celebrated in our own fashion: with a great, rocking session. Just for fun I counted the cane strikes out loud (we normally don’t bother with such things as counting out loud). The buffing was, as per usual, really great. We even tried the blow-job-while-hogtied bit, but the bed was too low to really make it work. I think, with the Liberator Stage and a small Wedge, I’ll be able to both be hogtied AND reach his dick. Worth a try!


March 22nd will mark my 32nd anniversary in front of the camera, my first movie being in March of 1984. Crazy to think of it. It’s felt like a long weekend, actually. Hard to imagine it’s been so long. Crazy!


I have a Clips4Sale store now, but you can simply watch the archived shows to see what’s on it.

Company Dinner

Sable Renae and her man, Ring Sable, came to dinner the other night. Ms. Renae has visited before and we’ve had a threesome as well as a solo date for Ernest and her, but this time it ended up with the trading-blowjobs-after-dinner action. Fun! I look forward to doing more with them, truth be told. It’s naughty, imho, when switching partners, to have one couple in one room and the other in another room. A different kind of “hot” than a four-in-one-room party. He says he gives great massage and I’m a fiend for a massage, so I’m down for that!

Ring and I worked on dinner while Sable and Ernest played pool. We had set the evening up as a “CMNF” party. That stands for Clothed Male, Naked Female, for the uninitiated. Sable is creamy and smooth all over. Her puss and  mine look very similar, though she’s much more orgasmic than I am. Poor girl!

Before getting down to business we showed Ring the playspace, which he had not yet seen. We got her up against the bounce wall and showed Ring just how fun it was to toss a giggling woman against it again and again and again! Then  I gently tapped her pussy with a sand-filled leather weight/truncheon, juuuuust softly enough and with juuuuuust the right rhythm, until she came. Gosh, so easy! So fun!

So, when we got her to the bed after the BJ action was completed, it was me between her legs, with a man on either side of her. I first used my hand, as is my way, teaching Sable’s husband things about her pussy that he could use later to their advantage. After that orgasm I didn’t give her much time to recover before showing Ring the Njoy Eleven, one of the best non-dick penetration devices yet designed. The large end slid in easily and I had Ring hold the shaft of her clit while I manipulated the toy inside of her. It took all of six minutes before she was coming again. With the other action I think she came at least three times that night, maybe four. Poor thing!

I look forward to setting up a proper playdate soon!


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Sunday, February 22, 2015


I’m taping the Academy Awards to watch later w/Ernest while we eat pizza. I’m sure Neil Patrick Harris will be a great host, as I’ve loved seeing him host the Tonys and Emmys. He’s a great all-around entertainer in the old tradition.



I’ll be doing a comedy show here in Los Angeles

Sin In The CIty

I’ll be in Vegas this next weekend for the kink convention Sin in the City. I’m giving two workshops, one on jealousy and one on vulva whispering, two of my most popular topics, as it turns out. Ernest can’t make it so I’ll be going solo.

Family Visit

I’ll be seeing my family the week after Sin in the City. My niece and her family are in town and I’ll get there just two days before they have to return to the north east where they live. I get to meet the great-nephew for the first time, who’s eighteen months and his older sister, aged four and a half. Can’t wait!

Content Shoots

I have a lot of content shoots coming up. Deauxma, Sexy Vanessa, Jay Taylor, to name just a few. Looking forward to it. Sexy Vanessa is new to me and Deauxma and Jay Taylor are return visits. In future: Sarah Vandella, Karen Summer, Charli Piper and more.


Monday the 23rd we have a date with Tall Girl! Should be fun, as she loves strap on play and I like to do it, so win-win on that one. Steak for dinner afterwards.

While I”m in Vegas this weekend Ernest has a date with S., a yummy, new MILF and while I’m in SF on the family visit he’ll have some alone time with Young Thing. Our sex recently has been really great and I know, after two times in a row with other women I’ll be in for an amazing time when next we’re alone. We don’t have makeup sex because we don’t fight, so reunion sex is the best we can do. I’ll take it!


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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl!

I’ll be watching the SB on my couch, tweeting all the while. It’s an even game, which should make it fun. I’m nominally for the ‘Hawks, as I root for NFC/West Coast teams, as a rule, over AFC/East Coast teams. Since I have no dog in the fight, though, I just want a close, clean, fun game.

Plus, I want to see Katy Perry’s amazing boobs during the half time show!

Show on the 3rd


I’ll be in SF doing a scene for Kink dot com with, among others, the lovely Daisy Ducati  I’ve already had the pleasure of working with her on an episode of “Blame It On Ginger,” where my hand fit nicely into her beautiful vulva. Who knows what will happen at Kink? I believe it’s an anal-themed scene, so woo!

AEE 2015

This past January 21-24 I was in Vegas for my 30th (!) consecutive visit to the porn show there.

When I started, the adult show was a sub-section of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and was always held the first weekend after New Years. It was also always during playoffs and many were the Sundays where I would be racing around the floor trying to find a TV with the Niner game on (the Niners were perennial playoff participants during the Eighties).

Then, a few years back, Adult Video News Magazine (AVN) took over the adult show and, while it was scheduled to run parallel to the CES, was no longer connected to it. This meant that the badge an attendee got for the CES no longer also allowed him/her to get into the adult section. They had to buy another freaking ticket and stand in another freaking line.

Then, a few years after that (I’d have to do research to find the actual timeline) AVN sold the show to the Adult Entertainment Expo folks and what was once the CES Show, morphing into the AVN show, is now the AEE. AVN still runs the awards show (it was very good this year).


Fun at AEE

It was great going to the show this year. Charli Piper roomed with me and we always have a fun time. She’s smart, spunky, funny and cute as heck. We play off each other very well. We arrived Tuesday afternoon so we could settle in before the madness started on Wednesday.

Wednesday we got up, got dressed and went to the media room so we could stand in line to get our credentials. I met a lovely newcomer to the business, Jade Nile while in line and I hope to work with her many times in the future. She was a delight. I hope she maintains her sunny personalty for many years. Another lovely young woman I met was Harriet Sugarcookie (one of the best. names. ever), an Anglo-Vietnamese beauty over here from England. She also has a bright future, as she’s figured out how to access adult entertainment w/o being consumed by it.

There are always lots of people at the show and I found the Adam&Eve booth easily enough and took my seat. Autographing-wise, the show was like any other. I sit in one place and peoples show up all day to say nice things to me, take pictures and get autographs. I liked my picture this year, which always helps!

I gave interviews to many folk, podcasts as well as video. I do like to hear myself talk, I will admit. Plus, it’s about a topic near and dear to  my heart: sexual health and happiness.

Fun Times

On Wednesday night, Charli and I were going to sleep and Charli rolled over to snuggle (we only had one bed. Yeah, sucky!) When we had found a comfy position she started to grind herself against my leg. Not one to miss such a broad hint, I asked if she was horny and needed some, er, assistance. and got an affirmative answer. Of course, I don’t travel anywhere w/out my safer sex kit : gloves, lube, condoms, baby wipes and my Magic Wand complete with extension cord. We made out (she’s an amazing kisser) while I used a gloved hand (one can be dirty w/o being unsanitary, don’t forget) on her very beautiful girly bits.

One thing led to another, as they do, and soon enough I was working her pussy with my hand with seriousness and determination. I may have gone down on her, too, as one would be a fool to pass up that opportunity, but I clearly recall using my hand. When she reached a certain level of excitement she reached for the Wand vibe and was soon coasting over the orgasm line. I wiped the lube from her puss with the baby wipe (a sexually active person’s best buddy) before pulling off my glove inside out, keeping the wipe inside. Then, blissful sleep.

More Fun

Friday afternoon brought Sara Vibes to the room. We got her a roll-away bed, as three sleeping in one king size bed is a bit much. Thankfully, they got along okay, as I thought they might. They’re both in their mid-Twenties, kinky, into girls and fun times.

Friday night (or was it Saturday after the Awards? I should have made notes!), we were getting ready for bed when, naughty girl that she is, Charli again snuggled next to me and started humping my leg. I asked her in a teasing tone, “Do you need to get off? If you don’t say ‘no’ Sara and I will jump you, you know.” She didn’t say “no,’ and in a flash I got out of bed and said, “Sara, this girl needs some attention!” Sara and I have been fooling around with girls together for over five years, so we know what to do: I got the Wand, lube baby wipes and set them out. Sara got her own gloves (she wears a large, so she can’t use mine).

Charli started by getting on her knees, but little boy shorts and t-shirt, inviting us to spank her. She likes a good spanking and Sara and I like to give them. Win-win! We took our time and mixed it up between spanking, deep, thuddy fist hits and light fingertip tickles. Then the boy shorts came off and we spanked her some more while admiring her pretty parts and gently teasing them with our knowing fingers. Seen from behind, Charli’s bits are dainty and delicious. We each gloved up so we could play with her more directly and effectively.

We put Charli on her back and got her t-shirt off. Sara and Charli started making out while Sara used her very clever hands on Charli’s puss. Then, of course, she had to taste it for herself. I climbed on Charli’s face while Sara buried her face further down.

When Charli got very excited Sara stared using her hand on Charli. Sara is very strong and, like me, finds pussy endlessly inspirational. Soon enough, Charli again had to reach for the Wand and, with Sara keeping the fucking up steadily, got herself to the edge before pushing herself over and then rolling into a second one. Woot!

Needless to say, we all slept very well that night!

Now, I’m back with my Darling and kick off is almost here!

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Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Happy Belated New Year

Wow. The time simply fell away and I apologize for not posting anything new for too long. Yikes! Ah, life. It has a way of getting in your face, doesn’t it?

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season or, if that wasn’t possible, then one that wasn’t too onerous. Christmas Day Ernest and I spent alone together. We’re not religious so the day itself holds no particular meaning. It’s a nice, quiet day where one can spend time on the phone talking with family members far away.

In my family, since two siblings are observant Jews, we don’t have a “Christmas brunch,’ so much as a “Winter Brunch,” or “Winter Gathering,” the Sunday between Christmas Day and New Year’s. We meet where my Mother lives in San Francisco, at the Zen temple where she’s lived for the past 25 years. I flew up on Saturday afternoon and, after sundown, my sister arrived w/her my niece and nephew in tow. My oldest brother had arrived earlier that day. So, it was a nice family get together in the communal kitchen that night, while we got the dough started for the Stollen (a German Christmas bread), a long-time family tradition handed down from my German paternal great-grandmother.

My nephew is 24 and my niece is almost 18. I will be so happy when she’s an adult. We’ll no longer have to tiptoe around certain topics. Of course, since she’s on the Internet she may already know, but if she does she’s not talking. My sister, niece and I shared the women’s dorm room.

After the dough was set to rise I took my nephew and went to meet Carol Queen for a bite and some conversation. It was great to be able to introduce him to one of my closest friends. When we returned home late I punched down the dough (I think I tweeted a pic of it) and went to bed.

Up at seven to knead, shape, decorate, let rise again and bake the Stollen. Plus beat eggs for the scrambled eggs, slice mushrooms, chop herbs, section grapefruit, etc., for the rest of the brunch menu. My other brother, the coffee maven, arrived w/his son, and finished the menu w/Swedish rosti potatoes w/chives and his amazing coffee. We make a Stollen for the residents of the temple and it was gone very fast. It’s a favorite tradition there now, too, having gone on for 25 years now.

Brunch at 11 and ten of us to sit, as my brother-in-law arrived w/my nieces’ boyfriend, 18 and, indeed, “very cute.”

By three o’clock everyone was on their way home except for my sister and me, as we were staying a couple of extra days to help Mom w/her downsizing from four rooms to two. There is a lot of stuff that accumulates over time and it felt good to get a lot of it out and to the trash, recycling or the in-house good will department. On Monday night an old friend, Andy (from 9th grade), an organic farmer now working near Watsonville in central California, dropped by. He was visiting SF w/his wife and now-grown kids and he, my sister, my Mom and me sat around for a bit sharing stories of our family history. Sadly, Andy’s wife, very ill w/cancer, died just after New Year’s, so I was very happy to see him when I did.

New Year’s

Ernest and I observe our anniversary on Dec. 31st, as that’s the day we decided to commit ourselves to each other. We’ve just started our 15th year together. We could see that there was a big party being readied at the venue across the street from us so we postponed our festivities to January 1st, after the Rose Bowl (Go, Ducks!). Let’s just say it was a rocking’ good time! Nothing beats getting down w/one’s Darling, I must say.


We’ve not had a lot of threesomes recently, as the holidays have a way of eating people’s schedules. Ernest did have a solo date set up but she called in sick and we’ve not had  a chance yet to reschedule. Hoping for next week!

Sarah Vandella

My guest Tuesday night was the amazing, sweet, lovely, sexy, smart Sarah Vandella. I shot content w/her recently and we hit it off. She’s just adorable and, I must say, has a very appealing vulva. When she’s splayed open her pussy fits my mouth perfectly, the most perfectly-fitting puss since Victoria Paris who’s been retired for at least fifteen years or more. Really, if you have a chance to see Sarah’s work, do yourself a favor and go for it. Plus, she’s an ace deep throater.  I did a ggbb handjob/blowjob scene w/her and was super-impressed at her skill level.

Did I mention she’s super pretty, w/a personality to match?

XBiz Show

Next week is the XBiz show, w/the XBiz Awards on Thursday night. Ernest and I will attend and sit w/the folks from Adam&Eve, even though we’ve not worked for/with them in years. I don’t believe I”m nominated for anything, as I’ve not done much paid work this past year. I’m trying to do more content for my site.


The AEE is in Vegas the 21st-24th. Charli Piper and I will be sharing a room and on Thursday Sara VibesXXX will join us. That’s a whole lotta girl sharing one bathroom! I think Charli and Sara will hit it off. They’re both smart, pervy, with good senses of humor. I’ll be working the Adam&Eve booth and spending some time at the APAC (Adult Performer Advocacy Committee), a by-and-for-performer group that’s now over a year old. It’s very heartening to see that there is a critical mass of smart, motivated career-minded performers who will work together for the betterment of all performer’s lives.

Date Night

Woot! Tonight I get to play w/my Darling. Always a great time is had by all. Hope to get his makeup date with our playmate going for next week. Fingers crossed!


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Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

Blame It On Ginger

I’ll be on Blame It On Ginger, Monday from 4-6 Pacific time. It’s always a great time with her, since we’re old friends and always have something fun to talk about or do. Last week I fisted Daisy Ducati, a lovely young woman with mesmerizing dimples and an infectious smile. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? On December 1, Charli Piper will be joining us and we’re going to see if Ms. Piper’s tiny hands will fit into Ginger’s pussy. Don’t miss it!

Solo Show on the 25th.

Thanksgiving ’14

My Darling and I will be joining five friends at The Capital Grille for Thanksgiving dinner. For the first nine years we lived together we always collected the strays, people w/no place to go on our national Family Holiday. One year we discovered that there were no strays that year. People had either moved away or gotten into relationships. I wasn’t about to cook Thanksgiving dinner for two, since we usually eat alone most nights. So, we went out. Instead of it being depressing, as I had feared, it was a lot of fun. The food was great. The services was great. The restaurant was full of happy families. Since then we’ve gone out each year. The Grille is new for us, as our original place closed, but the food, service, ambience and company are great. Looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, it’s also the Thursday where the Niners, my football team, are on TV! Argh! I hope it’s an afternoon game, as we don’t need to leave for the restaurant till seven.

Kinklive dot com

Charli is a pro switch and about once a month we do a kinklive show together. We did one last week and one guy spent a lot of time having Charli top me. I get that Charli is the stand in for men wanting to dominate me, so that part is fun. We’re also personal friends, so we were having a laugh all throughout the show. She gives a surprisingly hard spanking, does Ms. Piper! She moved soon to wooden paddles that attach to the hand with a wide elastic strap. Easy to spank and hands stay protected. Ernest doesn’t spank or paddle me much, as we both prefer whips, canes and crops for that, so my butt is remarkably sensitive to the sting of wooden paddles. My butt was definitely stinging, though Charli assured me that it wasn’t even warm. Golly! I would have thought that my ass was quite warm, given how I was yelping about the sensation of the paddles. Hmmm . . . .

I ended up in the cage sucking on the strap on that Charli wore, making myself gag, choke, cough and drool all over Casper (that’s the name I give my favorite dildo, as it’s white and shot through w/silver sparkles). It’s an easy party trick to do, making oneself gag and choke on a dick, and it’s very theatrical and impressive, as it looks and feels like the cocksucker is trying. so. hard. to. fit. it. all in, but just can’t.

Get the cock/toy at the back of your throat and rest it against the soft palate. Then start breathing around the toy, or coughing. This will trigger a gag reflex but, since you’re in charge of what’s going on, there’s no panic reaction, so you can stay with it until the gagging gets a little too real. Then back away, catch your breath, and go back in. Easy peasy!

I did manage to get my hand in her, though, so it was a nice payback. Feeling her pussy so alive around my hand never gets old. Yum!

It was fun to play with her that way. I’m sure we’ll do it again.


Ernest and I had a fun time not too long ago with a young woman we met in the business. Let’s just say that having a bisexual, masochistic, sweet, smart, funny, adult (27 years old) woman want to play with us at our age is very refreshing. She’s not looking for a relationship but is looking for friendship and fun. Sweet! She’ll even see Ernest when I’m out of town, which is harder than you think. Only Tall Girl does that (thank you, Tall Girl!)

Speaking of Tall Girl, we’ve got a hot date w/her next month. Woot!

See you on Ginger’s show or Tuesday on mine!

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Friday, October 24th, 2014

A Great Weekend, Indeed

This past weekend Ernest and I had the pleasure of hosting a lovely couple from Northern California, Evan and Amina. They live in horse country near Sacramento and have a nice life as Master and slave, husband and wife and all-around nice-as-fuck-folks. They’re kinky like Ernest and I am. The two men are the same age and Amina looks at least fifteen years younger than her age of 38. I mean, it’s criminal how youthful, trim, toned, sleek and positively feline she is. Her active lifestyle is to thank, I’m sure. She’s smooth, pale, with perfect boobs and long, flowing auburn hair. In short, my kinda gal! Evan is, like Ernest, a bear at heart, fit and strong from his years in the military (retired), with a jolly demeanor and a quick wit. Again, a type I go for: the friendly, furry type. Like Ernest, he’s a happy sadist and wears his authority lightly because Amina adheres to it so gracefully. He pretty much smiles all the time, I’ve noticed.

And why wouldn’t he be smiling? His girl is simply a fabulous prize. Ernest and I find our time with them to be filled with fun and great conversation, alone or in pairs, girls together, boys together or mixed, we all like each other. What puts a special spin on our kink is that Evan and Amina are, gasp, strictly monogamous, full stop. Not even girl-on-girl action. Nothing. Nada. Amina is a bit bisexual quite toppy, so I once asked if it had been hard to accede to his request for monogamy (it came from him). She said, “Not really, when I saw what I was getting in return.” Knowing Evan as I do, I can’t fault her. Any woman would like to be loved like she is (I am and can attest that it’s pretty awesome).

In sort, theirs is a relationship that so nice to be around, parallel play is fine with us. We like putting on a show, too, which is swapping in its own way. In the swing world it’s called, “soft swapping,” and it’s a pretty great thing.

They arrived Friday evening, having fought Los Angeles traffic. We went out for burgers at Umami and caught up on things. We got home and hung out some more before calling it a night. Saturday, I made breakfast for everyone before we went hunting for desserts for later. The plan was for me to cook and to have a “CMNF” dinner. Those letters stand for “Clothed Male, Naked Female,” and it’s a damn fine way to throw a party.

I had gone shopping the day before, on my way home from a quick trip to San Francisco for LitQuake , where I read from Master Of O to a happy crowd. I got to see Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence of the Center for Sex and Culture , and their third, Dina, always a pleasure.  The menu was salad, chicken en croute and asparagus (oops, no pee play for sure, now!).

While dinner was cooking we set up the room with the usual: gloves, lube, vibrators (Amina doesn’t need them, the lucky wench), suction machine, electric butt plug machine, assorted crops, canes and whips.

Ernest was resplendent in his WWI German general’s uniform, while Evan had chosen the sexy cowboy look, with crisp plaid shirt, black jeans and well-polished boots. I had on my slutty eye makeup, collar, cuffs and some skimpy mules, while Amina had on her collar and the shoes, her silky hair falling to her waist. She served the salads and poured her Master’s beer before sitting beside him.

Dinner conversation was light and fun, as we all knew were it was headed (though next time we’ll schedule sex before dinner in deference to our*cough* advanced ages). It all went off without a hitch and, having stacked the dishes in the sink for easy cleanup later, we sat in the living room, I next to Ernest, Amina at Evan’s knee, while we showed them the illustrations from the upcoming illustrated, limited-edition of “Master of O,” due out early next year.

Since there are over forty individual images it took a few minutes. When they were done looking at them Ernest pointed to his fly and invited me to open it and get busy. Evan took that as s cue to pull Amina over his lap for a spanking.  I caught a quick glimpse of her lithe body as she eagerly got into position. I could only hear her squeals and his swats while I sucked but, by the effect it had on Ernest it must have been mighty pretty!

After a few minutes of my quietly choking on his dick Ernest walked me over to the dining room table and had me sit on the edge before spearing me on his dick. It’s been a while since we did this and it’s always a contest of abdominal work and balance, as I raise my knees so he can walk right in. He did me the favor of allowing me to lie down on the table while he fucked me, which was nice. What was a bit more challenging was having him walk around to my head and have me drop it over the edge of the table so he could mouth fuck me while he cropped my pussy. It was fun to scream into his nut sack while he smacked my bits. I do love the way it feels to be hit with a well-made device designed for just that purpose. Ummm!

Ernest then escorted me firmly back to the play space, Evan waving us on. They’d be back in a few, I knew, but it’s always nice to start a party w/a few moments of privacy w/one’s partner. Ernest and I made the best of it, ourselves, as I helped him to undress in the back. I think he was eating me (or was it fucking me?) when Evan came in, dragging Amina by the shirt he had wrapped around her neck, tossing her up onto the spanking horse. Ernest situated me so he could fuck me while he watched. I’m quite near sighted so I just kept in position and listened to the nice sounds they made.

One fun moment was me being held up by one wrist (weight on my feet, mainly), while holding in the butt plug, while Ernest whipped me but good. Man, it felt fantastic, and I got to laugh at how mean and ingenious he was being.

It went on like that for a bit, with the four of us fucking on adjacent furniture at the same time, before Ernest suggested something new: that I come before him and use the electric butt plug to do it, for the edification of our guests (Amina is a big butt slut like me). Always happy to change the line up, I got in position and Ernest got the stiff, electrified Lexan plug in my butt. He explained how it worked and started to work the dials. Soon enough I could feel the tell-tale warmth and tingle begin and, with a bit of fiddling decided on a fast wave form of medium strength. Mmmm, so fun. Wave patterns one can choose include : “torture,” “stroke,” “climax,” “random,” and the favorite, “waves.”

When it’s been set correctly the plug causes the anus to contract in such a way that one’s ass fucks itself hands free. It’s really, really yummy, if you like butt stuff, which I do. Soon enough I  got the Magic Wand and worked my way to a great orgasm, always a nice thing.

After catching my breath I got up and cleaned the plug, knowing that Amina and Evan would be interested in trying it on her.

Watching the two of them negotiate the now-clean plug into her butt was adorable. He was on the other side of her and Ernest was behind me. They were laying down and Ernest and I were sitting up. I couldn’t see anything, as her leg was in the way but her face was priceless. When the plug was in I plugged it into the control box.

Now it was my turn to work the dials as Evan watched what I did so he could learn. He, like Ernest, is the only kind of Dominant partner to let do anything to you: they watch first and ask questions before trying it on their own. Once Amina got to the place she wanted (very close to what I was doing, speed-and-intensity-wise) I suggested she put her hand to good use on her front parts and she was off to the races. We three wet transfixed by the lovely sight of Amina writhing and squeaking with pleasure, her hand working furiously away as she bit the inside of her other arm, flung in ecstasy over her head. Every time she’d get close to coming it would squirt away from her, making her gasp in pleasure and frustration.

Finally, she got out the request to come, which Evan granted (no fool, he) and she had a howler. Then it was over and I quickly turned off the box before she gently eased the toy out of her pulsating butt.

Then it was Ernest’s turn. I don’t often get to suck him to a finish like a proper slave, as he gets to come in me, but it was the order of the day that night. I had him give me a few extra strips on my ass for effect and gave him the kind of blow job that only a wife can give: the one that tells the dick in question: I know you and I love you. It was fun to swallow every drop.

Ah, life is good!

We gathered our breath and met in the living room for dessert. Apple pie for Amina, Princess Cake for me and caramel cake for Evan. Ernest would have his pumpkin cheesecake later. We earned every calorie, believe me, and it was worth it.

They went to bed before us and were out the next morning, making hardly a sound.

Can’t wait to have them back!

Next Time: The Return of Tall Girl !

Tall Girl came by last night and boy, did we have fun! More on that later!

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Radio Show Monday

Ginger Lynn’s radio show, “Blame It On Ginger,” airs M-Th, 4-6 pm Pacific time. You can listen on iTunes or at Always a fun time is had by all.

Solo Show Tuesday

My next Streamate show on Tuesday will be solo. Hope to see you there for fun, naked times! Non-members enter through

Recent Fun w/a Playmate

My Darling and I had a fun playdate last week w/a young woman I met in the industry. We’ll call her Young Thing (she’s in her late Twenties, which makes her plenty young enough!) and we’ve been playmates for about a year. We’re part of her  sexual circle and she has other playmates, including couples, in her “lineup.” I think it’s exactly the right thing to do when one is young, unlike what I did (which was get married), and we enjoy having her over once or twice a month.

As is our way my Darling and I are dominant over her, which she loves, as she very much likes being the center of attention and we like giving it to her. We set the rom up as we always do: toys, gloves, lube, baby wipes, vibrators already plugged in (w/extension cords as needed), the pee bucket in place (she likes to torture herself that way) and plenty of things to strike her with.

We clear off the dining room table (topped w/stainless steel) so she can sit on it and get ourselves into whatever we are (barely) wearing. I wore my leather body harness, collar and riding boots and my Darling wore a leather overcoat, leather boots and his leather cunt cap. W/in minutes of her arrival she had her glass of wine and was quickly getting naked. After her luscious nakedness is exposed (she’s got a fabulously lovely and appealing vulva), she carefully puts on her cuffs and inserts a butt plug, after which my Darling puts on her collar.

Then we decamp to the couch to drink wine, pet and molest her and look at dirty pictures while we get fully in the mood (phones turned off, etc.). After a bit Ernest may instruct me to kiss her while he pets her pussy or he’ll kiss her while I go down on her. Either way is a lot of fun and soon enough we’ll move to the back room.

She’s a fan of the electric suction machine so we often start w/that, as it makes her especially sensitive to what come afterward. seeing her pretty, pink bits sucked so firmly into the tube (we always let the guest have control over the valve that determines how strong/long the suction is) while Ernest lies beside her and kisses her and rubs his dick on her hip. After a few minutes with the smaller tube that only sucks up her clit and inner lips, Young Thing is eager for some muff munching, which we’re happy to provide. Her pussy is truly delicious, smooth and silky soft, pink and wet. She’s almost always wet, as she’s a healthy young woman. Poor us!

Ernest usually has the first fuck opportunity, as his dick doesn’t need to be strapped on as mine does. I sat on her face while he fucked her, as her pussy eating skills are really, really excellent and I could tell how good his dick felt to her by how enthusiastically she ate me out.

I like fucking her, too, so I strapped on Casper (my white-with-silver-sparkles silicone dick) and got on top. Man! If I had a real dick I’d never be able to stop fucking women. Gawd, I could feel how creamy she was even through a fake dick.

The session went on from there: some fucking followed by some whipping, followed by more fucking, followed by caning, followed by some sucking, more fucking, more whipping and, finally, a blow-job finish for Ernest while I masturbated to a finish next to him.  We do this in front of the mirror next to the bed so he can see the cane marks on her pretty butt, which helps everything along. We almost came at the same time but I got there a minute before him. He glazed her tits with a nice load and, after a moment to catch our breath, it was her turn on the bed for her orgasm.

It’s not often we play with another singly-orgasmic woman partner, but Young Thing is one. This time, all the dildo and toy fucking wasn’t quiiiiite enough and it came down to my fisting her to push her over the edge while she used the Magic Wand on her clit. When she did come it was a doozey, though, which made it all worth while.

After we all lay together catching our breath I left them to clean up the playspace while I got dinner ready.

Ah, another nice day at Chez Ernest and Nina . . .


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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hello, all! I hope the summer’s end is not too much of a burden to bear. It’s still hot as ever in Los Angeles, so the “endless summer” of Southern California mythology is alive and well in this era of Climate Change and heavy drought.

Solo Show Tuesday the 10th

Fun With Sandra and Tab

This past Thursday I had a lovely overnight with a swinging couple I’ll call Sandra (as in Sandra Dee) and Tab (as in Tab Hunter). I think they’re in their late Sixties and, boy, are they fun! Sandra is in the therapy/marriage counseling field and I’m not sure what Tab does, but they met on an online dating site four years ago and just got engaged last month.

Sandra, through her wide circle of friends, had the chance to spend two nights at the La Habra estate of a famous movie personality from the Thirties and Forties. Built in the Twenties in the Hacienda/Spanish style, I could tell it was a big house when it was first built and now seems about normal, given how large homes have gotten over the years. It’s often rented out as a wedding location, as the grounds are lovely and it can sleep more than ten people if it has to.

It was just the three of us and I got to play the Welcome Guest (I’m usually the Gracious Hostess), which is a a fun change for me. I arrived after an easy drive fem LA (traffic wasn’t that bad), to be greeted by the handsome couple, he in his shorts and flip-flops, she in her slinky black bathing suit and sheer wrap.

As Sandra prepared some light snacks Tab took me on the tour, both to show me around and to let me choose my bedroom, out of the three that were not in use. They, of course, had the master suite, with the balcony w/the amazing view, the soaking tub and the rain shower. The pool was lovely but, sadly, the hot tub was on the fritz, so no hot tubbing later after the fun we were set to have.

After I settled in we swam a bit in the pool, Tad enjoying the view while I stood behind a naked Sandra, petting and stroking her for his visual enjoyment. Sandra has a beautiful pussy. Very plump, with full outer lips. She keeps it waxed and Tad had a fresh shave. I was freshly shaven, too, so it was All Nude, All the Time. Fun!

Even though Sandra’s pussy closes w/a neat little cleft it hides a lovely surprise. When the hood of her clit is pulled back, the glans sticks out, all smooth and pink, the size of a small pea. And that’s before she’s especially aroused! I’ve never seen anything like it. In my experience, when a woman has as luscious clit like that, the shaft is also big, as is the hood, so the whole mini-phallus is in proportion. Not Sandra! She says her clit is a big part of why she’s always liked sex, and men, a lot. She’s a former beauty queen and showgirl, still stunning, and it’s nice to know that when she was in her twenties, in a decade when most women her age were getting married, she was having the time of her life. She traveled, had sex on her own terms, enjoyed being young, beautiful and partaking of the new sexual freedom of the Sixties.

And it continues to this day. Sandra is very, very sexually responsive, leaving Tad in  the place of having a super-hot fiancé who wants to be naked and have a good time with him. They don’t live together, so it’s Date Time whenever they spend time in the same place.

While Sandra made dinner I got a lovely massage from Tad. He’s a very good amateur and it was nice to have a flirty, tall, strong man use his hands to please me all over, except my vulva. That would come later, we both knew, so why rush? Feeling his balls and dick drag along my leg or back felt delicious.  He’s quite tall and vigorous, which generates a whole other level of energy. He was very polite with his touch, though I could tell he wanted to fondle my butt more forcefully. I both understand that feeling and welcome it, as my ass loves the sensation of a happy hand squeezing it as much as said hand is happy to do said squeezing. I let him know that it was okay to spank and squeeze aggressively and that I enjoyed how it felt. He was happy to know that and put in a few practice strikes.

He flipped me over and massaged my front, also very nicely and then it was time to head down to eat dinner. We set the table out on a small veranda, in the shade but with a great view to the west, over a valley. Squint a bit and you could be in Italy somewhere, as the weather was perfectly Mediterranean. Salad, bacon-wrapped scallops, broccoli w/cheese sauce and some wine made for a lovely dinner. Since I’m the cook at home it was a treat to be the guest and to be served.

Sandra is a great flirt and we had decided that the evening’s play would be started off by Tab sitting and masturbating while we danced for him while wearing black garter belts and stockings, a mild fetish of his. As much as my play is typically kinky/BDSM-inspired, it was fun get back to my roots as a vanilla swinger. I’m got to be the “unicorn,” swinger-speak for the single, bisexual woman. Sandra is easy to pleasure and her pussy is so very, very tasty and delicious. She and I lay side by side as Tab ate first Sandra, then me, then Sandra again. She can have many orgasms in a night and after every three or so she’d say, “Sex break!” and Tab would move to me while Sandra caught her breath and let her energy calm down.

At one point Tab was fucking me doggie style, really lettin’ ‘er rip in a way that he can’t do w/Sandra and he was having a blast, Sandra was having a blast and touching herself and I was having a blast helping them to have such a fun experience as a couple. I love watching/helping Ernest fuck other women so it was nice to be able to share that with them, too.

Tab is old enough that he doesn’t have to come just because he got hard. He prefers to ejaculate in the morning. So, after two solid hours of playing,  he played Ice Cream Boy and split a pint of Ben &Jerry’s Coffee with Chocolate Chunk three ways and we ate it all. SO good!

I went back to my room, got ready for bed, plugged in my Magic Wand, put it on a pillow, covered it with a washcloth and buzzed to a great orgasm in about a minute and slept like a baby after calling Ernest to say “good night.”

I got breakfast out of it the next day, too, when Tab made sausage, eggs, bagels and fruit. The drive home was easy and I got to spend a lovely weekend w/my Darling Ernest.

Just the sort of life I always wanted.



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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Solo Show Tuesday the 26th

Last Episode of “True Blood” is Tonight

Sigh. I knew it would happen sooner or later, but tonight is the series finale of “True Blood,” one of my most-loved shows. I know it’s campy but I’ve really enjoyed it on so many levels. The sexiness, of course. The homoeroticism, natch. The strong woman characters, the long arc of character development, the great writing, all are awesome. I’ve especially enjoyed the fully-formed Black characters in all of their three-dimensional glory. I’m trying to think of another series that does this so well. Granted, I’m not a TV expert but I know groundbreaking writing when I see it.

To add to the general sadness, the upcoming season of “Boardwalk Empire” is also the last one, as is “Mad Men,” as is “Justified.” Wah!

Lotus Lain

It’s come to my attention that the show I did w/Lotus Lain didn’t’ make it to archives. I have no idea why, as I pushed the “start/record” button as I normally do. Suffice to say she was amazing! When she gets her horny on, Lotus is on fire, with a very hungry pussy. I ended up using eight fingers (4+4, no thumbs) and she was happy with that. Damn, she’s just fine as cat hair. I’ll have her back on when she has time.

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, ’14

To find out who all was in Alexandria this past weekend, check out the Woodhull site, which has all the info, as well as who was honored with a Vicky Sexual Freedom Award, who spoke, what the topics of workshops was, and more. It’s the only human rights organization that promotes sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. “Sexual freedom” includes whom we love, with whom we make a family, access to reproductive information and services, marriage equality, sex worker rights, and more. I’m proud of being a board member and any donations you can make really do help, a lot.

Friday Night Play

Hardy Haberman, a fellow board member, is also a long-time leader of the GLBTQ/Kink community. He’s an activist, a perv, an all-around great guy and a stellar addition to the Woodhull board. We’ve been flirting for years. Even though he identifies primarily as Gay, he’s an all-around perv and has played w/women in the past. We ended up, at midnight no less!, in the Woodhull suite. Ricci was asleep in the bedroom and we were two rooms removed from her.

Hardy’s play style is very different from my Darling’s and allows for respectful back talk. As in, “You’re a son of a bitch . . . . Sir.” He’s quite sadistic and my squeals of outrage over the intensity of his spanks, whipping, nipple pinching, etc, made him laugh. You can always tell a real masochist because, as the intensity ratchets up, we start to giggle. I have a friend who calls it, “giggle processing.” I couldn’t scream, so as not to bother Ricci, but when I started to Hardy would just kiss me while continuing the “torture.”

He’s a lot of fun and I look forward to more. We ended w/a BJ, though, since it was late and we had two voyeurs in the room, he didn’t’ finish, but I didn’t think he would. I was just honored that a Gay man let me suck his hard dick!  And that he could get hard for me. I guess his sadism lets him get hot behind those who let him deliver such great stimulation. More, please!

Saturday Night Play

As I did last year I roomed with Reid Mihalko, as we’re dear friends and he’s as big a slut as I am. As it turned out, we had another ten-person play party Saturday night, after asking about eight observers to please leave, as we couldn’t have two parties: one a play party and one a talk party, in the same, small room.

I won’t even try to put it in order, as things get pretty fluid, but it did start, as they all do, with Reid going around the room to get people’s check in and boundary limits. This entails each person saying, “Hi, my name is ________ and I’m interested in _________ and my physical limits are ________.” A for-instance, “My name is ‘Suzy’ and I’m interested in being fisted.” “I’m ‘Jack’ and I’m down for receiving some anal play.” And so on. I like it because it states up front the hard limits, as well as desires, making it easier to negotiate what one does with whom.

Here’s what I got into, though there was plenty going on around me that I didn’t’ get into:

I’m glad I took a lot of gloves (aka “hand condoms”) with me, as I went through all of them! I do a lot of hand sex, as it’s very safe and lots of fun. For those who don’t know, “hand sex” is a term I use (thanks, Reid!) to indicate that I got someone off using my hands and not my pussy. Genital-genital sex carries so much weight and risk that it’s not always best for sport sex/fun times. Risking death or pregnancy “just” for fun is too much for me, I find.

Some highlights: L laying on her back with me kneeling on the floor looking at her beautiful vulva with the cute haircut. Reid is an excellent make-out artist and she was having a great time while I massaged her outer parts and used my fingers inside of her. Pinching and pulling on her lips seemed to make her very happy, as did the delicate penetration. She was not in the mood for super-firm finger fucking, but she did use the Magic Wand when she wanted to go completely over the edge. She had lovely parts and I could have gazed upon them for hours.

I also got my hand inside of F, an amazing sex educator/sexy person. Her vulva is plump, with all her inner parts obscured by her fleshly outer labia. Inside of those lips, though, is a big, fat clit with a nice, beefy curved-barbell hood piercing. It’s been my experience that the “hidden inner lips” type of vulva goes along with a little, teeny clot, but not in F’s case! She did tell me how to use the ring to jill off her clot but what she was really in the mood for was fisting. Drat. Don’t have to tell me twice! F is the type of woman who prefers to be penetrated quickly, w/out needing the loooong perineal massage before sliiiiding in the fist. Naw, just a one, two, IN! was good for her. I’m down for that.

Once in, she rode my hand aggressively, showing herself a good time. I concentrated on moving my fist as if it was on a gimbal, or was a gyroscope, hitting all the spots inside of her. Soon, she, too, was reaching for the Magic Wand (with a new condom on the end, of course) and it wasn’t long before I felt her orgasm tighten her pussy around my hand. Feeling the pulsations after she was done coming was pretty freaking awesome.

Charlie G., the sex educator, was next. L., F. and I all helped him get off. L. played with his nipples (I showed her a little trick I do w/fingernails), F. jerked him off (before he eventually took over for himself) and I helped by rubbing the bulb of his penis (the “taint,” the space between his balls and his ass), providing firm, yet indirect, stimulation to his prostate. Charlie has a truly lovely, beautiful cock: thick pretty, symmetrical and about 8″ long. Very photogenic, I must say. It was hot to play with his balls and nipples while watching him jerk himself off. He ended by shooting all over his chest, to a round of applause from the rest of us.

While I was occupied with either L. or F., Charlie was fisting ‘Suzy” on the other bed while Reid made out with her. She was on Cloud 9 and had either the longest orgasm I’d seen in a while, or a shit-ton of them in a short while. Suffice it to say, she was very, very happy, indeed. A long-held fantasy was fulfilled, to great success. Charlie is an amazing teacher and body-worker, so she was in good hands (and good hands were in her!).

At one point Reid said he wanted to suck dick. When he says that he really means he wants to suck a strap on dick worn by a woman. Lucky for me, I had just the thing and I stood on the bed while he took my “dick” and got it fairly far down his throat. Everyone else was on the other bed, watching the the attractive spectacle of tall, blonde, handsome Reid getting the toy wet with his spit. He then announced that sucking silicone like that made his butt hungry. In a flash, I was on the floor behind him and L. was on the bed in front of him, Charlie behind her and F. behind him, bobsled-style. I stood still while Reid world the fat-headed toy into his butt (He’s used to a thinner-tipped toy but I had not brought one). It took a minute but he did it. Once in, he didn’t need stroking, just rocking side to side as he buried his face in L’s lap.

After ten minutes of that, he was done and I, er, withdrew and took the toy to the bathroom and cleaned it up (not that it needed much, having been covered w/a condom and all).

While a lot of this was happening on my bed, the other bed was pretty busy, too, and not just w/Charlie fisting ‘Suzy.’ A and his Dom, R were having fully-dressed fun. A really, really, really likes heavy, full-fisted beatdowns. R is big and strong and he and A have been partners for several years, so their play style is well-developed. Using his fists, knees and elbows, R delivered well-timed blows to A’s butt cheeks and upper thighs. One good “Whomp!” and A would let the energy flow through him, sinking on his knees for a moment, before returning to position (which tells the Top, “I’m ready for the next one, please.”).

It was super hot to watch R play w/A, as I don’t often get to witness such a strong interaction. I like being hit was much as the next masochist, and do enjoy “thumb” sensations a lot. But A took the cake, imho. He took a solid beating for a solid 45 minutes, until R was dripping sweat. When they were done I complimented R on his technique and he said, “Oh, I once beat A for three solid hours and he didn’t have  mark on him the next morning.” Ah, “iron butt,” as we call it in the kink scene.

Just as a boxer’s hands get tough, or a martial artist’s, so, too, does a masochist’s butt become very, very difficult to make for any length of time. I have it when it come to canes. I can take a pretty good caning and, an hour later, not show marks (though my Darling is not a super-sadist and, as a model, I can’t really have marks that last more than a day). But I’m not often beaten as hard as R beat A. When it was over, A had not one mark/bruise/pink spot on his ass or upper thighs. I was suitably impressed, to say the least. Golly! Ah, the human body. A marvel always.

The last bit was, oddly, the same as last year, when M and J played on the edge of the other bed. Lucky for us, Reid had thought to pack a Liberator Fascinator Blanket (watertight, machine washable, for squirters) and we put it under J. M only plays when she’s alone with J, so M just “gets” to show off how freaking hot and sexy J is. J, to her credit, likes being shown off, so it’s a pretty great relationship (plus the fact that they’re awesome people). J is a massive squirter and prefers short, shallow FAST stroking. I put on a pair of gloves and took over from J, who needed something thicker than the toy she was using.

Leaving her clit for her to manage, I took over the penetration stimulation. What finally helped her over the edge was a two-handed approach: four fingers, flat, at the bottom edge of her pussy (the “forchette“), pressing her open and down, with three fingers of my other hand doing the actual friction part. The four fingers were to give the sensation of girth and being filled up and the three fingers doing the frigging were there for the “being fucked fast” sensation. After only five or six minutes (I wasn’t involved w/the twenty minutes of masturbation that preceded my direct involvement), J went over the edge and squirted up a storm. Lucky for the Fascinator!

Whew! The party really got started at 12:30 and everyone was gone by 2:45, which was exactly right.

Sunday Night

Sunday at the Summit saw Carol Queen give the final keynote address. There were two other great speakers and then an author’s round table discussion. I mingled for a bit with all of the amazing people who work for sexual freedom year round, did an interview and took some pictures.

After a great dinner at Clyde’s, a short walk from the hotel, Reid and I ended up cuddling in bed, watching a movie, “How To Train Your Dragon 2,” (highly recommended. Amazing animation, good story and totally well-done). We smooched some, wrassled some and ended the evening w/me helping him jerk off by playing w/his balls while he handled his dick. Sigh. I never get enough of playing w/balls while the guy jerks off. All the fun of “getting someone off” w/o any of the hassle of, “Am I doing this right?” When we let our partners drive their dicks or clits, we can never “go wrong,” which makes for more fun, imho


Monday I hitched a ride to Baltimore with Greg DeLong of  fame  for my fundraising talk at Sugar, Baltimore’s premier, high-end, body-safe, community-minded sex shop. I spoke  there last year but this year they’ve moved into a much bigger space, just across the street from their old place (they did all the moving on carts!), that is just sumptuous. Originally a pharmacy from the early 20th Century, the floors are tile and the ceiling embossed tin plates. Just lovely, with a special space just for classes. The staff is amazing and I had a great time, as I usually do, preaching the gospel of safer, happier sex play. The audience was lovely and we made some good money for Woodhull.

When it was over we had an amazing dinner and crashed in the hotel for the night. Greg dropped me off at the curb before returning the car and getting himself to the gate.

All in all, an amazing week, full of fantastic people working together for an important cause. Hope to see you next year at the Summit. Until then, please donate what you can to Woodhull. All donations are tax-deductible, so if you can do a monthly donation, that would be awesome!

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