Thanksgiving Day 2016

NO SHOW DECEMBER 1. I’m out of the country (see below)




I hope all of you have somewhere safe and fun to be today, the beginning of the dreaded (for some) Holiday Season. I have many friends who either hate to go home, are not welcome there or are very happy to take triple time at work to avoid forced merriment.

I’ve always liked the holidays. As a youngest child I was not held responsible for much during then, other than to look cute and eat a lot, both tasks for which I was well suited. My mother’s sister lived nearby and I saw my cousins regularly. Unlike many families this election season ours was closely aligned politically, so there were no big fights about politics, unlike so many this season. I feel for all of those whose political leanings separate them from family. That’s why we Queer folk have what we call Deliberate Family, or Family of Choice, not Chance.

Our family was the kind that took in any stray folk who had nowhere to go, including all sorts of exes. Except for my and my oldest brother’s, all the exes were really cool and had come to love, and be loved, by the parental units, and so were always welcome at all gatherings.

For years, Ernest and I collected strays and I would cook Thanksgiving dinner from scratch. Then, about six or so years ago, we realized that all of our “usual” strays had either found a partner or moved far away, leaving just the two of us. Since I cook for us all the time I wasn’t down for doing Thanksgiving for Two, and we found a great place to eat out. We’ve been doing that ever since and tonight we’ll be a party of five. Ernest, our lawyer, his wife, their friend, and me. It’s a jolly crew and we’re looking forward to it. Our lawyer is especially happy, as his wife cancelled  her trip to her family, allowing them to stay in town and avoid the kind of stress mentioned above.


I was super-happy at how the adult entertainment community here in LA got together and defeated the odious Proposition 60. It was a case of David slaying Goliath, as our side was outspent 10-1. It was a rare victory for our side and is a testament to what can happen when people work together for a common purpose.

I was Not At All Happy with the results of the national election on many levels, but I won’t get into it here. I’m openly a red-diaper baby and left of center, so you can imagine what I feel. Plus I’m worried about all of my black, brown, gay and trans friends and family.


I’ll be on a plane next Tuesday night to Helsinki, where Paola Suhonen, a Finnish designer, film maker, artist and businesswoman, is having an exhibit at the biggest museum in town. If you recall, I was in Helsinki this past June finishing up principal shooting for an art film Paola has been making, on and off, for eight years. I’ve not seen any of it and have no idea what is in store. I know that the project is mainly about me, but that’s about it.

Working w/Paola was one time where I just allowed myself to be paint or clay. I’m usually so in charge of what I do as Nina it was a lot of fun putting myself in the hands of an actual artist with her own point of view. All I had to do was follow directions and it was such fun over the years. Plus, Finland in Summer is glorious. Sun up at 4:30 am, sunset at 10:30 pm, dusk until midnight.

This time of year (and the Solstice is still weeks off) the sun “rises” at about 11 and sets around 4, but never gets high in the sky. I’ve been warned that it’s pretty much dark all. the. time. This will be new for me. I won’t be there long enough for it to depress me but I can imagine that if I were to move so far north I’d have to do daily light therapy to stave off that famous Finnish melancholy.

I arrive Wednesday evening and will have some interviews over a couple of days. The premiere is on December 2, and there’s an afterparty where I’ll be dispensing my famous safe-sex kisses. On December 3 there’s another party and I’ll be in attendance there. It’s pretty exciting, as Finland has only 5.5 million people, making it relatively easy to be famous there.

Paola also does interior design and I’ll be staying at the biggest hotel in town, recently completely redone inside by her.

An old friend, Runninghorse, moved to Sweden 16 years ago and he’s planning on taking the 1-hour flight from Stockholm to see the show. All in all, it should be a magical time. I’ll try to have people use my cellphone to take pictures!


We’ve had some threesome fun and Ernest has had a couple of visits from a wonderful playmte who likes to see him when I’m out of town. I encourage it, as they share a special bond and I like my lovers to be well-rounded and well-fed, erotically speaking.

We have a new playmate coming over tomorrow, for which we’re very excited. I’ll ask her what name she’d like to have, so I can share with you what we do.

She’s quite kinky and has some very dirty ideas of her own, so it should be a blast!

Till next time, be safe.


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Sunday, August 14th, 2016


Recent Happenings

Some of you already know but my mother died this past May. As with my father it was a “good death,” free from pain or fear. She had been ailing for a year and she was ready to depart this plane of existence. As a Buddhist of over 45 years’ duration, she looked at death as one more “what is this?” experience. In the words of Suzuki Roshi, the founder of Beginner’s Mind Temple, cultivating the mindset of the eternal beginner was the key to spiritual growth.

If you’re interested, there is a book with of her talks, lectures and speeches, “Seeds For A Boundless Life,” by Zenkei Blanche Hartman.

She was a badass and I’m glad she was my mother. Like her I strive to live a life of service to others. My area is sex while hers was Zen meditation, but we share that. I’m not sad as it followed the natural order of things and there was nothing left unsaid.

As someone said on the memorial page, “I see her and Lou (my Dad) sitting together again on some mountainside.” While I don’t believe in an afterlife (or rebirth for that matter), it’s a nice notion and I’ll keep it.

Propositon 60 VOTE NO!!

For those of you reading this who are registered to vote in California, please vote NO on Prop 60, the “condoms in porn” ballot initiative. You can read all about it, and why to vote against it, here. In short, it’s dangerous to performers and puts them in line to be sued by consumers if there is no visible condom in the scene, even if the performers are real-life couples doing a cam show out of their bedroom. Egregious and unnecessary.


I just returned from a trip to DC, where I was attending the Woodhull Freedom Foundation ‘s Sexual Freedom Summit. Now in its seventh year it’s a four-day event filled with workshops, panel discussions, parties and social intercourse devoted to the notion that sexual freedom is a fundamental human right. If you look around the site you’ll see what kinds of things were on the agenda. It was really nice this year that we had a men’s sexual health track and several sessions on decolonizing sex positivity. Plus classes on lube, what makes a family, sex workers rights, disability and sexuality, and more.

There were vendors selling toys, such as The Pleasure Chest, NJoyToys, as well as the bookseller, Red Emma’s, which has a great selection of sex/Queer/Gay/Sex Worker positive books on sale. Highly recommended if you have any gaps in your sex library.

The list of sponsors is amazing. Some of them: Tantus, Sliquid, SportSheets, She Vibe, Doxy, Chaturbate, Sex Positive World, Smitten Kitten, Free Speech Coalition, and more. Each night there was a themed party and the awarding to four worthy recipients of The Vicky, named for Victoria Woodhull an early feminist whose fundamental ideas are radical today, and she’s been dead nearly a century!

It’s a great weekend, full of laughter, tears, empowerment, cross pollination of ideas, networking, dancing, flirting and more. Burlesque, Bedpost Confessions, awards and a roundtable at Sunday brunch to finish it all off. Worth marking your calendar for, especially if you’re in the sex education/health/advocacy fields.

After-Party Adventures

Each year at the Summit I room with Reid Mihalko, a dear friend and fellow sex geek (a phrase he coined). He’s an excellent educator and a hell of a party host. Our room has had, for the past three years, the best orgy in town! This year’s was no exception. Sixteen people in a two-queen room (truth be told, though, five of them stayed dressed and hung out in front of the bathroom chatting), leaving eleven people to party down. I can’t even begin to say who all was there, but there was a fisting train for the woman whose birthday it was, various couples going full-tilt boogie with each other, awesome pegging between two hotties, spanking of a cute, petite redheaded masochist, a fabulous oral sex train with the boy in the middle of two women.

Lots of laughter, lots of fellatio. One high point came when the cute redhead offered up her partner’s dick for a triple hand job. She, a busty blonde and me did the honors on a dick that could work in porn. Eight solid inches of really pretty dick. I tried to get it all down my throat but I was unable. It was telling, though, that he got a leeeetle harder the more I made myself gag on it. That’s a fun party trick and it’s a thrill when the recipient is down for a little power exchange.

There were four men and seven women at the party. None of the men came during the group action, though I know they certainly did when they got back to their rooms with their partners. However, the women present made up for it. The Birthday Girl pulling the fisting train had about six orgasms, and the Busty Blonde had one, facilitated by me doing the penetration honors while she did the buzzy-on-the-clit honors. The Petite Redhead had at least three and the Brunette had two. Whew!

I helped two women do their first fisting, as Birthday Girl was most accommodating. Her ability to stay in the moment while giving precise instructions to the giver is impressive. With each successive orgasm she needed more clitoral stimulation and soon enough the battery-operated vibrator wasn’t enough. Luckily I never travel without my trusty Magic Wand with the extension cord and she was able to get out one more, with feeling. And puddles, too, as she squirts when she’s very excited.

As these events go, the heavy-duty action lasted about an hour, with five different little mini-parties going on simultaneously. Two hours in, everyone gathered their clothes, hugged a tired good bye and filtered out. That left Reid and his partner who, by chance, had been circling each other for four years at events. They had been making out during the party and when it was just the three of us they started fucking in earnest. That was the perfect time to step into the bathroom and call Ernest to chat about the day and say goodnight. At parties like these, when the fucking ends up face-to-face, it’s time to give them some privacy.

Just when I was finished on the phone with Ernest I heard them finish in the bedroom. I emerged from the bathroom to see her putting on her dress to leave. She shared that, after four years of flirting it felt like prom night and man, had it been a good one!

Reid was  asleep in moments and I took a moment to use my Magic Wand. I was excited enough from what I had done and seen that I came in under five minutes and soon, too, was asleep in a happy heap.

Next year: connecting units!

I hope you all have had a safe and wonderful summer.

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Sunday, June 5th, 2016


I’ll be flying to Finland tonight for a week to work w/Paola Suhonen, an artist I met years ago on another project. She’s a filmmaker and has been shooting me in various locations/costumes/times of day for about five years, now. She’s bringing me to Finland to shoot me in the amazing late-afternoon light that they have there this time of year. I expect it to be light until at least ten pm each night, which is weird. No sex, no sound, just visuals.

She’s been interviewing friends and family for the voice overs. There won’t be “talking heads.” The spoken words will be the soundtrack for the finished project, which will be done I-don’t-know-when.

SHOW ON JUNE 16 7pm Pacific.


On May 13, five days after she turned 90 years old, my mother died peacefully after a long decline. I spent her birthday with her and my sister and brother-in-law checking her into the hospital (we had thought we’d be taking her to lunch).

It’s sad but not tragic. Ninety years is a long time and she was well-loved by her family and faith community, the San Francisco Zen Center, where she was a senior priest of many years standing. She and my father (who died six years ago, aged 95+) started studying Zen Buddhism in 1969 and never stopped.

The cremation was  four days after she died and the big funeral (people will be coming from Japan and Europe, as well as from all over the US) is set for July 10th.


Thanks to all who’ve been buying clips from my Clips4Sale store. The same footage is also available on this site for those who are members. Jay Taylor is the lovely lady who runs my store and she finds all sorts of fantastic people to bring to my lair, er, dungeon, er, studio, to play.


I’ve not been making many movies these days as not many people are either making them any more or think to hire me. I’;m so happy that this site and Clips4Sale allow me to continue shooting people and things that I find sexy and appealing.


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Thursday, may 12, 2016


I must travel to SF on family business. Should be a show next week.



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Thursday, March 31, 2016


My bad. Ernest and I are doing Leather Heat starting Friday and we’ve got to pack and get up early. Sorry for the last minute change.

Show on the 7th as usual.


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Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016


Quiet Easter

Ernest and I stayed in all weekend. We’re not religious in any way so observing Easter as a religious holiday isn’t our cup of tea. We don’t have young kids so there’s no need to paint eggs, and it’s always nice to spend a lazy Sunday at home. Jay Taylor is coming over to shoot some new footage for the site and for my Clips4Sale store. She’s always fun so I know we’ll have a great time no matter what’s on offer.

Young Thing

A while ago Young Thing came by for a playdate. She’s recently found a Special Someone and has been hanging with that person hot and heavy. I knew it would be a while before she was in the mood, much less have the bandwidth for, a solo date w/us. I know she likes what we do together but New Love usually wins out over anything else, no matter how tasty it may be.

So it was nice when she accepted my offer of a date. It’s been about six months, which is when the hot rush of new love cools just enough that one can look about at other things.

She arrived right on time, with smoky eye makeup and her cute laugh. I had set up the playspace ahead of time, as per usual, and we all chatted and fondled as she removed her clothes to reveal a super-cute bra and panty set. That had to go too, of course and she was soon naked, which is how we prefer her. YT’s got the most mesmerizing vulva and when it’s exposed it’s hard to look anywhere else, which is how she likes it. She’s been shaving since well before she made her way to Los Angeles.

We got her in her collar and cuffs, poured her a drink and retired to the couch to look at smut, pet and tease her and generally get in the mood. I wore my leather harness, Dehner boots and my collar. Since YT had a fresh pedi we kept her barefoot, the better to whip them later. We traded kisses and fondled her pretty bits for close to half an hour before making our way to the back.

In honor of her return after so long we plead the favorites, beginning with the vulva suction device. If you peruse the archives on the site you’ll see plenty of women w/their bits being sucked up into a clear plastic tube. It’s a very sensitizing situation and we always allow our guests to “torture” themselves to their content while we watch and admire their efforts. I prepared her parts by eating her out while Ernest kissed her, before putting on gloves and lubing her up. I gave her the valve and switched on the motor and got the tube properly placed w/only one re-position.

Goodness, but YT was hard on herself! She kept her thumb over the valve and her bits sucked up full strength for close to ten minutes, rising in the tube close to three inches. Ernest lay next to her, casually using her as a masturbatory object.

When we turned off the machine and removed the tube her bits were deep pink and very pretty. Ernest had to have a taste before fucking her first. (We’re all tested, in case you don’t know how we roll).

I had a new strap on to test and she liked it well enough but she was clearly more in the mood for meat dick than for me to sling silicone. Fair enough. I’m good w/a strap on but I’m no dude.

The highlight of the night was when we got the dick-on-a-stick and had her put it in her pussy deeply enough that she had to stand on tiptoe for it not to be annoying.. I lubed up her hands and Ernest stood before her to both steady her and to receive the benefit of her talented little hands on his dick while I flogged her back and butt.

Speaking from experience it’s lovely to have a dick in one’s hand while being whipped. All of the energy generated by that stimulation comes out of one’s hands and into the body of the person one is jerking. I was able to “give” Ernest a great hand job vicariously through YT’s expert jerking of his dick. Did I mention that it was fun! YT makes lovely noises and she really likes floggers.

It was my turn next to stand in front of YT while Ernest got his favorite whip, a Single Tail Flogger from Bunny Flogger (I love being hit with it, too. Feels delicious!) and started working on her butt and back. She buried her face in my neck and made sweet noises while she did very clever things to my pussy with her hands. I squeezed her pretty boobs and kissed her.

When her butt was good and red we took her back to the bed and fucked her some more. I like to cane the feet of women Ernest is fucking in missionary style, as they really get to suffer beautifully and they’re so helpless then. Just five per foot, as it really is ouch, but oh, such lovely yelps . . . . .  Sigh.

The fabulous finish had YT on her back in front of the bed, her feet lubed up giving Ernest a very talented foot job. I took the vibrator and buzzed while he was headed to the home stretch, which occurred after a blow job by YT, finished off by jerking onto her boobs. Ernest is polite that way and only finishes in a woman’s mouth if she expressly asks for it. That’s just one of the reasons why we have playmates that return more than once.

I had had my orgasm mere moments before, leaving only YT to finish. We got her comfortable on her back with a pillow, gave her the Magic Wand (with a condom on the end, natch) and glove up. She wanted fingers and she got them. After a few minutes of concentrated attention she had a lovely screaming O and we all collapsed into a cuddle until it was time for me to get up and start dinner.

Diner was relaxed, as you could imagine and Ernest walked YT to her car by midnight.

Ah, it is good to be us!

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Sunday, February 21, 2016


Show on Thursday the 25th, 7 pm Pacific time. See you !


As many of you know, I’m on the board of Dircetors for the Woodhull Freedom Alliance and will be attending the 7th annual Sexual Freedom Summit the first week of August. It’s an amazing event with a wide range of workshops all day and different, interesting parties each night. There are the Vicky Awards, given to three people each year who have made important contributions to the cause of sexual freedom. Sundays there usually is an author’s round table, where smart people sit and talk about interesting, timely subjects.

I’ll be there with bells on. I usually room w/Reid Mihalko , so you know the parties there will be epic. As well, I’ll be selling off Safe Sex Kisses, spanks and gropes, as part of the fund raiser evening. Hope to see you there!


This past Thursday, 2/18, about 75 adult performers, agents, lawyers, as well as public health professionals, amassed at a state government building in Oakland, CA., in a last ditch attempt to persuade the committee  tasked with voting on a draconian measure designed to protect adult performers from exposure to potentially-infectious bodily fluids. The measure was created by the industry’s arch-nemisis, Michael Weinstein, of the Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF), one of the biggest, if not the biggest, NGO HIV/AIDS organizations in the world.

I won’t bore you with the whole, sordid, history of the fight between my industry of legal adult entertainment and AHF. Some of you know about Measure B, the “condoms in porn” law that was passed a couple of years ago. Yup, AHF was behind that, too.

I was astounded at the number of people who gave up a day of their lives to sit in an auditorium, lining up politely to wait their turn to speak for two minutes to the empaneled committee. Four+ hours of testimony, mostly from our side. AHF fielded a few speakers urging the panel to vote “yes” on the rules as written. The rest of us urged the panel to vote “no” on those same proposals. They were eloquent, passionate, urgent and very personal. Some cried, some were angry, but all were heartfelt.

I was one of the speakers and my observation was that it was a miracle that so may young people cared so much about their own health that they adhere, willingly, to the stringent testing protocols. What used to be a thirty-day test has been cut down to two weeks. So, a “fresh test” means one that is less than fourteen days old.

When it came down to the actual vote, at 3 in the afternoon (testimony began at 11am), we were certain we’d lose. We’re so used to being marginalized that we didn’t think we’d actually affect their thinking much. But we did! They voted 3-2 to send it back, effectively killing it for another year. The decibel level of the whoop that went up was deafening. It was great to see.

A large part of our success is that the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has a new Executive Director who is young, hot, motivated, experienced in activism and a sex player (though not performer) in his own right.  The previous Director was a lovely lady but she did not inspire confidence in the performing population.

Also getting a lot of the credit is APAC (Adult Performer Advocacy Committee), a by- and for-performer group that’s about two years old, now. Many attempts over time have been made to organize performers to work toward their own good but, until recently, porn wasn’t a career one thought of being life-long, so sticking around to organize wasn’t on people’s minds. That’s clearly changing, as so many of the people testifying said their careers were five, ten, fifteen or twenty years old. Pretty great.

The measure needed four votes to go forward, so all we needed to convince were two people, and we did!

It gives me hope, though AHF will not stop its attacks on our business, nor stop spreading lies and using its huge war chest to force its ideas of propriety onto others.

You can help by donating to FSC. All monies are tax-deductible.

Playtime with Tall Girl

After such a showing it was good to know that Tall Girl was coming over for a playdate on the 19th. TG is 5’10” and very strong. She loves a good thumping, so I get to use my heaviest implements on her and we both get to use our fists to hit her on her chest above her perky boobs, her stomach and her ass and thighs. She gets a blissful look on her face when she’s hit with thump things. She’ll endure stingy things because she knows Ernest loves it (plus the fact that the reward for enduring it is more fucking).

Once the pleasantries are over we strip her down and put on her collar and cuffs. Since she’s so athletic our favorite outfit for her is a ribbed, tank-style white T strategically cut off juuuuust above her nipples. It’s very hard to be modest in such an “outfit.” Since she’s so tall, she remains barefoot and she had a lovely, fresh pedicure in a dark maroon well suited to her brunette good looks. She likes a lot of the same porn as we do and, sitting her down between us, one of her legs draped over one of the each of ours (conveniently stripping TG of any remaining modesty), she went through a pile of hard-core illustrations from the folder marked, “Faves.”

It was fun to see which images made her squeal, sigh, laugh, point or wiggle. Ernest or I had a hand on her pussy at all times, just revving the engine for later.

When it was time we clipped her hands behind her and walked her back to the playspace. We’ve rented out a bit of gear so the cage was missing, making the room seem bigger but we had what we needed: the bed, suspension bar, spanking horse and the bounce wall, with the fucking stool already placed in front of it.

As is our way with TG we got her splayed on the dungeon bed and clipped her hands to some loose chains so she had limited use of her arms. Then I gloved up, lubed up her pussy and handed her the control valve for the suction machine. Placing the big tube over just so on her vulva, I flipped on the motor and had TG occlude the valve. This brings her flesh into the tube. I then ask, “Up or down?” and, if a change is needed, I have her release the suction and replace the tube. Once in place it’s up to the woman to torture herself as hard/long as she wants. They’re always meaner to themselves then we’d be but it’s their parts, so they should know.

I lubed up the outside of TG’s thigh and Ernest used her as a masturbatory object while he enjoyed her efforts. It only took about ten minutes before I popped the tube off and Ernest got on. TG made lovely sounds and, oops! her pretty feet were exposed when they went in the air. Only one thing for it: caning! Ernest loves to see the emotion in the faces of the women he’s fucking while I hurt their feet. No matter how masochistic a woman may be, almost to a one caning hurts, period. It’s got to do with how close to the surface the bones are, plus all the nerves. No matter why, foot-caning has a long and honorable tradition in BDSM sex play.

So, I held one foot in my hand and asked Ernest if he was ready for me to hurt TG. When he said he was, I caned TG’s left foot five times, stopping only when there was a specific tone to the yelp she emitted. She complained that I was mean and I said it was only in the service of pleasing Ernest She accused me of lying and then I had her right foot in my hand. Five more, ending with a pitiful yelp from TG as I was mean-for-real, but not too much.

One of the highlights of play was when he warmed up her pussy with his fingers (we like to go back and forth between fingers, dick and toys as penetrating objects) while I gloved up and started warming up her butt. TG is not adverse to butt play but she doesn’t get a lot of it. So, a virgin butt once again. No worries. All butts need to be coaxed and seduced each time. Ernest lay on his side and used his right hand in her pussy. I ay on my stomach and used my left hand in her butt. It didn’t take long before I had her relaxed enough for me to slide two fingers in easily.

That was when Ernest and I started a dance between our fingers, easy to do through the thin membrane of TG’s perineum. We found it was greatly dirty to move our fingers in a “windshield-wiper” motion contrapuntally with each other, his two fingers, hooked downward, rocking back and forth between 4 o’clock and 7 o’clock while my two fingers, also hooked down, moved in equal rhythm from 7 o’clock to 4 o’clock. TG said it felt like she was being DP’d w/out any of the awkward bits. It felt so fun to do that! We did some more finger play before I slipped in the NJoyToys Pure Plug (small) into her butt.

I wiped her clean from any messy lube and she was good to go. The rest of the evening was devoted to fucking her doggy style, missionary, in the bar stool set to hip level pushed up against the bounce wall (it’s all the fun of fucking in a sling w/none of the hassle of setting up a sling). I, of course, had on my fave strap on and her fave dildo, sort of like a mini-gangbang. But something interesting happened after Ernest whipped TG, (strung up on the suspension bar on tiptoe) to tears: he got a hankering to fuck and hurt me, too, effectively changing the double-Dom/single-sub action to a solo-Dom/sister sub scene. TG wanted to see Ernest hurt me (you should have seen her jumping up and down with glee) and he, as usual, was down for it, too.

He got the cane and I sat down on the dungeon bed, knowing what was coming next. I help my tits up and he caned the tops, laying down about four or five stripes before hitting his final target: my nipple. That always makes me yelp in the frequency that says, “That’s it!” Meaning, just the right combination of true, don’t-like-it pain and sexy adrenaline rush (I know hurting willing partners turns him on). Just for good measure, he caned my ass, too. He had her put her tail in the air while I put my pussy in her face and he watched in the mirror the lovely line from me, to TG, to him. TG, being an almost-dedicated lesbian, is a really fine oral expert, to put it mildly. It felt amazing to feel Ernest’s energy come through her mouth onto my clit. Yummy!

Then he had us nose-to-tail over the sides of the spanking horse. That way, TG could get an up close view of him fucking me. He then took his dick from my pussy to her mouth, before fucking her with it so I could watch. Always like that. It’s being in porn while you’re watching live porn. TG also liked having her face below us, on the bed, to watch him fuck me doggy from that angle.’

Then it was time for the floor, for the finale. TG blew him while I used the NJoyToys Pure Want and my Magic Wand, surfing the pleasure  so we came at the same time. Whew! What a blast! TG took off our boots and we asked her if she needed anything more. She did not and we asked again, just to be sure. But, no, she had had enough of what she needed that night.

I got up to make dinner and by 11 pm she was on her way. What a nice way to spend five hours!

Stay well till next time!




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Friday, February 12, 2016


I’ll be in Oakland w/a group of adult performers, testifying at the Cal OSHA meeting regarding on-set safety regulations. I won’t go into it now but you can follow along on the Free Speech Coalition website, the whole, sorry saga of the fight between Michael Weinstein of the Aids Healthcare Foundation )AHF), the largest HIV/AIDS NGO in the country and one of the largest in the world. For a bit of background:



I just returned from Columbus, OH, and my second time presenting for the Adventures in Sexuality folk. It’s a great group of kinky people of all stripes. It’s a short event: Friday evening pretty much straight through till Sunday 3am, when the dungeons close. In between there are workshops all day Saturday, at least five different ones per time period, with one slot before lunch and two after. My workshops were on Pain as Erotic Communication and Use Your Words!, about dirty talk. Well-attended. I don’t know what anyone learned but we all had a blast. I especially enjoyed the Pain class, as it gave me ample opportunity  to whap on people and even have a couple whap on me. Super fun.

My pal, Lizzo, attended and we had some fun time in the room alone, when we had hand sex and then I helped her get off by using my fingers in her pussy while she rode her vibe and watched smut on her phone. Always like being helpful, you know! I whipped people, I caned them, I spanked them, I flirted like a debutante with all sorts of sexy people. I had a few heart-to-hearts with some others, as one does at such events.

Lizzo, another woman and me got to trample a guy while barefoot. It was so easy. I saw a fellow wearing a kilt. This one was denim, though properly pleated as a kilt. I have a mild fetish for Celts in kilts and he was a blondie. I asked him if he was regimental and he, properly, coyly replied: “Do you want to check?” Do I ever! I put on a latex glove and slowly slid my hand up his thigh till I touched his junk. Ahhhhh, lovely! One question led  to another and soon the three women and Blondie were in the dungeon, under a frame we could use to keep our balance.

He undressed down to his boots and lay down on his back and we took turns standing on his abdomen, pressing down on his chest, putting our bare feet on his face, standing on his hands. The longer we stayed on his stomach, the bigger his smile got. He even got hard a few times at what we were saying, and that we were letting him peek at our pussies. All in all, a very fun twenty minutes. He didn’t come and soon we went our separate ways.

It was that kind of weekend. Handjobs for dudes, deep punching/kicking of the woman who lovedlovedlovved such things. Really, if you’re w/in a three hour drive of the Columbus area, do drop in. Soon there will be C.O.P.E: Central Ohio Perversion Excursion, a similar event, also held in Columbus. Do check it out!


I did a super-fun shoot for FemDom Empire earlier this month. It’s a whole movie shot in five short segments, from foot worship/humiliation, on to pussy eating, on to pegging and ending up with edging and face sitting. Super fun. I don’t’ recall my partner’s name, sadly, as he was easy to work with. He made great puppy dog eyes and could look scared w/no trouble. It ‘s always fun to play a meany, if my tongue is planted firmly in my cheek.


I’m getting much closer to wanting to do more “fuck a fan” type scenes. Once I figure out how best to do the logistics I’ll post more about it. There’s no money in it for the guys but there is the exchange of working with me. I get to use the footage and you get the experience. Seems like a fair exchange. I want to start w/handjobs since those are the safest thing to do w/two people.

Watch this space.

More soon!



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New Year’s Day, 2016

Hello, Everyone! I hope you all had a safe New Year’s Eve. My Darling and I observed our usual tradition of hot sex, followed by a nice dinner, in observance of our 16th anniversary. On New Year’s Eve ’99/’00 we decided that This Was It. Even though our wedding anniversary is July 7 we place more meaning on the original Moment of Decision.

I dressed up extra slutty: sheer mesh top, black stay-thigh highs, patent leather collar and cuffs, plus eye makeup and false eyelashes. Ernest poured me a shot of the extra-fancy Castle Knappouge 16-year single malt and we sat down to peruse some wonderful illustrated smut to pique our interest even more. He’s found a couple of new artists that really have our number, so that was a bonus.

It being a celebratory night he was especially ebullient, using my favorite impact items on me: crops, canes and the dressage. All very sharp sensations that leave pretty marks for about 30 minutes. For as much as he caned my ass (heavenly!) it was mark-free by dinner. That’s a sign that a submissive is being put to good use.

But the best part was the bonus anal, which we ended up doing though we’d not discussed it beforehand. When you’ve been married as longs we have my butt lets him know when it’s in the  mood to be fucked as merely plugged.

Rocking anal sex to a great finish for both of us. Woot!

Then dinner, then catching the final three episodes of the great Patrick Stewart comedy, “Blunt Talk,” on BBC America. Fucking brilliant, with amazing writing and perfect casting for the supporting roles. The character of Henry is the Best. Service. Bottom. Ever. I want one!

I’ll keep you posted as to my doings and whereabouts. If you want more timely updates, follow me on Twitter: @ninaland, as I post there daily.

Poor Iowa, they’re getting creamed by Stanford.

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Sunday, December 6th, 2015


Due to the calendar, show dates for December are as follows:

Wednesday the 9th

Thursday the 17th

Wednesday the 23rd

Wednesday the 30th

We’ll figure out January’s dates closer to that time. With the AEE, one show for sure will be cancelled, likely on the 21st.

The Seduction of Nina Hartley

A couple of weeks ago I did a movie for Devil’s Films, “The Seduction of Nina Hartley,” an all-milf extravaganza. I did a fun one-on-one first w/Payton Leigh, a very sweet blonde  I worked with once before w/Diamond Lou. It was pretty straightforward and I had fun w/the strap on. She’s got a tasty pussy and eating her out was most delightful, as she’s so responsive. Always nice to work w/women who like women!

The second scene was a four-on-one girl-bang, with Erica Lauren, Sable Rene, Coralyn Jewel, and a super-hot milf whose name escapes me at present, Gah! SO sorry, as it was she who got to wear the BBC strap on dildo to fuck my ass (she was the only switch on the set, all the rest were subbies). But she was hot, with a rockin’ pixie cut and dimples. Plus, it felt great in my butt.

Oh, yes, after we all used toys on ourselves and helped each other, I was on the bottom of the girl bang, with fingers in my ass and pussy at the same time and a whole lot of laughter and orgasms for all. Should be out in January.

Adam & Eve

Also out in January, from Adam&Eve will be my first Guides in about four years: Hot Talk for Lovers and Open Relationships. I wrote about the shoot when it happened in May, I believe, and now they’re out!

AEE 2016

I’ll be attending my 32nd (!) consecutive AEE this January 21-23, at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. I don’t know my schedule yet but I’ll be signing for both Adam&Eve as well as Devil’s. Should be fun, as it’s Old Home Week for me.

Christmas ’15

My mother is now in assisted living, having developed dementia. She’s well cared for, so we’re lucky that way. We’ll be having our annual “Winter Brunch” a week earlier this year. Usually we’d have it the Sunday between Christmas and New Year’s but my niece’s kids want to have Christmas w/their grandparents in Vermont, where they live in a tiny town straight out of a postcard. So, they’re coming a week early and we’ll have our brunch on the 20th. Traditional Stollen from my grandmother’s handwritten recipe, plus fruit cup w/supremed grapefruit and oranges, scrambled eggs w/herbs and mushrooms, and vegetarian bacon and sausage (you know, soy-based, as there’s no meat allowed at the Zen Center), plus my brother’s amazing coffee (he lugs his espresso machine from his house each year). With the cousins coming down from Napa and various boy/girl friends, we should be seating about fifteen. We’ll have my mother over from the assisted living place and it should be pretty great.

I’ll get there Saturday the 19th, in time to mix the Stollen dough and let it rise overnight and get up early to bake it. We hope to sit down to eat by 11 and it’s pretty much over by 2 or so. I look forward to it each year. This year will rock, as my youngest niece is finally eighteen and I no longer have to dance around what it is I do for a living. She’s fine w/it, so that’s very cool.

Talk to you Wednesday on the show!

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