I’ve directed my 1st movie yeah!

Hello guys!

I’ve been so busy recently. I’m proud to say I’ve directed my very 1st feature and that was a very tiring, stressful but exciting experience. I want to do moooore! But don’t worry I still want to be on camera. The great thing about directing is that I’ll now chose 100% who I’ll have sex with and in which conditions. Twice more exciting! Body and brain ūüôā

This movie won’t be on line on this website as it’s for the French company Dorcel, but please follow me on Twitter ( @katsuni) ad I’ll give you the infos and links.

Regarding Clubkatsuni I have many other good scenes coming for you with some foot fetish involved, private videos, BGG etc…. You’re going to love it!

Let ‘s meet soon for a new webcam showi What about…tomorrow?…. Follow me and I’ll let you know?



More content for you guys!!!


Hello hello! Ok so it seems I totally forgot to update this blog. Maybe because I was too busy having sex lol But don’t worry I didn’t forget you. I’m coming back with great news for you guys as I have many ¬†great new content for you : coming soon a GG scene with the amazing Sandy. You will love it. Pictures AND videos!


After that I’ll have a very intense scene with a male performer . I don’t tell his name yet…I’m sure you’ll like it.


Another one very special involving a lot of foot fetish and then a Boy Girl Girl etc….

Also coming for you sexy solo masturbations, strip-teases, private videos….

And I can tell you I’ll update my website more often now. I’m officially starting directing, which means, I’ll produce more content, but of course, still with me!


I can’t wait to share all these hot videos with you. Don’t forget I’m also connected on my webcam several times each months so we can enjoy some time together! That’s the perfect opportunity to chat and let me know what you want to see, what you like and of course ask me questions if you have some!


I give you a big big kiss and I post for you very soon a new article with pics of my upcoming scenes!!






P.S and don’t forget to follow me on TWITTER !! ¬†@katsuni


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New pics made in LA!

After more than one month in the USA, here I am, back on the roads for a tour of shows and signings at Sexpo , Australia. Before I show you the pics of this new trip, let me show you the ones I did recently in the US ! (personal and BTS):

– With the Asian American pornstar¬†Asa Akira for ¬†¬†¬ĽSuperstar Showdown.¬†¬Ľ¬†The idea being to compare two popular adult female performers and organize a kind of contest through various sexual practices (blowjob, handjob, G/G scene, B/G , striptease ‚Ķ) and everything being watched ¬ę¬†very closely¬†¬Ľ by a very sexy jury this time 100% Asian : Charmane Star, Annie Cruz and Michelle Maylene.¬†I will obviously not tell ¬†who won. But you will soon ¬†be able to, discover it ¬†yourself !

РMy surprise birthday cake that I tasted with my Frenchy girlfriend Dolly Golden, in the US for a few weeks.. My private pictures taken with her can’t be published here sorry :-)

– ¬†French actor ‚Ķ.¬†Manuel Ferrara or at least‚Ķhis mold . The very popular performer is about to launch his own line of sex toys ( can‚Äôt wait to buy some and take them in my luggages!) Why a picture of this mold?¬†‚Ķ Well, I was actually there to ¬ę¬†encourage¬†¬Ľ him so he could get the best shape‚Ķ¬†Mission accomplished!¬†The dildo ¬†will be ¬ę¬†magnifique¬†¬Ľ! Ladies, ¬†will you think of me sometimes when you ¬†will use it?

РOn set with Manuel Ferrara before our scene for AND with Jenna Haze . A threesome scene that I highly recommend. (my very first scene with Jenna! )

– ¬ę¬†In Love With¬†Lilly Labeau¬ę¬†, a delicious young porn star ¬†who, like me , loves girls ‚Ķ. we truly shared a pleasant moment for ¬†a movie ¬ę¬†with girls only¬†¬Ľ and directed by¬†Nica Noelle, with whom I particularly like working.

РOops…Some pics of me relaxing….good desserts, cuddles with my agent’s cat.

РA few BTS pics on set for Asian pornstar Miko Lee. Our first collaboration and first scenes together! Here is a trilogy about… vampires .. More pics soon online.

РMy visit to  the Niagara Falls during my weekend of shows in Toronto, Canada, and where I , of course, brought my dear little friend: Dodo!

РAnd ,finally, a picture for my interview with Manuel Ferrara for the French adult magazine Hot Video… ( should I say again that he’s from far my favorite actor?) and the first page of the US magazine XBiz for another movie directed by  Nica Noelle and where we both perform . Another  adult movie that I highly recommend! ( and I swear that the script is really good for once)

Stay tuned for new pictures and do not forget to meet me during my webcam shows next month onhttp://www.clubkatsuni.com !

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Here are the few pics I promised to you :-)

Finaly a few pics to show you! !¬†Here are¬†just¬†some¬†pictures taken¬†in¬†my hotel room¬†a few days ago, while my (very) private video¬†with¬†Manuel¬†Ferrara¬†…¬†Hmmm¬†…¬†that was¬†good!

Okay¬†..¬†I’m leaving now for ¬†three weeks and about to ¬†travel in a country¬†where¬†I will¬†normally have ¬†no¬†access to adult websites,¬†so¬†I apologize¬†in¬†advance¬†for not¬†posting¬†more¬†articles¬†in the coming days¬†…¬†but I promise, I will post¬†pics as soon as i’ll be back!


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Send me your ideas! I want to know what turns you on..

Hello from Paris! I’m here for a few days left and guess what? In a few hours I shoot a new video for http://www.clubkatsuni.com with my favorite performer, Manuel Ferrara ūüôā I’m really really excited, you have no idea. I’m sure you will like it. I found a nice hotel room and we’re going to have fun together just him…and me…nobody else..no crew. What is better than real sex right?

I will shoot more private videos and of course I will do everything which turn me on with only guys and girls I really like. But honestly, I would be very interested to know your fantaisies. What woud you like to see of me? So you want to see me sucking a dick in a parking lot? outside? in a hotel room? What turns you on? Feel free to post comments to let me know your suggestions…cast, stories etc.. I promise to then do my best to make videos that will make you happy ūüôā

Ok….time for me to get ready…I may post a pic on this blog … so come back soon!

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Back in Paris! Missing LA , already…

I’m now back in Paris but it was a good surprise to land with a sunny weather. I can’t wait to be back in LA and do more movies but in fact I’ll shoot a little bit of content in Paris. A few scenes that you will for sure appreciate I think ūüôā

I’ll send soon a few pics. Landed today, need to sleep and having the jetlag…Be patient!

And please don’t forget to vote for me as Best Female Performer, Best Personal website (for http://www.clubkatsuni.com of course!) and Best web design at the GALAXY AWARDS on¬†http://www.thegalaxyawards.com/nominees-europe/ !

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Here I am!…more than ever!


Ok you know what? This blog drives me crazy. I have tonnes of pics to show you and I feel so frustrated because my blog doesn’t allow me to post zip files …and yes I have a LOT of pics for you ūüôĀ So until I find a solution with my webmaster, ¬†I invite you to check my other blog written in French and English http://www.ilovekatsuni.com, if you want to real all my news and see all my recent pics.
Any news to tell you ? Wow, it has been such a long time that I didn’t post that I could write a whole book to tell you all the good things that happened to me!

Just let’s say that my life is still busy and more happy tha ever. Work, work, work and so much fun and pleasure. I’ve been for the 1st time of my life in Australia (check pics here : http://www.ilovekatsuni.com/index.php/category/photos/) , kept traveling all over the world ad I’m now back in the US, not exclusive anymore with Digital Playground . Why? Check this great interview I did for AInews :http://ainews.com/story/18946/

Also I have now my own TV show in France on maisntream channel MCM. It’s named “Kastuni’s sexy mangas” .It’s a sexy program about Henta√Įs (Japanese animes for adults…really really hot and pervert!). Watch the VIDEO !

And to finish, besides my own brand of sexy lingerie PETIT COEUR that I keep developping , I just launched a collection of T-shirt in collaboration with French brand OTAKU . All styles are on my Facebook page. Want to watch the BTS trailer ? Click here.

So as you can see I keep myself busy and most of all I’m BACK in the X bsuiness ! Working ¬†now for so many different companies…new girls, new guys to have fun with…Shooting also for myself and working on new great content for you guys. Yes, I know, it has been a while since I didn’t post new scenes but this month I work on it! New solo videos, strip-tease, masturbation, amazing sexy pics, and most of all private videos with my favorite performers… I’m sure you’re going to love it.
Besides, as you must know I do now webcam shows! So we can now chat and play together :-)) Next webcam show? On Sunday the 20Th, February at 9pm (LA time). Don’t forget that you can also watch my girlfriends for free! All their videos and webcam shows for you if you’re a member! For non-members it’s still possible to watch me but you must then join : http://katsuni.cammodels.com/

You see, I don’t forget you….I just regret to not be able to post naughty sexy pics here. But follow me on my blog, check my posts (soft) on Facebook and join my FACEBOOK group and follow me every day on twitter! ¬†http://www.twitter.com/katsuni . My post also automatically appear on http://www.clubkatsuni.com (US version ) and http://www.clubkatsuni.fr (French version ).

Leave me comments guys! And see you on Sunday 20th!!

French Kisses

P.S : by the way, got 2 AVN awards + 1 Xbiz Award this year. 2011 is gonna be a good year, I can feel it :-))

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I repeat myself but I must apologize for having been so lazy. Believe me I worked HARD these last months…But I just realize that by saying each day “Ok, I will write a post for my blog tomorrow,no worries…” it is now 8 MONTHS since I didn’t write!!! I just come back from Asia Adult Expo…and my last post was about …Asia Adult Expo in December 2009. Wow.. Ok I have many things to tell you..how could i start?
Well I have of course to resume . How could I tell my story of these last months just in a few words? You know what could make things more simple and probably less boring for you?¬†I’m going to post in my next article (and I promise that this time I won’t post in 8 months) a very special galery of pics which will represent these moments that I didn’t share with you…Will it help you to forgive me? You don’t see me but right now I’m on my knees begging for you to forgive me ūüėČ (I knew you’d like it)
Since Asia Adult Expo in 2009¬†my job as a “pornstar” brought many good experiences..Right after this crazy even in Macau I¬†flew to Manila in Philippines, not for professional purposes¬†in fact.It was almos a spiritual¬†break in my busy-“hurry up” life.¬†I must say¬†that I¬†met amazing people there. No money and a huge heart..no money but so much to give..I then went back to USA to shoot and kept great memories in my mind..Priceless..Then arrived January and its popular AVN show. Always fun but this time Digital Playground really kept us busy and I swear that at the next ones I will definitely party and worry less about being fresh to sign at the booth. Being professional is one thing , but sometimes I forget that I chose porn to be free, to break the rules, push the limits, have sex and have fun.. And f….! Vegas is Vegas! It’s time to enjoy! I won’t go there every year.Time is precious, life is a gift…and my job is a benediction. I will be professional by being aware of how lucky I am and appreciate more what I have in my hands.

Besides that, since my last post, I shot new scenes of course and¬† you can watch here on my website: new castings scenes that I really enjoyed filming and performing.I must admit I don’t shoot enough and I have now the energy and motivation to shoot more next time I’ll be back in LA (I never shoot in France) .I of course worked for Digital Playground and did beautiful movies and boxcovers…”Teachers”, “Fly Girls”…fun to do and fun to watch. I’m proud to have been a part of these great projects.¬† I did new shows in USA, in France, Italy, Greece…in clubs , in adult conventions…Very important : I launched my brand of sexy lingerie PETIT COEUR in France and¬† some foreign countries and focus now on the US market. I have also¬†now my own TV show in France that I start this month. A TV show about Henta√Įs (erotic animes)¬†on a mainstream channel!! That’s going to be very very hot. In fact I’m right now doing the promotion of this show in medias in France. That was unexpected. Love this kind of surprises ūüôā
Today I’m still working on my project of comics. You know what it is. People tell you they love you and want to sign you right now…Then, you don’t¬†why,¬†they change their mind, you lose time and nothing is signed yet…So still working on it because I don’t want to give up such an exciting project¬†! But at least the script is written and I can’t wait to see it published..
What else? Oh, yes! I’m single now! Yep! Since this summer it’s official..which is quite a good timing. Being single for Christmas is kind of depressing but in Summer in California with my friends who are single too! Oh lala! For me who used to be always very serious (probably due to my Asian backgrounds), who usualy never go out and prefer to stay in bed with my lap-top like a¬†nerd- geek, that was truly an experience to go out in clubs in LA! It just made me realized that I was missing a part of my life…
So these last months have been really intense…professionaly, personaly…I went back to Macau to feature-dance and promote my brand PETIT COEUR, I did a 27h trip to then go to Las Vegas for the Exotic Dancers Expo at the Mirage. Still didn’t win the award I wanted (Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year)¬†but had so much fun… Being in Vegas when you’re with your boyfriend and go there when you’re single really make things different. This is how I met the sexy and incredibly talentuous Rachell Laree, an athletic blond young woman who just won the award of Best Exotic Dancer 2009 and can walk on her hands, take off her bra, smile and steal your hat with her toes…Yes, all in one time . And yes, it’s finaly possible to meet great people in this business ūüôā

All these events bring us to today. I’m in Paris, the sky is grey, I’m supposed to focus¬†on my book (found a great editor in France) but… I’m lazy..I’m addicted to Facebook, Twitter, to the guys I want to fuck and who are not here in Paris¬†to satisfy me…Now that I’m a businesswoman I can’t afford to jus wait for the next bookings…I’m my own agent and my own assistant for many things. Leaving in a few weeks for South of France to be the egery of an Erotic Fair, then go to Belgium for another one…then to Australia (yeah!!) for 3 crazy weeks¬†and then …Reunion and Mayotte…a¬†paradise where you swimm with dolphins and turtles…If you follow me until now you must have an idea of how happy it makes me..

So that’s it! Oh no! I forgot! I’m not with Digital Playground anymore. We divorced lol I never stay more than 4 years with somebody, i had to evolve and just get some changes. So I’ll still work with them of course, they’re the bests and I enjoy working with them. But Ladies and Gentlemen I’m back in the business! For those who miss to see me in hardcore gonzos you will of course find more content here in http:/www.clubkatsuni.com , but you’re also find me in big movies for other companies…And I’m sure that you’re going to love that.

At least but not the last, I want you to be happy and I don’t want you to live. This month, it’s official and it will be soon announced here in my schedule : I ‘LL MEET YOU BEHIND MY WEBCAM! For many reasons I didn’t do that until now but I’m reay guys! and I can’t wait to be able to chat with you. We can’t dream a better way to know each other and…spend great time together ūüôā

Ok I must translate this post for my French members now! I give you a huge kiss and will post this week some pics you will for sure appreciate.

I’m back guys!!!

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My Travel Diary: Part 4 . Elusive japanese beauties


¬† Here I am, wedged against 4 big pillows. My toes wiggle with happiness under the soft and light quilt. The sheets feel good, I took a hot bath that gives me the feeling of being a soft pink lobster, I can finally resume my story ….

  • We are therefore in Macau for the Asian Adult Expo, 2nd edition, and larger adult¬†exhibition in Asia. And yes, it is only the 2nd year for this show in its infancy last year, but¬†today it looks rather promising. However no foreign video production companies are there; why? Porn is illegal in China and the market belongs to the Japanese¬†companies that have clearly nothing to do with Western porn. Shocking detail but¬†that you will probably appreciate , all the porn actresses “made in Asia” are pretty!¬†Here no ultra close-ups where the curves of the¬†girls¬†are over-exposed (if not “exploded”) on¬† DVD covers; only portraits of nymphs, the prettiest Asian girls ever: big¬† innocent eyes , pretty heart-shaped mouth, clear and smooth skin, firm small breasts or¬†heavy¬†¬†ones¬†as round an savory as warm brioches; ¬†they pose, innocent or falsely provocative,¬†making a bashful smile, accessible and valuable.¬†In front of such ¬†an intact beauty,¬†how is it not possible to dream of seeing these angels tasting the sins of the flesh? The next day I had the chance to meet three of them and enjoy their unique beauty.¬†This time I was there as a journalist for the french adult magazine Hot Video. My mission:¬†to interview there 3 japanese pornstars.¬†Mission that I didn’t accomplish¬†without difficulty in fact. Differences of mentalities and cultures don’t¬†always help; Japanese people don’t work the same way as¬†French people do : no improvisation, no spontaneity, no ” we will see”¬†. Respect¬†someone is to express¬† the importance¬†he has for us and therefore it is essential to organize the interview¬† in advance . The french photographer Marc Lelong and journalist shooting the “Hot Reports”for the website, ¬†Gerome,¬†come with¬†me at the meeting.
  • ¬†I have¬†in front of¬†me Suo Yukiko, Sasa Handa and Misss.Noa. Each one¬†is delightfully different..¬†I want them all . Suo is the¬†romantic girl who dreams of becoming a woman, to exist, to be under the flash lights. Her white dress is floating just above her knees¬†; if¬†the dolls could speak they would¬†have her¬†voice. She¬†is an angel who think that she¬†can fly higher by being a¬†pornostar. If¬†such illusions can sometimes make me smile in France, here they are touching my heart. She laughs like a shy virgin, blushing to confess¬†her wildest fantasies, having sex “outside”, outside her bed. I must be dreaming, but yet I know she’s honnest.¬†She is neither¬†the player¬†Jenna Haze or the “dirty talker”Jesse Jane ,¬†she¬†is a flower of 20 years old and who¬†is probably even not aware yet of her own sex.
  • Sasa is¬†a little candy.¬†Her flaws make¬†her even¬†more attractive and I can not help but imagine her fastened, a gag over her mouth, her huge¬†breasts balancing from left to right as she’s pretending to escape .A pretty Asian¬†girl, it’s already something beautiful, but a beautiful Asian girl with large natural¬†breasts that make you forget Marylin Monore, that¬†is simply a miracle. They generously overflowing from¬†her¬†neckline,¬†¬†seem¬†becoming¬†always¬†bigger…. I have some¬†difficulties to¬†focus. I try to get back on her face and look¬†into her eyes.¬†A candid look,¬† adorable ears a bit too much¬†beyond¬†her black hair. A real little sex-toy. She does’nt¬†do “girl/girl”¬†she says. “I’m scared of fingers.” If you knew¬†honey¬†how fast¬†I could make you change your mind. Your fears and your certainties make you more desirable …
  • ¬†¬†On her¬†left, the older and stronger one, Miss Noa¬†openly adept of sex for sex ; she does not dream of glory, she just wants to get pleasure. Well, my Japanese sister?¬†She’s less pretty, she is a little bit too skinny, she doesn’t have the round curves of a Chinese bun, but playing with her would be my pleasure .¬†Because I¬†know ….that¬†she knows, and sharing our knowledge would be an interesting moment for both of us.
  • Failing to make my¬† feet rub¬†by¬† these 3 creatures, I would at least like to have some sexy pics of them. These are the rules: no pictures, no interview printed ! In Hot Video magazine, no cheap pics¬†taken on the web or fast “souvenir” pictures. I respect that…but considering the circontances, I wish it was different. After¬†some polite requests to¬†the company which holds¬†in exclusivity¬†the 3¬†pretty little faces and bodies of my interviewees, I realize that¬†there won’t be anything published.¬†I will report later that behind the affable nods, and the repetitions of “yes-yes”¬†, is hiding a¬†great indifference for us, foreigners; it seems that the Japanese think a different way than anybody I met until now. While Westerners¬†expose free¬†adult content on¬†the web or offer for free great double-pages of hardcore pictures to the magazines in order to do their “promotion”, the Japaneses¬†carefully preserve¬†¬†their actresses. The real exposure for a girl is then¬†to play in a mainstream¬† movie or to be¬†on TV, not to do an interview for a magazine they do not know. We must also recognize that their X-rated industry is already very successful since it provides an entire continent, and they have no need to please¬† foreigners that¬†represent more a kind of¬†danger and¬†pollution, and not a market to conquer. This impression is then confirmed to me by¬†some Chineses and some¬†Australians¬†who know the¬†Japan’s adult industry.
  • ¬†Fortunately I could meet later¬† other Japanese girls, much more¬†outgoing and friendly¬†…. which is, I must admit, less exciting. We can not have it all. Like me, the¬†“Libido” will be performing on stage tomorrow. We sympathize when the 1st night we receive with a big smile at the press conference, a certificate of thanks from the organizers of the show. (I have the impression that the awards and distinctions are essential in Asian culture).
  • ¬†Already 8pm. I must¬†meet for dinner¬†the manufacturers of my line of lingerie¬†who are present at the event. I leave you again (you will have to get used ), and I don’t yet when I’ll meet you again, but for sure I’ll¬†be probably back¬† with the answers to some of my questions…¬†


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My Travel Diary : Part 3 – Crazy Macau



  • We are Tuesday December 2nd and I landed in Hong-Kong. A driver who doesn’t speak a single word of English but is still laughing, a great design hotel found on tripadvisor located in Kowloon, then a nice walk where I get lost (I love losing myself in big cities…it’s always the best way to visit) in the middle of a huge crowed made with¬† small people. lol. In the morning I get on the ferry that drives me to Macau, the asian Las Vegas … “The most corrupted city in the world” said Orson Wells. When speaking of American culture we can not fail to mention their sense of excess, their taste for extremes, for ¬ę¬†bling bling¬†¬Ľ, their boldness¬†that goes up¬†to reproduce in the middle of nowhere some of the most representative monuments of the European culture: the Eiffel Tower, the Coliseum, the Palace of Venice …¬†honnestly it was daring ; ¬†but again, if Asians are more discreet, they secretly built a brand new empire .Fast, hardworking, they build with the determination of an army of ants¬†ready to dominate the world and the whole solar system that goes with it. If Macau is still a draft of Las Vegas, still having a lot under construction, the few hotel-casinos already mark their overwhelming domination. The Venetian is not less than the largest hotel in the world, Macau and its gamers generate more money than Vegas and I even heard that it generates as much as all US casinos together.


  • Here no Elvis , no Marilyn, no flyers distributed on the streets to offer the services of an escort girl, no bachelor parties where revelers crammed spread across your path, not even in the vice and gambling, Asian remains in its place, serious and disciplined and girls are exposed side by side, “ready to eat”.I do not know what worries me the¬†most: their little faces unbelievably juvenile, or the number they wear pinned to their breasts. Las Vegas slot machines sing their songs of sirens 24h a day ; you are caught in a tumult that make¬†you lose the head, even for those that do not¬†gamble, the melody¬†of¬†the falling coins¬†is intoxicating, heady, to a point where silence in your suite then seems alarming. I have not this feeling in Macau. I am lost in the immensity of this town/ hotel / mega-mall / casino /, all gaming tables are busy, I’m only in a microcosm in which, myself , I am a tiny particle. I just want to find my room and sit on a soft bed, remove my socks and lay down arms and legs wide open in the ¬ę¬†star position¬†¬Ľ..


  • S…., my computer has no more batterie, too bad. I must leave you on the platform of this train station. Besides, we’re arriving at Kowloon, my destination. It seems that things are pretty well made.

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