Penthouse Cover Release

March 22nd, 2012
Get your personalized autographed copy today! Let me know what you want signed on your copy after paying the $25 into my account Not only am I on the cover but I have 2 centerfolds I will sign. Enjoy!

Spearmint Rhino Appearance

March 22nd, 2012

I will be making a special guest appearance in Lexington, KY at The Spearmint Rhino April 5, 6 & 7th so stop on out and say hello! I will be feature dancing on stage, signing autographs and taking pictures for my fans. Hope to see you there!

Howard Stern

March 21st, 2012

I wanted to let everyone know I will be on Howard Stern promoting my Penthouse cover for April 2012 this coming tuesday so listen in.

Home on a friday night.

August 15th, 2008

So I went to the store for about 6 hours putting in all new inventory.  Had to restock already.  I also had a new employee in training.  It was a good day so I’m satisfied. Also had a great meeting today regarding a huge media promotion for the store so I’m stocked.  Lets just home it all works out. I left Gizmo at home all day so I came home and decided to stay in for the night. So I’m home watching the Olympics.  So exciting!! I’ve been watching every day.  The boys went to Camden to watch Slipnot, Disturbed and some other bands. Not so bad chillin with the Gizmo bear and a few beers.  LOL!!   I didn’t get to go to the gym today so I’m kind of bummed.  I did some floor exercises at home so that makes me feel a little better.  Tomorrow  going to be shooting one of my quick sex tip promos and a masturbation video.  I hope I can work up the camera guy enough to do a POV scene with me.  He’s a new guy and so fucking hot.  I’ll probably intimate him.  He doesn’t even know what he’s even in for.  Like I said I need some real cock inside me. Lets see how it pans out.  Have a good night.

Kisses! Gina

Time to get back to work

August 13th, 2008

We’ll the store is up and running.  I dedicated my last two months to make sure everything went right.  The store just looks beautiful.  Everyone loves it.  I have about 3 employees and my manager who’s just great.  He has experience in retail so he’s teaching us.  Had some slow days and some good days.  Opening weekend was  awesome.  We had a line out the door waiting for Riley Cote’s  autograph and my employees would encourage people to buy.  Here on the East coast a lot of people are unsure about Skin.  Its new to them.  In LA skin is everywhere.  You cant be on the highway without seeing a skin sticker on a car.  The trend will eventually catch on.

We’ll now that I put everything I have into this store I’m ready to get back to work.  I trust my management enough to run the store while I go away. I haven’t done a scene in a while so my body is tingling for some action. I have been pleasuring myself a few times a day to make up for it.  There’s nothing better than a real cock inside me.  I think today I’ll be doing some video footage around the house.  I was in Miami and at the internet convention learning how to make my site better.  So hopefully the tips I got will help out.  The weather was terrible which kind of sucked because we were at a great resort. So  I’m home for the next two weeks. I really want to step up my workout and TRY, lol!! to do a better diet. We’ll see how I make out with it. I’m going to try and schedule my live show for next wednesday.  So wait for the announcement.  On the 24th I’m scheduled to go on location for a new Howard Stern TV special.  Guess I’m there go to girl now.  Who knows what they have planned for me.  I’m sure I’ll have a blast though.



Not much craziness but a whole lot of anticipation.

July 9th, 2008

So yes! I’ve been a good girl these  last weekends.    Actually had some home town fun.  I’ve gone midnight rock bowling and played some miniature golf and just been doing low key dinners and renting movies.  Seems though I’ve been falling asleep during them.  LOL!! been so exhausted running around making sure I have all my basis covered for my grand opening.  I’ve been getting to spend much needed time with my local friends.  They all supporting me with the store and helping out as much as they can.  They are just as excited as we are.  The boys finally  got all the painting done.  It looks 100% better.  We’re in the process of changing all the sconces.  The old ones are hideous.  It was an old Gordon  Jewelers.  So now I’m just waiting for the new carpet to come in and get installed.  The sign and all my bad ass wall graphics are being made now.  I  hired my store manager and now I have to find all my other employees.  I have a major task at hand.  I did go and take a peak in the pod with all the store contents and got a bit overwhelmed so I’ll have to get a big ass U-haul with a bunch of my friends to unload when the time comes.  I went through one of the boxes and saw this sweet helmet.  The skin designs are just so amazing.  I know the store is going to be a success.  I just cant wait!!  So last night after the gym I got to relax in my Jacuzzi and got a little something from somebody.  It was a great ending to a tiring day.  I slept like a baby.  Just hope my neighbors didn’t hear.  Last week I did get to do a live show.  It went welll except for my sound wasn’t working.  I’ll know by monday if I can schedule in another for next week.  So this weekend I have no choice but to take a break from the store.  I get to release all my sexual energy on stage.  I fly out tonight to El Paso, Texas to feature dance at the Red Parrot.  If you’re in the area please come visit me.  Hope to see you there.  Love, Gina 

My week so far.

June 19th, 2008

We’ll much hasn’t been going on.  Monday night I went to my friends suite and watched the Philly’s game and was a bad girl.  Everyone was pretty much drunk toward end of game.  We did have a fun night till I made someone mad.   My sexual antics really pissed someone off.  So I’m punished for the week. So I’ve just been sitting home at night getting myself off.  He He!!  I had some time to think about what I did and find a way to redeem myself.  Maybe I’ll be aloud out tomorrow night.  No more than 1 or 2 shots please.  I’ll be under close surveillance and on my best behavior.  Last night I did go to King of Prussia to interview a girl for management position for my Skin store.  She is already a manage at another Lifestyle clothing store.  She totally knows her shit.  She  is exactly what I need.  I’ve been doing so much paper work its so complicated to open up another business.  The challenge is exciting though!  I thought I had most of my bases covered but I forgot about health insurance for my full time employees.  So I’ll have to get up on that.  About to watch the movie the Eye right now with Jessica Alba. She’s so hot!!!  Talk to you soon.xoxoGina 

Did you see The Secret Lives of Women??-Porn Stars

June 15th, 2008

My LA  week went okay.  We’ll my sex scenes for other companies were a lot of fun.  I shot for Brazzers and Elegant Angel.  The first scene the scene was for porn star’s like it big.  They had a cute little scrip and an extra guy in the scene.  I had to apologize to the extra guy.  The set up was I was sick of being booked with small dick guys.   I had to pull his pants down and humiliate him in front of the whole crew. Ha Ha!  I felt so bad.  I would never talk to talent that way.  Just when that happens I see the sound guy has a huge hard on for me and I say I want him.  Then we rocked the scene. Once again I squirted but only once.   LOL!! In all honesty I don’t mind working with smaller penises!  Don’t get me wrong I like them big also but when  I do too many scenes with huge dicks I get really sore for the week.   The next day I shot a cooking show scene and we made a banana cream pie.  My cleavage was just pouring out of my apron.  I started making sexual comments and teasing the chef  until he gave in.  The best part of that day was after the sex.  I got to throw the banana cream pie in the Brazzers correspondent’s face who is played by Charles Dera.  I got him so good.  It was such a good release.  LOL!!  The next day was for Elegant Angel and my whole tease I got to shake my ass to my favorite hip hop music under a water fall.  Easy fun day and the sex was so hot! The weekend ended with signing at LA Erotica for 3 days.  It was okay.  I really wanted to sell a lot more merchandise than I did.  The fans mainly want to take pictures with us.   I don’t blame them they only get that chance once in a while.  I did win for favorite ass at the Fame awards during the convention so that was cool.My main focus lately has been on opening my Skin store.  Its all coming together so fast.  Still can’t believe my grand opening will be August 1st.   I just want to have all bases covered.  That’s why I’m putting away every penny I make besides taking care of my responsibilites.  I haven’t been spoiling myself at all.  I’ve been cutting a lot of costs.  Everything is for my store till it gets going.  It will all pay off in the future.  We’ll I still spoil the Gizmo Bear of course.  My poor baby was so stressed out that week.   We stay at Jules house when we go to LA.  He got this adorable puppy and it has too much energy for Gizmo to handle.  Once Sable gets out of the puppy stage they’ll be okay together. Gizmo is set in her ways she is 7 and half years old.  We headed by to philadelphia on monday.  The trip wasn’t over for me.  Travis took Gizmo home and I had to drive to NYC to a licensing trade show on behalf of Skin Industries.  It was different to be at a mainstream convention.  Lots of suit people.  I signed some autographs and put the word out I was opening up a store in King of Prussia.  They seemed rather impressed.  I was a total asset  in acquiring business contacts so I did my part.  While I was in the city  the WE showed aired so I missed the premier.  What a tease I had all my friends texting me while they were watching it.  We were in the Hawaiian Tropic Sports Bar watching the Celtics/Lakers game.  If you ever get to go to time square in NYC check it out there.  Every waitress is attractive serving you in a bikini and the food is fantastic.  I’ve been home since wed night catching up on everything as usual.  I finally caught the show at 3am.  It was so amazing.  Probably my favorite reality based show I’ve been a part of .  I think you can catch it again on the 17th 11pm eastern time.  Well Happy Fathers day to all the Dads!! Today I will be cooking a special chicken dish.  One of my moms great recipes for our fathers day celebration.  Hope you had a great weekend!xoxo Gina  

Great news!!

May 31st, 2008

Things have been quite hectic!! I can honestly say one of my dreams is actually coming true.  We’ll before I get to that I’ve had the normal Gina Lynn craziness going on.   From hosting parties to my fun fucking on camera and off.  LOL!!   I had my party in Miami I hosted with Jesse Jane and that of course was a good time. Finally got to hang out together.  I apparently impressed the right people.   I’ve gotten booked in Miami a few more times and also a big Jamaica gig.  Those are my easiest events.  I’m getting paid the big bucks to get vip and dance at a normal club event.   Love it!!  I also had a stepping stone by hosting the XRCO awards at the Highlands in CA.  I got over a bit of my stage fright with public speaking.  One glass of wine and a great co- host did the job.  I was actually very proud of myself.  Carmen and I worked great as a team.  While I was out there I also hosted a party for Skin Industries.  It was there 10 year anniversary party.  I had an incredible time the place was mobbed.  Its the best Life Style clothing on the market.  I’ve been working with them for the last two years with modeling and events.  I fell in love with everything having to do with them.  For the last year and half my goal was to open my own Skin Store in PA and bring it to the east.  I’ve been very persistent with Al Borda the owner of the company.  We’ll its paid off!!  He’s seen how I’ve promoted his product every time I’ve had the chance.  So I will be licensing out the name to open up my new store August 1st in King of Prussia mall in PA where I reside.  He’s going to fly out and square away every detail and make sure the store is perfect.  This is one of the biggest and busiest high end mall in the US.  The location couldn’t be any better.  We’re all super excited about this.  No worries at all.  I’ll continue to bring you new hard core scenes and keep all of you happy.  I’ll be working more than ever.  The first few months are going to be tough so I have to continue to work and make lots of money!  I have much overhead.  It will be well worth it.   Juggling both is going to a challenge but I’m ready for it.  So wednesday I hosted my Sex and the City party.  That was a huge turnout for the club they were very happy.  Some of the Eagle players showed up and about 9 of the Phillies!  Speaking about Athletes I’m so sad the Flyers season is over.  I miss my boys.  Oh Well!  They’ll be back soon.  I’ll make sure they show up to my Skin Grand opening party.  Bam Margera, his wife Missy and his crew also came by.  Funny! He said he never saw me that drunk.  He’s usually the one fucked up.   I swear I was drunk till like noon the next day.  I got a massive headache toward the end of the day.  Bam wanted us to come to hang where he lives.  I was just hurting but he insisted I cure it with some beers.  How can I say NO to him.  He’s a good guy and always comes to our events.  I didn’t stay out to late because I had a scene the next day.  Good times as always!! This weekend I’ve just been chillin taking it easy.  No drinking!! Cleansing the body.  Spending time with family.  Monday I have a gg scene with a smokin hot blonde.  It will be my final scene for my on going series Fresh Breed 5.  All new people except for me of course.  I just break them in.     She’s never done anything like this before.  Nice round ass and big beautiful tits.  I’ve very excited!  We are going to look fabulous together.  Tuesday we’ll be flying to LA I’ll be shooting for some other company’s plus it will be the LA Erotica convention.  So if you’re in the area come by and see me at Jules Jordan Video booth.  I’ll be selling photos and movies and all that good stuff.  After LA I head right to NYC.  I’ll be doing an International trade show promoting Skin Industries.  What I do best!  Wish me luck with everything.Kisses! Gina 


April 8th, 2008

We’ll my weekend was nice.  Relaxing!  A few disappointing set backs that I’ll just have to deal with some how.  I’m not going to let it ruin my time at home.  Friday night we went to the Flyers game.  Such a great game my favorite Scottie Upshall scored so that made me very happy.  I’m going to confirm what I said I do love being around athletes more than any other celebrity.  We went to Chickie and Petes like usual after the game with some of the guys and their wives/girlfriends.  Later on we met up with more of the crew at Pearl a hot spot in Philly I’ve never been to.  The music was good so I had a blast dancing.  Travis is so funny he’s taking credit for me getting to meet all these team players.  He says it brings excitement to my life that was missing.  I just think he likes seeing me happy even if I’m fantasizing about having sex with half the Flyers team.  Just kidding only one or two.  He he!!  Unfortunately the porn industry sometimes takes away your ability to fantasize.  It did for me there for while but now I got it back and loving every minute of it.  There’s not a lot of guys that would be able to put up with me in a relationship so we have a good thing going.  I’m not going to feel to bad.  He certainly gets his share of excitement. LOL!!  Saturday was a lazy day just hung around the house not doing much.  Woke up late because we got in at wee hrs of the morning.  Later on that day we went bowling so I can get some practice.  I totally stunk the first game.  I’m not going to even tell you the score.  It was so embarrassing!! The second game surprisingly I got two strikes in a row.  I did 80 percent better.  I’m not consistent so It makes me nervous.  I want to do decent for the Howard Stern bowling event.  I’m going again thursday to practice some more. This time I’m going to get a wrist guard to see if it helps any.   Yesterday I had a good work out at the gym and went tanning just trying to maintain.  Today I’m just doing my beauty stuff hair and nails so I can look pretty for my live show tomorrow.  All my members to my site get to watch me.  So I’ll see you soon.  Kisses!  GinaLIVE CAM SHOW WED APRIL 9th at 9:00 to 10:00 pm eastern standard time.