Chanel Preston Racks Up Multiple NightMoves Award Nominations: Best Female Performer & Best Ass Nominee Also Featured in 5 Nominated Movies!

Statuesque goddess and Penthouse Pet Chanel Preston is nominated for Best Female Performer and Best Ass at the 21st Annual NightMoves Awards. The awards will take place in Tampa, Florida, on Monday, October 14 – voting is now available to fans of the brunette stunner.

Chanel is also featured in 5 NightMoves-nominated films, including Immortal Love (Best Feature Production), Breaking Bad XXX (Best Parody – Drama), Birds of Prey XXX (Best Parody – Super Hero), Iron Man XXX (Best Parody – Super Hero), and Anal Sweetness (Best All Sex Release).

“NightMoves was the very first adult award I ever received,” says Chanel. “It’s always so nice to be recognized – and to be a part of so many projects that are also contenders. I want to thank all my fans and reviewers, as well as the studios and directors who chose to make me a part of their projects. I am definitely looking forward to October and the Awards!”

For more information on the NightMoves Awards, and to vote for Chanel Preston, visit

The statuesque stunner, who hosts the adult industry news show, Inside Adult, was also recently named a host for the upcoming 2014 AVN Awards.

NightMoves® Awards, started in 1993, is the third oldest, continuously running, adult awards show in the United States, trailing only the AVN Awards and the XRCO Awards. The NightMoves Awards were the first to allow fans to select the winners, making it the original Fan Based Awards, as well as the first awards show to allow on-line voting.

Chanel, who has received multiple accolades from 7 different adult awards competitions, started in her adopted home state of Hawaii as a dancer in gentlemen’s clubs. In addition to her NightMoves nominations, Chanel is currently nominated for Porn Star of the Year, Sexiest Adult Star, Porn’s Best Body, as well as six separate Hottest Sex Scene nominations, at the fan-voting-only awards show, The Sex Awards.

Chanel’s official website provides an intimate and interactive look at the adult superstar. To become a member, visit

Chanel vs Her Own Horoscope

So, I have this app. And if you follow me on Twitter you may already know this, but I have this horoscope app and every day it gives me a small sentence about love, mood, career, and wellness. They all are the normal horoscopey type phrases you would expect… except for the wellness. The wellness one always says really bizarre things. One time it told me I needed to immediately go to a doctor to get blood work drawn, and then just yesterday it told me it doesn’t make sense to apply slimming cream if I’m just going to go to the bakery… I’m sure you can see my concern with this app. It also told my friend that her aches and pains were going to completely ruin her day, and I remember it telling me one time I was putting on some weight, so I should head to the gym.

What you may have noticed in the previous paragraph is I used the word “told,” as if there was a real person telling me these things. As if there was a little, old lady sitting inside my app rubbing her wrinkly hands all over her weird crystal ball, and the moment I open the app, I get a very quiet little whisper in my ear saying something like this, “You’re getting fat, Bitch.”

So, I’m guilty of personifying an app on my phone. But isn’t it fun sometimes? Isn’t it fun to imagine we don’t have to figure things out for a moment, and you can just push a little button, and it will tell you what you need to know that day about love, moods, careers, and wellness? This is why so many people love horoscopes, because it’s like a choose your own adventure. You can read your horoscope one day, and it will tell you you’re going to have an amazing day, and you totally believe it! But another day it can tell you you’re going to have a shitty day, and you can tell it to go fuck off because it’s all fake anyway.

So if I had a choice, would I want an app that could truly tell me how my day was going to go? Absolutely not. I like the unexpected. I like the surprise factor… surprise! You have a flat tire…. surprise! Your cat shit on your bed… surprise! You just fucked a tranny. Life is sure full of surprises, and would I really want my app to tell me that my cat was going to shit on my bed? No, I wouldn’t.

So to wrap things all up I tried to think of a clever way to tie in some sex to this blog and I did so VERY subtlety with the tranny comment earlier, but in case you missed it, I will end on the note of Surprise! You fucked a tranny.

-XO Chanel


Chanel Playing in the Pool

Fucktard- *Warning* If you are offended by the word retard please read some other girls blog

I haven’t blogged in a really long time and you’re probably wondering what I have been up to…or you don’t give a shit but either way I’m going to tell you.
I know many people are envious of our jobs as sex workers. We get to have sex everyday. But many don’t realize the side that is not so appealing and there actually are many not so appealing sides to the industry but that goes with any job I’m sure. It’s not uncommon for us performers to have to play a character that is absolutely ridiculous and we are asked to do pretty bizarre things on many occasions. Some weeks are better then others. There are days where I am really excited to go to work because I’m working with great people and I know it will be a great scene. Other days I’d rather drown myself before going to work.
I have been asked to shoot milk out of my asshole, put telephones in my butt, masturbate in front of animals, douche with pumpkin spiced coffee creamer, vomit, blow up balloons, etc. and I’m sure this list is pretty vanilla compared to what many other girls in the industry have been asked to do. So you get the idea that it gets old when you know you will have to do something strange or play a character that you’re not into.
The other day my agent calls me. He says, like any short, balding, jew would, “Chanel! I booked you for a scene tomorrow with” so I calmly reply, “Fucktard!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the fuck are they going to make me do???!!!” then he calmly replies, “Chanel, calm down!!!!! It’s super vanilla and not a big deal!!!!!!!” so then I calmly reply. “Fine!!!!!” and we hang up the phone.
The entire drive to my shoot I couldn’t help but grow more and more angry about this fucktard thing. I imagined them making me act really ridiculous and do stupid things like trip and fall and then some douche bag comes in a fucks me (the retard). I even thought how well the site probably does because people are crazy out there in this world and plenty like that sort of thing. I imagined it being similar to the bum fights where people like to watch bums get beat up. I decided at that point that acting like a retard was where I draw the line. This is the moment that I will call my agent back and say that there is no possible way I am going to go through with this.
After 30 minutes of festering I arrived at my destination and immediately looked up the website Here is what it said:

Information and news about FuckTard18
The real name of the site is FuckedHard18. Sometimes when people say the name of the site it sounds like they are saying FuckTard18
You can find all the “FuckTard18” videos at FuckedHard18
Check out what people are calling FuckTard18

So, there you go. I would be shooting for the following day. I did shoot my agent a text and calmy explained what I thought he had said. My shoot went well. I got fucked hard as I usually do. It was pretty much just another day at the office for me. No falling, tripping, acting stupid and getting fucked although I think I acted a little retarded anyway during the scene but it was on my own terms so I was ok with it.

The next day my agent text me and asked how my fucktard scene went. He’s really great.

-XO Chanel

Juice Me – Day 2

Day 2 of my juice cleanse has begun and I actually did alright today except for the headache. Yes, the headache that followed and lurked in me all day long. I didn’t feel incredibly hungry which was good. I don’t even have much to say because even walking up two stairs is exhausting write now so typing on the computer seems to take a lot of energy out of me. After tomorrow I’ll be over the hump though and then it’ll be only 2 more days. Blah, I’m done functioning for the day. I’m going to go read some erotic literature and masturbate myself to sleep.


Juice Me – Day 1

Sometimes I don’t eat in the morning and sometimes I don’t eat all damn day, but the moment someone says you CAN’T eat you then are absolutely famished the very moment you wake up. That person that said I couldn’t eat was me. Why? Because I decided to do a juice cleanse Why? Right now I feel like it’s because I’m crazy.
I have tried doing juice-like cleanses in the past and I have done very strict diets for health reason but I felt I need to do this. Although I eat pretty healthy I wanted to start eating even more healthy. So I decided to completely rid my body of gross toxins and flush my system out. To be honest I am not sure this is the way to go for me but some people swear by these cleanses and I can’t knock it till I try it so here I am trying it and you know what? It really sucks. I’m hungry.
I woke up hungry, I went to Pilates hungry, I got my pussy waxed hungry and now I am sitting on my ass trying to read….hungry. For some reason I keep telling myself that it’s ok to eat candy because it dissolves in your mouth and now I’m telling myself that this entire idea was completely ridiculous and the reason I want to chew on something so bad is because that’s what humans are supposed to do…EAT things, not drink everything. But, like I said, I’m going to try it regardless and hopefully by this end of this I’ll have the following:

1. increased energy
2. better skin tone
3. reduced cravings for junk food
4. improvement in chronic conditions
clearer mental focus

Hopefully, by tomorrow I’ll stop wondering what I would taste like if someone fried me. So wish me luck on my endeavor for an even healthier lifestyle. I hope I don’t kill anyone in the process or eat my own arm.

-XO Chanel

To be A Fish Or To Lust

I have boy problems… I guess just like any other girl. Give me a girl with no boy problems and you have a fish. I’m not sure what that means, but when I picture a girl with out a single boy problem I actually picture a fish. So here I am, far away from being a fish, and it’s really a pain. Growing up I had so many boy friends – ones who were actually just friends. I could tell my mom found it awkward when I asked if Preston (not me!) could come over and play in the 2nd grade. I blew her off and pretended and I didn’t know why she thought it was weird, even though I knew why. I didn’t feel it was awkward though. He really was just my friend.

Throughout my life I went through a plethora of men. Some of them were guys who had crushes on me and followed me around. Eventually I gave in half-way and became friends with them. Some were guys I had crushes on but never told them, so we remained friends. Some were just that – friends, always. At any point in my life I usually only had one or two close girlfriends, but I found boys easier to get a long with. I know what they want; I know what they need; I know what they want to hear. Girls, I’m not always too sure, and I don’t really care.

So here I am at age 26, and I’m still kind of in the same boat. I’m in a boat surrounded by men. Single men, married men, men with girlfriends, men with girlfriends and wives, separated men, men with girls with benefits, men with men with benefits, men with life partners, men with kids, men you like, men who like you, men who like you and every other female around, and men who like men who like you for some reason. When did being with a guy become so complicated? I’m reading a book about Ernest Hemingway and his first wife, and it seemed so simple then. First of all, travel options were not as abundant as now, so you didn’t meet as many people. Personal orientation was still a thing of the future and the idea of marriage and family was almost expected, so you didn’t see a million other people leading completely different lives then you.

Eventually, I have to wonder why I’ve always had so many men around in my life, and I feel like I may know the answer. Lust. Love is scary now-a-days, but lust is a wonderful feeling, and I think people should feel it as often as they can. Lust is more simple. It could be lust for your hot neighbor or lust for the guy who works at the grocery store. It doesn’t matter because it is so simple and comes with no baggage the way love does. Love is amazing, but it requires a lot of discretion. Lust makes you feel good even if it’s for a very short moment and then it may pass and it doesn’t leave a lingering sadness or heartache. Only a short memory of how good it feels to look at a certain someone.

So I have to ask myself, if I lived in that era with Ernest Hemingway, would I live a simple life and settle down with a nice man? No, probably not. I’m sure I’d still find a way to surround myself with all kinds of men and somehow find something about each one of them I lust about. I’d be the girl who went off and did something different from everyone else. I’d search for a more exciting (complicated) world. In fact, I’d probably marry Ernest Hemingway on a whim and move to Paris just as his first wife did.


-XO Chanel


Chanel Montage of various photos

I Am An Elephant


Last week I was banged by a gang – a gang of five men. It came up rather impassively, as all my conversations with my agent goes. I’m sure most people have not experienced standing in the grocery store trying to buy lettuce with your agent on the phone asking if you’d shoot a gang bang. While checking to make sure the leaves look crisp and green, you ask him aloud how many guys are involved and if they want you to shoot anal. Then the lady next to you trying to pick out her carrots looks at you funny, and you realize you just blurted out butt sex words in front of two mommies and an 8-year old girl. Not all conversations can wait until you’re in the privacy of your own home.


I will say that over the last few years of being involved in the adult world, I have gotten used to a few things a majority of the population would not think is normal. Like having every hole filled. This is not “normal” but I am used to it, therefore I find myself in situations where I remember a time when I wasn’t used to having every hole filled. I admit, I miss it sometimes. For example, I was at a comedy show with all women comedians, so there were a lot of jokes about sex. There were jokes about women saying their men wanted anal sex and they were like, “Hell no, don’t put it in my butt!” and there were jokes about how guys try to fuck you a certain way, and it sucks, and there were jokes about gossiping with your girlfriends about who’s cock you sucked, and all that great stuff. I sat in the audience, and I don’t think I laughed at any of the sex jokes. I felt like it was a bunch of jokes meant for monkeys, and every one in the room was a monkey except for me. I am an elephant. I guess I felt I couldn’t relate. I don’t find it hilarious the comedian’s boyfriend wanted butt sex, and her reaction was one of horror. I just had five guys in my butt the other day… practically all at once. I have sex with men who know what they’re doing. I no longer experience sex from novices, and I don’t sit around with my girlfriends and talk about who’s cock we sucked because honestly I don’t care anymore.


Here I am at the age of 26, and I don’t find any kind of shock value in a joke about anal sex, and that is a real shame. The reality is there are no more holes to fuck on a girl so what now? What will shock me now? Actually a lot of things will, but the day a normal girl gets on stage and talks about getting fucked by a horse, while sucking vomit and shit off another guy’s cock is nowhere near. I wouldn’t do any of that, but I’m saying this elephant would definitely laugh if someone else talked about that.


So the question is, how can an elephant life in a world full of monkeys? I can either wish I was a monkey or accept I am an elephant and be happy, which is just what I’ll do. Or maybe you’re thinking the question is, how did we go from talking about gangbangs to talking about elephants? The answer to that is, I’m not sure. It’s just something amazing I do. So, now that you’ve witnessed me magically turn gangbangs into a very large mammal, I hope I can also amaze you with my new scene, involving five other men. It will release through Zero Tolerance sometime in the next few months. Enjoy!


-XO Chanel

elephant and monkeys in a tree

Chanel Presont

My Life In Hawaii

Happy New Year!


This is was a long but amazing year for me, and I am thankful for every moment. I had a lot of amazing opportunities and met some amazing people. My biggest change for 2011 was my move from Hawaii to Los Angeles, and it wasn’t an easy change. Although I grew up in Alaska I feel I truly “grew up” in Hawaii since I was there from the age of 19-25. This is the place where I became a young adult and learned plenty of important life lessons. Because of this Hawaii will always have a very special place in my heart and I wanted to dedicate this blog to my years there.


I’ve created a gallery of photos taken during my time living in Hawaii. It may add to my blog if you put on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Brother Iz while you look at the photos. Go ahead and put that song on and reminisce with me.


See my Hawaii photos here.


Some of the things displayed in my photos:

A UB40 Concert!!!! (I’m actually rolling on ectasy here with a glowing rose. Typical reggae concert in Hawaii.)

Me and my bestie having one of our “chats” outside our first house.

My girl Jen, or Jenital, as I call her, getting her butterfly tattoo.

Hanging out on the beach.

Swimming with sharks.


Going to Hilo, Hawaii’s version of Burning Man… and shrooming at Hilo.

Hawaii’s Kokua Festival.

Getting my famous tattoo (what an idiot I am!)

Hiking trips… with our dogs!

A giraffe with a little boner. Tee hee!



-XO Chanel


Chanel on Hawaii beach



If you follow me on Twitter you may know I spent the last week and a half in Alaska visiting my family and attending a dear friends wedding. She is the first of my close friends to get married, so I was excited to be there. Being that it was an Alaskan wedding, I naturally had a week of drunken stuperness (I just made up a word).
First up was the Bachelorette party. I was instructed a week earlier I had to wear hot pink and black… and we’d be wearing sashes… hot pink ones. This normally isn’t my style, but she is my friend, so I threw on some black skinny jeans and a hot pink top and went on my way. All ten of us girls piled into a stretch limo and drove around the little town of Fairbanks, while bar hopping our way to drunkeness (I made up another word). Such drunkeness, actually, that I can’t remember anything. Here are a few blurry pics that helped me remember.


pouring booze in limo

ordering drinks at the bar

blurry dancing at bar

blurry dancing at the bar 2

blurry dancing at the bar 3


These actually didn’t help me remember much, and I ended up waking up with a tall lamp sprawled across me in my girlfriend’s bedroom. I accrued many years of drinking as a youngster, and I woke up next to strange things sometimes, but never a lamp. But now I can check it off my bucket list. I went on with my day wondering what had happened the night before.

A week later the wedding finally came. I grabbed my hot pink bridesmaid dress and went off to the hotel room to get ready with the other girls. Here I am with my bestie in the whole world. We look like aliens with our reds eyes.


Chanel with friend at wedding


It was a good time, and I almost cried during the ceremony. Normally, I’m not all weepy and romantic, and I don’t know what happened. Maybe a little part of me wants to be in a wedding dress.


chanel as a bride


One day. Until then I’ll stick to lingerie.

-XO Chanel

Review of Anal Douche

I’ve worked very hard these last two years. I’ve had my ups and downs and disappointments and excitements, and I think I’m finally at a point in my career where I finally am getting recognized for the slutty porn star that I am. It’s been quite a journey, but I’ve recently hit a milestone when a company contacted me and and asked if I would be interested in using their products. Never mind that it was a douche company, since I’m sure Chanel will be right behind them knocking at my door to endorse their products. Anyway, I told Streemmaster I would be thrilled to use any product I can put in one, if not all, of my holes.


So, a couple days later I received a package in the mail. I was so excited to open it up and use my brand new toy. It wasn’t pink like I had requested since I don’t think they make pink ones but that’s ok. I was completely satisfied with the color red. I decided to use it the next time I had an anal scene when I needed a proper “clean out”; then I could give it the Chanel Preston review.


And so the day soon came, and I hung the anal douche in my shower and began the journey. It was nice. It hung easily on my shower head and it had an extra tube to allow extra water to run out so it didn’t overflow. I felt it cleaned me out well and it was super easy to use. I will have to give this product a good review and will most definitely be using it again, probably as soon as tomorrow, since I need to prepare for my anal scene the following day.


I know this was a short blog but I felt it important to try the gratis that was given to me and let the world know what I thought, since that was the point of giving it to me for free in the first place. Thank you Streemmaster for my new anal douche. You will be in my heart and ass for a long time to come! 😉


-XO Chanel


chanel glammed up in a black dress